Publisher Uses His McGill University Email Address and Affiliation to Conduct Business

Dr. Abdel Rahman M. Al-Tawaha

No longer at McGill.

An alumnus of McGill University in Montréal, Québec — Abdel Rahman M. Al-Tawaha — is using his McGill University email account to conduct business as an open-access publisher. He is associated with at least three low-quality or predatory publishers in the Middle East and South Asia and uses his McGill affiliation to make the publishing operations appear connected to or affiliated with the university and therefore more legitimate than they really are.

It appears that Al-Tawaha is really now based at Jordan’s Al-Hussein Bin Talal University.

Here is an example of his McGill University email address in use:

On Thursday, June 18, 2015 4:27 PM, Abdel Rahman Al-Tawaha <> wrote:

Dear [Redacted]

On behalf of the ISLAMIC WORLD Network for Environmental Science and Technology (IWNEST Publisher), Jordan team,I send you my best wishes and respect, I would like to inform you that we are interested to register our Journals in

He also exclusively uses a McGill affiliation and contact information on the websites of several predatory open-access publishers he is affiliated with:

His IDOSI page: =
His ISISnet page =

As the email above indicates, he is also associated with IWNEST Publisher. His formal affiliation with McGill apparently ended in 2006, when he graduated.

All three of the above publishers are included on my list.

Abdel Rahman M. Al-Tawaha IDOSI

His IDOSI profile.

Abdel Rahman M. Al-Tawaha ISIS

His Innovative Scientific Information & Services Network (ISISnet) profile.

It’s clear that Al-Tawaha is exploiting his former association with McGill University and using his McGill alumni email to make the low-quality journals he associates with appear more legitimate than they actually are.

This strategy may be used to increase submissions to the journal. The journals use the gold (author pays) open-access model, so more submissions means more revenue for the publisher.

12 Responses to Publisher Uses His McGill University Email Address and Affiliation to Conduct Business

  1. Damry HB says:

    It’s really shameless! How could a person graduated from a well respected University conducts a thing that’s damaging the science? After learning everything about the fundamental philosophies of scientific publication with the Institution, he is now one of the leaders that ruins it?

  2. antoine says:

    I can’t help but giggle when I see the ISISnet thingy. Perhaps this guy in fact associated with ISIS?

  3. Guido Berens says:

    I don’t know anything about IT, but why does his McGill email address still work after nine years? Perhaps he does have some kind of hospitality agreement or visiting position over there? If he does, at least his contact information is not completely dishonest (although still misleading). If he doesn’t and McGill finds out, I presume they will put an end to this very quickly.

    • David Taylor says:

      Alumni of many universities may keep their email address (and some use a special address, such as the, but I suspect that McGill would object to anyone using it as a business email address.

  4. The Grim Reaper says:

    I originally contacted Dr. Al-Tawaha with the following query:

    “Can you kindly indicate where we can find the full set of published papers of your journal, Research Journal of Agriculture and Biological Sciences, published by AENSI.

    The journal is not listed at AENSI’s journal web-page:

    The search led me to this finding. I should note that I still cannot find the cache of journal volumes. It’s a total scandal. I hope McGill responds because I sent them an official request to ivestigate (2 weeks later, abslutely no response).

  5. abd says:

    Dear sir,
    I am the other editor work with Pro AbdelRahman Altawha,
    I think there are miss understanding and you made big problem by insert statement about this Prof.

    You insert Old address in this link

    This prof not work with IDOSI and ISIS

  6. muhammad says:

    He is real the cheater. He is the fraud man. He fraud with my organization (USD 3400). They play with changing the name of journals and ISSN and make fraud with people and show that the journal Scopus/ISI index. After few days they will change again the journal website colour and again try fraud with people. I have proof I have transfer to him USD 3400 for special issue publication (5/23/14). He is the editor of that journal. He ask the payment this account.”Account Title: Abdelrazzaq Mohammad Al-Tawaha
    Account No.:0151895721200 —Bank Name: CairoAmmanBank”
    He used this western union information : Receiver Name: Ali Mohmad Said Tawaha, Address: Irbid P.O. Box 1388, Jordan.We also give him a call few times. After receiving the payment, we try many times but he does not receive a call.

  7. BELASKRI says:

    He is a questionable man, with no respect to science, I found one day my name as co-author in one of the fake journals he is editing (in AENSI), and when I send him a mail to remove my name from the paper, he did not care, any respect, no ethic, I am sorry for Science with this kind of people.

  8. Ahmed Abu ALaa says:

    His work is dishonest he is destroying science where is ministry of higher education in Jordan to deal with this .Actually many Doctors in universities depend in their promotion on Al-Tawahie published articles, even his university did not deal with this phenomenon. An urgent action is required and all promotions must be revised .

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