Another Questionable Publisher from West Africa: Unified Journals

Unified Journals

Unified with low quality.

There is someone in West Africa who creates a new scholarly open-access publisher every one or two weeks. Here is the latest one, Unified Journals.

Unified Journals launched recently with 24 journals, a fleet startup. I don’t know who is behind the operation. There are many other publishers that have the same look and feel, use much of the same website text, and — apparently — originate in West Africa. Here are some examples:

Access Journals
Advanced Journals
Ambit Journals
Donnish Journals
Horizon Journals
Oceanic Journals
Platinum Global Journals
Scribesguild Journals
Spring Journals
Swift Journals

This is only a partial list. What is the business strategy here? Will saturating the market with template-produced publishers — each with five to two dozen journals — eventually lead to profitability?

The publishers all use the same publishing model, gold open-access. In other words, authors are charged a fee upon acceptance of their articles for publication.

With these publishing operations, the journals typically have the name of the publisher incorporated into their title, such as the Unified Journal of Cancer Research. Most of the journal scopes are broad and duplicate the coverage of dozens or hundreds of existing open-access journals.

How many cancer journals does the world need?

Hat tip: Dr. Jaime Teixeira da Silva

Appendix: List of Unified Journals titles as of 2015-07-24:

  1. Unified Journal of African Studies and Development (UJASD)
  2. Unified Journal of Agriculture and Food Science (UJAFS)
  3. Unified Journal of Business Administration and Management (UJBAM)
  4. Unified Journal of Cancer Research (UJCR)
  5. Unified Journal of Computer Science Research (UJCSR)
  6. Unified Journal of Economics and International Finance (UJEIF)
  7. Unified Journal of Educational Research and General Studies (UJERGS)
  8. Unified Journal of Engineering and Manufacturing Technology (UJEMT)
  9. Unified Journal of Environmental Science and Toxicology (UJEST)
  10. Unified Journal of Geography and Regional Planning (UJGRP)
  11. Unified Journal of Global Security Studies (UJGSS)
  12. Unified Journal of History and Culture (UJHC)
  13. Unified Journal of Law and Conflict Resolution (UJLCR)
  14. Unified Journal of Library and Information Science (UJLIS)
  15. Unified Journal of Media and Communication Studies (UJMCS)
  16. Unified Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences (UJMMS)
  17. Unified Journal of Microbiology (UJM)
  18. Unified Journal of Music and Dance (UJMD)
  19. Unified Journal of Nursing and Midwifery (UJNM)
  20. Unified Journal of Political Science and International Relations (UJPSIR)
  21. Unified Journal of Psychology and Counselling (UJPC)
  22. Unified Journal of Religious Studies (UJRS)
  23. Unified Journal of Sport and Health Science (UJSHS)
  24. Unified Journal of Zoology (UJZ)

12 Responses to Another Questionable Publisher from West Africa: Unified Journals

  1. Andy says:

    Thanks for the information and especially for alerting us on this predatory publisher from West Africa. The publisher was surely going in to make quick business in Africa; unfortunately he has been uncovered. I don’t know where this publisher is based. This is really a pity for science!!!

  2. Samuel Okere says:

    Thank you for calling attention to this journal group. As a publishing scholar and professional based in West Africa, I have taken it upon myself to write the group to prove their credibility. I shall follow-up on them and such other groups. My desire is to see that if we shall have open-access journals in our environment, they shall be credible.

    – Samuel Okere

  3. Keith Fraser says:

    Idea: maybe we should start an open-access journal for studies of open-access journals? It seems to be becoming a big enough subject…

  4. Impressively, the “Unified Journal of Cancer Research” has an archive stretching from 2015… to 2018!

    The world’s first pre-cognitive journal?

    • Reinhard says:

      ….and 2015 does not contain any articles. I should have checked 2018.

    • Keith Fraser says:

      Ironically, the paper “#1 Genius Describes Temporal Predictive Algorithm Generated Using Mayan Tachyon Detection Array, As Conceived By Nikola Tesla With Help Of Glorious Saucer People: The Paper Obama And The Martians Don’t Want You To Read, With Some Notes On My Struggle Against The Islamist Reptilians Of The US Patent Office And Godless Internet Haters” was rejected by the Unified Journal of Cancer Research for being off-topic.

  5. Alex says:

    Hi Jeffery, I have seen your comments about MedCrave. Thats true, I worked for Medcrave for 5 months at Madhapur, Hyderabad. Due to Unethical business related to reviewer comments, i resigned from that company. B. Sudhip Reddy owns MedCrave Publishing Group

  6. […] is someone in West Africa who creates a new scholarly open-access publisher every one or two weeks,” reports Jeffrey […]

  7. I am afraid that my colleague has little knowledge about the dynamics of publications and research, science and technology in LAC.

  8. شیار موزیک

    […]Another Questionable Publisher from West Africa: Unified Journals | Scholarly Open Access[…]

  9. lisaamartin says:

    I’ve been getting lots of spammy emails from both ‘Swift Proofreading Services’ and “Cognoscenti Proofreading’, both registered in Nigeria with the email address ‘ I’ve tried to unsubscribe from their mailing lists several times but each time my requests are ignored. Seems proofreading and editing services are the next predatory business model!

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