5 Responses to Publisher “Galore Knowledge Publication” Launches with One Journal

  1. Keith Fraser says:

    They have a title on the front page of their website that bounces from one side of the page to the other. Either they outsourced development of the page to a teenager with a Geocities page circa 2001, or it doubles as a game of Pong…

  2. herr doktor bimler says:

    Yesterday’s spam included an invitation to publish in “Peertechz Journals” (I am not making this up), based in Hyderabad. Their website appears to be designed to target 14-year-old boys with ADHD and an interest in publishing plagiarised medical papers, so it is pimped out with every attention-grabbing pop-up and animated feature imaginable. So moving the cursor over links causes tombstones of information to sprout and wave back and forth as if they are trying to dodge bullets in a shooting gallery..

    Words cannot express the fugliness of the site. But I have seen it, so now it is your turn:

  3. Guetuoache Mourade says:

    salut notre enseignant I need free indexed journals in databases or Scopus give Tosmon

  4. […] publisher and journals’ editorial team don’t take any responsibility regarding plagiarism and any other issues raised out of any article.” Well OK then, says Jeffrey […]

  5. Stuart McKelvie says:

    Actually, there is no mention of a publication fee. I think it is free!

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