17 Responses to A Spammer and a Liar: Global Journals Inc.

  1. Nurudeen Bello says:

    thanks for this sensitization, the editor of this journal just solicited for an article from me.

    • nskeptic says:

      Good find. I would be amazed if any of their papers are original.

      • herr doktor bimler says:

        Of course that doesn’t mean that the authors are paying extra to republish their own paper; predatory publishers are quite happy to scrape material from existing OA journals and use it to retrospectively create 15 previous volumes of publications.

        Normally they steal the plumage from other predatory publishers, who are less likely to do anything about the theft, but I don’t know anything about “Omniascience”, the victim in this case.

      • bill says:

        I think you will find that Omniascience is a respectable publisher. I published in one of their 4 journals, the Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management which is run from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, and it was a scholarly and professional process.

      • herr doktor bimler says:

        Thanks, Bill, for providing the information so woefully missing from my comment.

  2. DFC says:

    I appreciate the work you do on SOA, andI posted a link with comments on a Facebook page I manage.


  3. Sudesh Kumar says:

    Their article has a logo of Open Association of Research Society (USA). Initially I thought it was some genuine organizations… Till I read the following on a page

    “”We have many highly qualified and talented employees. We are being multinational organization, we have no room for casteism and give equal respect to all class and creed of people around the globe irrespective of nationality and we do not differentiate among human being/people. We are impartial. We are devoted to serve all class of human being by giving them opportunity to exhibit their talent and knowledge in research work. We motivate their unique and innovative idea and spread to the people around the globe.””

    And this page is beyond hilarious…

    Probably Global Journals is also running this society.

  4. Derek says:

    By coincidence, this morning I got spam from this publisher: https://globaljournals.org/journals/management . I was trying to figure out if it is one of the Global Journals on your list, but it appeared to be a different website (it ends in .org and the one in your list has a .us domain). However, as both have a “Global Journal of Management and Business Research”, I am thinking both are really the same publisher.
    P.S. the writing tips you quoted gave me a laugh.

  5. tille says:

    Thanks a lot! What about “Hindawi Publishing Corporation”?

  6. sreeram says:

    thanks for sharing this

  7. Quintessential says:

    I have not paid Global Journals a dime but they solicited papers from me and I submitted only for me to find them already published in google. I have since republished in other journals. It is amazing what goes on online.

  8. Thanks. I received a spam email from them today. Funny thing: they misspell Science in their logo. heh

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