41 Responses to David Publishing Company, a Massive Spammer from China

  1. cyberwarllc says:

    More open source intelligene gathering or OSINT by the P.R.C. against the West and our gullible, trusting traits.

  2. JJH says:

    I wonder why they keep supposedly basing in Illinois. It also used to supposedly operate from an empty lot in Springfield, IL.

  3. Eason says:

    This website has similar design as http://www.scirp.org/. Content and design under each article title in http://www.davidpublisher.org/index.php/Home/Journal/detail?journalid=9&jx=CBR is similar to http://www.scirp.org/journal/Health/. Both of them are based in Wuhan of China.

  4. JohnL says:

    A significant goal of Open Source journals as well as scientific symposia hosted in China is to extract intellectual property. In addition, students and faculty in the US (including myself) have had email accounts hacked in order to download journal articles from campus virtual libraries.

    • Guido Berens says:

      But if that is indeed the purpose of this publisher, it seems that they will fail because all they will get is low-quality information. No serious scientists will send their best work to journals like these, I presume (especially because there are already so many good journals on these topics).

  5. Robert Colwell says:

    Well, an offer of tea to get their journals off your list is better than a lawsuit.

  6. The spamtraps don’t present much in conferences, so if that’s the targeting method of David Publishing Company, it’s no surprise that we’re not getting a metric ton of it. Would love to get our hands on some.

  7. bambang S says:

    This journal is classified as predator journal ?

  8. Hello,
    will you be meeting the announced person – declining the tea?

    I would be interested tohear whether there would be any more “offers” to “resolve the problem together”.

  9. Take the tea! says:

    What is the difference between these two journals?
    Journal of Agricultural Science and Technology A
    Journal of Agricultural Science and Technology B

    My advice, take the tea and enjoy it!

  10. herr doktor bimler says:

    I received my first two spammails from these bottom-feeders today, provoked by a pair of presentations that a colleague gave to a conference a few days ago. They are at least efficient at scraping e-mail addresses from conference programs… sadly, they are not so efficient at writing coherent English sentences.

    What is with this outbreak of bottom-tier grifters with the pattern “[English first name] Publishers”? What next — Eustace Publishers? Cedric Publishing Company?

  11. psychnet says:

    How much they want to pay them for publication in one of their journals?

  12. Joe McVeigh says:

    Got an email from David Publishing today and I’m just coming from a conference. They clearly scooped up my presentation title from the conference website.

    For what it’s worth, they’re back in New York at the Nagel Ave address. At least, that’s the one that was in my email.

  13. Veli says:

    I just came back from a conference too ( Novenber 6th) and got their email today. Luckly I always check the Reuters and Tomhsons page when checking credentials. Since they didn’t show up there I don’t know what made me google them and this page came out. THANK YOU! and is there a way to stop this?

  14. Digimodernism says:

    Just found out one of their articles has plagiarized me brazenly… Nice.

  15. pao says:

    I found an e-mail from this company (Journal of Health Science) in my inbox a few days ago… The whole thing is highly suspicious.

  16. […] to one blog post, the company who emailed me are “among the most annoying scholarly open-access […]

  17. Bowa says:

    I did a presentation some time in December 2015 in Stuttgart, Germany and now UNCLE David Publishing was on my door this week asking to publish my article.. thanks people for the warning+

  18. Aso says:

    is there any list of valid/not predatory open access journals?

  19. Tina Hirte says:

    I have not presented on a conference recently, but I registered at ResearchGate last Friday and received two spam mails already.
    Doesn’t seem likely that it’s just a coincidence…

  20. Ahmed E. OSMAN says:

    Thanks for the warning. I just received my invitation message today from David Publishing Company but I got suspicious when I saw the “hotmail address” for a Publishing Company!!!!

  21. Marie says:

    Thanks for the warning. I just received an invitation to submit a paper from David Publishing. The email makes reference to a paper I presented in a conference in Okinawa less than 2 weeks ago. Their website does not seem suspicious at first and no “hotmail address” but a “davidpublishing.com” address in my case…

  22. gulay gunluk says:

    Journal of Modern Accounting and Auditing is now full text open access. Submission rules are not disclosed.

  23. Gerry Myerson says:

    I did a double-take when I saw the Nagle Avenue address – my family moved into that building shortly after it went up, and lived there for over a decade! Email I got from their Journal of Mathematics and System Science journal today gave their headquarters as 616 Corporate Way, Suite 2-4876, Valley Cottage, NY 10989, USA.

  24. Linda Neyer says:

    Confirming the Valley Cottage NY address above. A faculty member contacted me this morning asking about this journal and forwarded the entire email, which solicited the submission of his conference presentation. The signature looked none too professional:
    Lily, R.
    Editor Office
    Psychology Research, ISSN 2159-5542
    David Publishing Company
    616 Corporate Way, Suite 2-4876, Valley Cottage, NY 10989, USA
    E-mail:psychology@davidpublishing.org; psychology@davidpublishing.com; and psychology2159@yahoo.com

    This website is a goldmine. Thanks!

  25. Oh thank you for this…
    I received emails to publish my paper in these journals after presenting in a conference… Journal of Energy and Power Engineering; and Journal of Journalism and Mass Communication… both from David Publishing, USA…

    I just noticed the emails full are of grammatical errors considering the fact that both are invitations for acadamic journal and based in the USA. Then I checked scamadviser and google about davidpublishing, and both gave the same result! its a predatory journal based on China!

    • Matthew P says:

      Same here, I got an email from JEPE today, four days after a conference. I haven’t got the one from the Journal of Journalism yet. Not that any Journal of Journalism SHOULD be contacting me in the first place! They obviously data-mine conference websites for email addresses, but don’t actually look at the sites to find out which journals would at least be in the scope of the conference.

  26. Jordan says:

    I got a spam message this morning from David Publishing. While I normally ignore such nonsense the Valley Cottage, NY address caught my eye as I am familiar with that region of upstate NY. A quick Google satellite “drive by” revealed that it is, as I suspected, a warehouse suite of industrial offices including 7 businesses, but no David Publishing.

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  28. Paul says:

    Thank you for the warning! I just received an email from David Publishing, as well, for a conference presentation I did in June. It has the Cottage, NY address. They want me to publish in a journal that has no relevance to my topic. They claim they have been emailing me, and are wondering why I haven’t responded. Since I haven’t heard from them before, it sounded like bait. Plus, the bad grammar caught my eye. Here’s part of their message:

    “We have sent our sincere invitation to you some days before and we are now wondering whether you have received it or not, since we have got no reply from you. So, would you be so kind to inform us of a receipt? Or do you have the interest to cooperate? Please feel free to let us know.
    Eagerly expect to get your reply!”

  29. Ville says:

    Thanks for this thread here. I smelled everything was not OK with their mail. My conference presentation was published just one week ago. Luckily I found this page before I dwelled deeper into that spam mail with a pdf attachment and a request of sending an email-receipt.

  30. P. Williams says:

    David Publishing is merely a clever and shifting US front for a faux journal business in Wuhan, China. More shenanigans from the party state pandas. Might as well just mark their emails as spam and send them to your spam folder, where they belong.

  31. cledecosta says:

    What is the difference between these two journals?

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  33. yani says:

    Thank you for this warning, I just came back from a conference too and got their email .

  34. Marit Lobben says:

    I just received another spam mail from David Publishing, promising to publish my conference presentation from the UK cognitive grammar conference 2016,
    signed Coco Chen:

    Coco Chen
    Editor Office
    Philosophy Study ((Print ISSN 2159-5313; Online ISSN 2159-5321)
    616 Corporate Way, Suite 2-4876, Valley Cottage, NY 10989
    E-mail: philosophy@davidpublishing.com(org); philostudy@yahoo.com; studyphilosophy@yahoo.com
    Tel: 1-323-410-1082

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