Predatory Journal Lists Murdered Doctor as Its Editor-in-Chief

Roger Brumback

The researcher listed as the editor has been dead for two years.

The American Journal of Medical Sciences and Medicine currently lists a doctor murdered in 2013 as its Editor-in-Chief.

The journal is published by Science and Education Publishing Co. Ltd., more commonly referred to as Science and Education or simply Scipub. Its URL is

The murdered editor is Dr. Roger Brumback, who was killed in 2013. Former medical resident Dr. Anthony Garcia stands accused of killing Dr. Brumback, his wife and two others and is scheduled to face trial in September, 2015, according to news reports.

Science and Education Publishing

Worthless publisher.

It is unclear whether Dr. Brumback agreed to serve as the journal’s Editor-in-Chief or whether the publisher added his name without his knowledge or permission, a common practice among predatory journals.

The journal began publishing in 2013, the year Dr. Brumback was murdered.

The publisher, Science and Education, purports to be headquartered in the United States state of Delaware, at an address that corresponds to a small apartment. I believe it is really operated from another country, but I don’t know which one.

I wrote a blog post about this publisher when it first appeared, in November, 2012. This publisher is exploiting the open-access publishing model only to earn easy money from researchers and should be avoided.

Hat tip: Dr John Prowle

24 Responses to Predatory Journal Lists Murdered Doctor as Its Editor-in-Chief

  1. herr doktor bimler says:

    Obviously Dr Brumback merely *faked* his death so that he could devote all his efforts to editing “American Journal of Medical Sciences and Medicine” without arousing the suspicion of his enemies.

    • Their website has now updated and Brumback is gone: “Editor-in-Chief: Apply for this position”

    • ChingYingTikTau says:

      I have another theory: Dr. Brumback was hired from heaven/hell/ by Sciepub to target new markets in afterlife. With so many journal publishers nowadays, it’s important to get more potential customers. Who else, other than a deceased EIC, can do a better work in attracting dead researchers for article submission?

  2. JATdS says:

    Springer journal In Vitro Cellular and Developmental Biology – Plant, had still listed Prof. Atsushi Komamime on its editor board in February 2015 even though he had passed away in 2011. Only after insistent complaints to the EIC and Springer in February 2015 did finally, the editor board get updated sometime between April and June 2015. I ask, how is it possible that no editor board members, specifically the former EIC, Dr. John Finer, noticed this serious irregularity? Also, how did the plant science community not notice this? So, the phenomenon of using dead scientists to promote one’s image is certainly not limited to the predatory OA journals.

    • From Morocco says:

      Here it’s about EDITOR-IN-CHIEF (a person whose job is to be in charge of a group of editors — Merriam-Webster Dictionary).
      In other terms, the Editor-In-Chief assigns the manuscript to the editor for review process.

      • Guido Berens says:

        Exactly. It might be that the role of EiC is actually fulfilled by an unnamed editorial assistant, which *could* work provided that there is a sufficiently large pool of good reviewers. But then again, it can also mean that they don’t have any review process at all (as is also suggested by the plagiarism reported in other comments). So it raises serious questions, beyond the mistake (intentional or not) of listing a deceased person.

  3. I checked one of the articles in AJMSM for plagiarism, “Ionizing Radiation in Medicine” by Askari. Mohammad Bagher.

    It didn’t take long to discover that the abstract seems 100% copy pasted, from here and from the Wikipedia page on Ionizing Radiation as it existed shortly before the article was submitted.

    The rest of the text seems unoriginal too.

    Generally the abstract is the only original part of a plagiarized paper. This seems impressively thoroughly plagiarized.

  4. Kadubu Kadubu says:

    try OMICS office address…

  5. […] de Creighton en Omaha, fue asesinado en 2013, con su esposa. Pero al parecer eso no impide Lista revista médica él como editor informa Jeffrey […]

  6. Doctorsh says:

    This is the true meaning of “ghost writing”

  7. Doctor says:

    “This publisher is exploiting the open-access publishing model only to earn easy money from researchers and should be avoided.”

    Dear Jeffrey Beall
    Do you have evidence for these words?
    Let’s give you an example:
    Bio Med Central publication fee = £ 1,000
    Hidawi publication free = 600-1000 $
    SciePub publication free:
    Low-income economies – (39) $120.00 (02/01/2015 ~ 07/31/2015)
    Lower-middle-income economies – (48) $150.00 (02/01/2015 ~ 07/31/2015)
    Upper-middle-income economies – (73) $250.00 (02/01/2015 ~ 07/31/2015)
    High-income economies – (84) $320.00 (02/01/2015 ~ 07/31/2015)
    For this to understand that “This publisher is exploiting the open-access publishing model only to earn easy money from researchers and should be avoided.”? But what about Bio Med Central publication fee = £ 1,000 or Hidawi publication free = 600-1000 $?

    Mistake of the SCIEPUB is regrettable, they did not know. It is normal to be mistakes because they are beginners, But for your words “This publisher is exploiting the open-access publishing model only to earn easy money from researchers and should be avoided.” , PROF.BEALL PLEASE PRESENT ME YOUR EVIDENCE.

  8. […] patologia. O uso indevido de seu nome pela revista foi noticiado na terça-feira (7.jul) pelo blog “Scholarly Open Access”, do biblioteconomista Jeffrey Beall, professor da Universidade do Colorado em […]

  9. Robyn says:

    Death is not the end! An editorship awaits.

  10. herr doktor bimler says:

    For a while I was receiving spam e-mail from “Global Journal of Human Social Science” soliciting contributions from a dead author
    — so a dead editor makes perfect sense.

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  12. Damien Kuffler says:

    I greatly appreciate the service you are providing in pointing out predatory journals. As journals proliferate so rapidly week by week, it is difficult to maintain tabs on what is real and what is not.

    I would like to point out a site that fits into the category of predatory. It is called Global Medical Discovery. In its promotion is states that for $35 “We highlight the papers and give it high visibility using different channels.” However, in follow-up correspondence Dr. Levy, the originator of the call for papers, claims that “it is not a publication, it is a news release. We do not publish already published papers. For a fee of $35 it promises to is not a publication, it is news release. We don’t republish already published papers.” Finally Dr. Levy states that “We highlight the papers and give it high visibility using different channels.” However, along with the $35 payment it requires that you submit an abbreviated form of your original paper.

    Once the fee is paid there is no further correspondence from Dr. Levy. However, in response to an inquire challenging the legitimacy of Global Medical Discovery, Dr. Levi merely states that the information can be found on Google, which I was not able to track down with anything associated with Global Medical Discovery.

    From all this I conclude that it is predatory since Dr. Levy appears only interested in the handling fee without any of the advertising of the paper that he initially promised.

    I was duped, but hope that others can be stopped from submitting a document and fee without any benefits.


    Damien Kuffler

    From: Dr. David Levy (

    Damien Kuffler, Ph.D.
    Institute of Neurobiology
    Univ. of Puerto Rico
    201 Blvd. del Valle
    San Juan, PR 00901
    tel: 787-721-1235


    Date: Tue, 7 Jul 2015 15:00:53 +0000

  13. Jasmine S. Hasan says:

    Dear Dr. John Prowle
    I am Jasmine S. Hasan an auther who published my research in this journal “American journal of medicine and medical sciences” and now I really heartbreaking did you mean this is just a fake journal? If its a fake what should I do? please, if you have any suggestion dont hesitate to help me
    Best wishes

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