Two Bizarre New OA Publishers Help Mark the Decline of Scholarly Publishing

Everant WAST

The world’s two newest scholarly publishers, both failures.

Two strange, scholarly open-access publishers recently launched and began spamming for article submissions. While early predatory publishers copied the look and feel of legitimate publishers’ websites, recent launches, such as these, are essentially copies of copies, with each new generation of OA publisher wilder than the earlier one. Here I’ll describe new publishers Everant Publisher Pvt Ltd and WAST.

Welcome to Everant

Unbelievably bad welcome message.


Everant Publisher Pvt Ltd is based in Mandsaur, India and launched with twenty, broad-scoped journals (list below). I learned about it through a spam email I personally received from them inviting me to submit a paper.

The journal displays an illiterate welcome message, as shown in the image above. Copied verbatim, it says,

“EVERANT- A Researcher who can built our self by research work with the help of Education to success their Vision with Effort of Revolution for Achievement with Neat Teamwork that is known as “EVERANT

As a marketing strategy, the publisher created a new name (Everant) and gave it a definition, but the name, definition, and publisher itself are all failures.

Each of the journal titles combines two topics, a strategy to facilitate the creation of unique titles and to further broaden the scope of each journal. Some of the journal titles don’t make sense, such as Journal of Language Literature. In its cover image, the journal’s title is given as Journal of Language Literature and Library.

Journal of Language Literature and Library

Journal of ineptitude.


WAST stands for World Academy of Science and Technology. It is not an “academy” in any honest sense. It’s just a newly-minted website that wants to make easy money from researchers. The publisher states its location as:

WAST Headquarter

187 E. Warm Springs Rd., Suite B375,
Las Vegas, Nevada 89119, US

Of course, the firm is not really based in the U.S. It uses the address of a virtual office company called, Inc.

World Academy of Science and Technology

Another fake academy.

I think they’re really based in India, but there may also be some Malaysian and Russian connections.

Describing themselves, they say this:

World Academy of Science and Technology is one of the world’s scientific research union, which is for holistic professionals, doctors, scientist & research scholars that provide a forum where members may exchange ideas, information, techniques and methodologies. This is an official website of the World Academy of Science and Technology is constituted to promote association amongest Engineers, Pharmacists, Doctors, Scientists, Law experts, Hotel Managements Experts, Social Science Professionals and other Professionals involved in research and innovation.

The firm publishes thirteen journals whose titles all begin with “International Journal of” and whose subjects are already saturated with open-access journals.

Finally, they promise a two-week turnaround time between submission and publication:

Call for papers December 2015

Submission to publication in to weeks.

 The owners of both of these two new scholarly publishers naively think they can cash in on the open-access movement. They will deceive only a very few.

However, some researchers will use the easy publishing the publishers offer and get easy publications to be used for academic credit at colleges and universities that use quantity and not quality in their evaluation of research.

Appendix: Lists of journals for each publisher as of 2015-11-14


  1. Account and Financial Management Journal
  2. Civil Engineering and Architecture Journal
  3. Engineering and Information Science Technology Journal
  4. Food Science and Sports Science Journal
  5. Health Science and Biomedical Journal
  6. International Economy Review and Research
  7. Journal of Agriculture and Dairy
  8. Journal of Language Literature
  9. Journal of Life Science and Biotechnology
  10. Journal of Medical Practice and Review
  11. Journal of Robotic and Cybernetics Research
  12. Management and Economic Journal
  13. Mathematics and Computer Science Journal
  14. Engineering and Technology Journal
  15. Medical and Clinical Invention Journal
  16. Medical Surgery and Case Studies
  17. Microbiology and Biochemistry Journal
  18. Nursing and Midwifery Journal
  19. Plant and Animal Science Journal
  20. Social Science and Humanities Journal


  1. International Journal of Advanced Animal Biotechnology
  2. International Journal of Advanced Medical and Health Sciences
  3. International Journal of Sports Fitness and Exercise Sciences
  4. International Journal of Advances in Computer Science and Information Technology
  5. International Journal of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences
  6. International Journal of Chemical Engineering
  7. International Journal of Cloud Computing & Big Data
  8. International Journal of Emerging Advancements in Electronics and Electrical Engineering
  9. International Journal of Emerging Trends in Engineering, Science & Technology
  10. International Journal of Management, Economics and Finance
  11. International Journal of Mechanical & Civil Engineering
  12. International Journal of Remote Sensing, GIS and Earth Sciences
  13. International Journal of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

12 Responses to Two Bizarre New OA Publishers Help Mark the Decline of Scholarly Publishing

  1. Eduardo Franco says:

    Indeed, it is a sea of shameless ineptitude and greed. I feel sorry for the hopefully few who will accept to serve in these journals’ editorial boards or to contribute manuscripts. We need to restore honor and dignity to the work of science and academia. Thanks for being vigilant, Jeffrey.

  2. herr doktor bimler says:

    WAST stands for World Academy of Science and Technology. It is not an “academy” in any honest sense. It’s just a newly-minted website that wants to make easy money from researchers.

    I think it is really short for “We Await Silent Tristero“.

  3. Dana Roth says:

    One wonders if this might be a twig of the World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology which has 50 conferences scheduled for 2016 … all over the world.

  4. Keith Fraser says:

    Here’s an example of the calibre of one of Everant’s journals:

    “Program code are distributed through internet and suffering from the program theft. Means a program is sold to user and user make own copyright of program called program theft. ”
    “Obfuscation change the executable code of program but the only function of program is come to original name means that function and variable comes in original named, unless they would be recoverable from the program.”
    (Unlike a lot of articles on computer science in predatory open-access journals, this one doesn’t appear to have been artificially generated in SciGen – it makes too much sense.)

    The linked article’s references include several Wikipedia articles and an article in what sounds like another dodgy journal, judging by its grammatically incorrect title (International Journal of Advance Research in Computer Science & Technology 3).

  5. Greg says:


    What do you think about: ? SEAHI Publications & Academic Journals

    It come from Nigeria.

    I can tell that its contact info is clearly wrong: its main office is not in Estonia.

    • Thanks for alerting me to this publisher. I am adding it to my list; it is very unprofessional and not a good place for honest researchers to publish their research works.

      • herr doktor bimler says:

        For what it’s worth, there is a small export-import company registered at a suburban address in Estonia which vaguely approximates the purported address of the “International Editorial Office”:

        The owner of the company (one Toivo Tanning) has published repeatedly in mockademic journals, suggesting that he is naive in the ways of the world and unfamiliar with the concept of predatory publishing (he is, after all, an economist). Perhaps he has been lured into collaboration with the Nigerian scammers.

  6. Harry Hab says:

    Failures. That’s harsh, dude.

  7. Dr. Ananth Joseph says:

    Dr. Beall
    Your response to this news
    “Reuters’ parent company Thomson Reuters is exploring strategic options for its intellectual property and science business in a move aimed at sharpening the group’s focus .
    Analysts estimate the business could be valued at more than $3 billion. Possible suitors include Elsevier, John Wiley & Sons and Springer Nature.
    And finally the summary
    “Thomson Reuters is mulling a sale of Thomson Scientific, which produces the Impact Factor, and suitors could include Elsevier, Wiley, and Springer-Nature.”
    Dr. Ananth Joseph

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