More Duplication of Journal Titles and Conference Names by Predatory Publishers

International Conference on Traffic and Transport Psychology (ICTTP). WASET

A bogus conference with a duplicate name designed to trick people.

Over the past couple weeks I’ve received several emails informing me about two scholarly publishers / conference organizers and their intentional use of duplicate or nearly-duplicate journal titles and conference names.

One of the most prolific conference-name copiers is WASET, the so-called World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology that is not really an academy at all. In the image above, we see that WASET is holding a conference next year in Chicago, the International Conference on Traffic and Transport Psychology (ICTTP). They’re also holding an earlier version of the bogus conference next month in Osaka.

International Conference on Traffic and Transport Psycholog

The authentic conference.

The real International Conference on Traffic and Transport Psychology will be held next year in Brisbane, Qld., Australia, and the conference only takes place every five years. It’s organized by the Centre for Accident Research & Road Safety — Queensland. If this is your field, I recommend that you completely ignore the WASET and head to Brisbane instead.


More OMICS Group Copying

OMICS Group, a predatory publisher from Hyderabad, India, likes to copy or closely copy journal titles to trick researchers into thinking their low-quality knock-off is the real thing. Here are two examples.

Insight Medical Publishing, also known as iMedPub, is a trashy imprint or brand now owned by OMICS Group. They’re currently launching a new title, the Journal of Clinical Epigenetics. Their spam email refers to it only as Clinical Epigenetics at times, a tactic to fool people into believing the spam is for Clinical Epigenetics, the official journal of the Clinical Epigenetics Society, and now published by BioMed Central.

Journal of Dual Diagnosis

The legitimate journal.

Taylor & Francis publishes the Journal of Dual Diagnosis, and OMICS Group has also ripped off this title. Again, their ImedPub imprint publishes the copycat journal Dual Diagnosis: Open Access.

Dual Diagnosis Open Access

OMICS Group rubbish.

OMICS Group is also organizing a conference called Dual Diagnosis, and the spam email for that conference is signed by a person with a familiar name:

Sophia Loren

Bad choice for a fake name.

13 Responses to More Duplication of Journal Titles and Conference Names by Predatory Publishers

  1. Andy says:

    OMICS has become the world champion of predatory publishers

  2. The Philosopher says:

    Hi Jeffrey

    look out for “”. They claimed as indexed in Thomson Reuters. Journal Hijacking. Hell with the publishers.

    How could we stop these kind of things.

    • Actually, this journal ( is published by a company called Insight Medical Publishing (IMedPub). I have this publisher included on my list and strongly advise people to avoid it. It is dangerous.

      I do not see this as a case of journal hijacking. It is just a very low quality and predatory publisher. Thank you.

  3. The Philosopher says:

    Hi jeffrey

    kindly update about “Electronic journal of Biology” – is indexed in Thomson reuters. is “” or “” website is authentic

    thank you

    • I have analyzed this journal before, but I did not find that it met the criteria for inclusion on my list. It is not a very strong journal.
      It is included in the Thomson Reuters database called Zoological Record, but there are thousands of journals in this database; it is not very selective, and the journal’s inclusion in it should not be interpreted as an indicator of quality.

  4. Dan says:

    Can you see conference in this web
    Is this similar with your article above? What is your opinion? Thanks

  5. okolie paul says:

    Thanks for the update,i appreciate.However,i did send a couple of my work to sciencedomain to be published in one of their journal british journal of engineering and technology etc though i searched on ur list before doing so and could not find it in ur confused now as what next to do though they have not published any yet.please tell us good journals that we can publish with cos if after all these and you cant recommend good ones gor people tp publish then to me i do not see any need for the good work.please help out. Thanks

  6. Mike says:

    Came across this post googling WASET after I noticed their fake ICCM (real ICCM: Extra evil because the deadlines and conference dates are within a few days of each other, and the fake conference has a special issue just like the real deal. I did a double-take and thought WASET was some sort of indexer at first.

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