Articles with 2013 Publishing Date Cite Articles Published in 2014

Computer Modelling and New Technologies

Earlier articles cite articles published later.

Some articles in volume 17, issue 5 (2013) of the Latvian journal Computer Modelling and New Technologies have references at the end dated 2014. Here’s how it happened.

I wrote earlier about the two different versions of the journal Computer Modelling and New Technologies, one for regular submissions, and the second — likely associated with a Chinese article broker — with submissions chiefly from Chinese scholars.

Because it was indexed in Engineering Index (EI, also known as Compendex), the journal was popular with researchers in China, many of whom need publications in EI-indexed journals to meet graduation or university promotion requirements.

However, the journal was dropped from Engineering Index at the end of 2014.

This was a problem for the journal’s publisher, because —I theorize — it had agreed to accept and publish papers from the Chinese article broker in an Engineering Index journal. It was a problem for the article broker, because —I theorize — it had agreed to provide their customers publication in an EI journal.

The solution? Add a new issue to the 2013 volume. The 2013 volume is before the indexing was cut off, but a new issue 5 was retrospectively added and not published until 2015.

Have a look: volume 17, issue 5 (2013).

It contains dozens of articles, including some that contain 2014 references at the end of them, despite the volume’s 2013 date.  The publisher created this issue 5 of a then-quarterly journal to “back-date” the articles.

Here are three examples:


This 2014 article is cited in an article “published” in 2013.

This same situation is occurring with the Turkish journal Energy Education Science and Technology Part A, a subscription journal published by Sila Science.

Have a look at this journal’s Volume 32 (6) November 2014, with 548 articles, many out of the journal’s scope. When the publisher learned its coverage in EI was going to be cancelled, it crammed all these pending articles into its last 2014 issue. New articles continued to appear there even in 2015.

Be prepared for more of this. Chinese (and Russian, and Iranian) article brokers are making deals with indexed journals — both open access and subscription — and arranging the publishing of hundreds of ghostwritten and low-quality articles for their customers, customers who appear as authors on the published papers.

The age of the article broker, a multi-billion dollar business, is here. Article brokers are flourishing.

17 Responses to Articles with 2013 Publishing Date Cite Articles Published in 2014

  1. No-one can deny that “Computer Modelling and New Technologies” is a groundbreaking journal. They have perfected a new technology, time travel.

  2. Shalmai says:

    Sometimes this can happen even without adding an extra volume. If You cite a just published paper or manuscript, they are often made available on journal´s website as soon as they are accepted, long before being part of a volume-issue, i.e. it can take months for the paper to get page numbers. If You happen to publish Your paper in a journal that assembles its issues more quickly, You may happen to cite a paper published in the Year following Your paper. From my field, a good candidate combination would be Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry which typically takes some time to assemble one issue and International Journal of Pharmaceutics, where You can have Your paper published in an issue within short time.

  3. Stephen B says:

    Could you define “article broker”? I’ve not come across the term before.

  4. Keith Fraser says:

    It’s just a jump to the left
    And then a step to the right
    With your hands on your hips
    You bring your knees in tight
    But it’s the pelvic thrust that really drives you insane,
    Let’s do the Time Warp again!

  5. Muhammad says:
    New publication fee “Modification/After Publication = USD 50 “

  6. dzrlib says:

    Thanks for keeping on top of these shennigans … what next?

  7. Krishnamurthy Bhat says:

    What does modification/After Publication mean especially with “/” in between.

  8. David Taylor says:

    I’ve seen a variation of this problem with the journal published by a small professional society — the journal got 3 years behind in its publication schedule (the 2002 issue not appearing until 2005, for example), opening the possibility that articles that appear in the latest issue (which is 3 years behind on its official cover date) were submitted 6 months ago and include up-to-fate references.

    • billwilliams says:

      >I’ve seen a variation of this problem with the journal published by a small professional society
      Yes, me too – although never by as much as 3 years.

      • David Taylor says:

        The editor was clearly at fault, but in a wonderful example of chutzpah claimed that he should be allowed to finish his term since he had been promised a five year gig but in that time only produced 3 years of issues…..

  9. Mod Alshehri says:

    I have a question regarding the web site
    Are those journals authentic
    Best regards

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