Snapshots of Recent Additions to the List of Questionable Publishers


Watch out for all of these.

I didn’t get much rest over the Christmas break, as tips regarding questionable new publishers and journals poured in  tips I am grateful for. Over the break I added five new publishers to the list. Four are from India and one is from Nigeria. Below you will find a description of each of the five publishers, accompanied by my sardonic comments.

Bio Core

Bio waste.

  1. Bio Core =

This amateurish publisher gives this as its contact address:

3409 Grove Gate CT,
Virginia, USA

However, the domain name registration data points to Hyderabad, India, so it’s likely the perpetrator, er, I mean owner, is using the address of one his friends or relatives who went to the United States to study.

This effort launched with eight medical journals, including the International Journal of Pediatrics and Neonatal Health. The title appears differently on the publisher’s list of journals.

The journal covers are all illustrated with what appear to be pirated images. I think this publisher is a one-man operation that wants to cash in on the easy money that OA publishing offers. Fortunately, this one is too late and will quickly fail, but it will make a lot of noise in the interim.

Brainy Buzz

The nadir of open-access.

  1. Brainy Buzz =

This publisher’s name — Brainy Buzz — gives one an immediate clue that it’s worthless and silly, and the clue is correct. This publisher is based in Bhatinda, India, and it only charges $20 as the author fee. See how competition has brought the price down?

Its tagline, “Welcome in Brainy Buzz” is, unfortunately, using the wrong preposition; it should be Welcome to Brainy Buzz. But even this prominent error is minor in comparison with this publisher of ten journals’ significant shortcomings.

A spam email from this publisher forwarded to me declares:

BRAINYBUZZ IS AN ONLINE JOURNAL HUB has been developed as a peer reviewed, Open Access journal. As such, manuscripts are prepared and reviewed by internationally renowned clinical academics and research scientists.

This is a total lie, of course. Given that one of the journals they publish is entitled Journal of English Language and Literature Studies*, you’d think that they could at least get the website text correct.

*By the way, isn’t it great to see more humanities open-access journals appearing?

St Anne Mary

Holy crap.

  1. St. Anne Mary =

This publisher of 17 open-access journals has been around for some time. The web site is more like an archeological site, for parts of it haven’t been updated in years.

Based in New Delhi, St. Anne Mary is no Mother Theresa.

When I examined their website, I could not find information about the author fees they charge, if any. They publish two library science journals: International Journal of Information and Library Science and Asian Journal of Library ond Information Science. Like we really need more of those.

I learned about this publisher from a recent spam email it diffused that was forwarded to me:

Dear Sir/Madam,

Invitation for Research paper Contribution in Reviewed Journals

St. Anne Mary publication established in 2009 in New Delhi, invites research papers for their forthcoming issue of bi-annual issue covering major subjects in different Journals.


It’s a no-brainer to avoid this publisher.


Srinubnabu would be a more accurate name.

  1. Mathews Open Access Journals =


Mathews Open Access Journals launched recently and began spamming. It launched with ten medical journals and claims to be based in Newark, New Jersey, but I think it’s really based in India and is possibly run by a bunch of former OMICS Group employees.

I’ve been told OMICS also treats its employees poorly (like it treats its authors), so after they learn the business from OMICS many defect and start their own exploitative publishing companies. All you need is a website, and that’s all this publisher is, a lousy website.

Their journal titles all start with “Mathews”, for example, Mathews Journal of Neurology, and the current author fee for all the journals is $201.

This publisher is spamming now, so when you see an email from them in your inbox, report it as spam.

Terminal Journals

The end.

  1. Terminal Journals =

This publisher is called Terminal Journals because that’s what will happen to your career if you publish here: it will terminate.

This publisher is based in Nigeria’s Delta State, home to many predatory publishers. Terminal Journals is significant because it’s the largest journal launch I’ve seen in a while: fifty broad journals.

A “Dr. Allen Frank” from their “Media Publicity” Department is currently spamming for editorial board members.

This publisher charges $200 to publish an article, but they also require you to transfer the copyright to them, a bad deal. ■

32 Responses to Snapshots of Recent Additions to the List of Questionable Publishers

  1. you provide unending entertainment with these comments about goofy and terrible journals. keep up the good work. thanks. CGS

  2. Veno says:

    Another nice write up there by you, Jeffrey, with great sense of humour in between the admonition. You seem to know the beginning and end of these journals like an “academic prophet”! Your list keeps growing every year with no end in sight! Should we throw in the towel? Certainly not, but no tangible solution in sight for now.

  3. DR.NIYI FATOKUN says:


  4. wkdawson says:

    Maybe more accurate is “wholly crap”… otherwise, one might mistakenly think the crap is sanctified.

  5. Unknown says:

    Happy New Year Mr. Beall,

    One small question, have you removed MDPI from your list?

  6. Bobo says:

    As far as I can tell, there still hasn’t been a post about the addition of Frontiers to the list.

  7. Greg says:

    What do you think of Oxidants and Antioxidants in Medical Science or its publisher GESDAV? [I did not find much about the publisher. The only other journal of this publisher, that I find, was: ]

    How important it is that a journal has a valid ISSN? Oxidants and Antioxidants in Medical Science use as ISSN a number about which says: “This ISSN has not yet been assigned or reported to the ISSN International Centre: it is a “free” ISSN.”

    • This journal used to be on my list, but I removed it in 2013. I think it is fair to say I think it is borderline. I was unable to confirm their ISSN problem, but if true, this would not surprise me.

      Scholarly communication is largely broken in Turkey. Many journals are set up there just to provide easy acceptance so cronies can get easy academic promotions. The ISSN is not directly related to quality, but if they are lying about having one or being deceptive and using a made-up one, then this is another matter, and it speaks to the honest of the publisher.

      Advancement in higher education in Turkey is really not based on merit anymore. It’s now achieved through deals with cronies, payments to fake publishers, and plagiarism.

  8. mr trisna says:

    Hallo bill, you include the International Journal of Research in Ayurveda and Pharmacy in your list. I do not believe it, because when I submit in this journal, after review (blind review), 2 x my article was rejected. so I am sure this journal not potential, probable /possible predator journal. so please remove this journal from your list. sutrisna . author of IJRAP

    • Wow, your article must have been really bad to have been rejected by an Ayurveda journal.
      Ayurveda is a pseudo-science. Publishing a journal about Ayurveda is the same as publishing a journal about Santa Claus.

      • Piya Edirisuriya says:

        I don’t know about this journal but I know one thing which is Ayurveda is not pseudo-science.

      • Marco says:

        If your argument is that the journal is predatory because it is focused on pseudoscience, you better add that to your criteria.

        At the moment it is not mentioned, and therefore the journal should not feature on your list, unless it does fulfill other criteria.

      • In fact it is mentioned.

    • MC says:

      If it truly were predatory, don’t you think they would have accepted your paper without any problem? You might consider changing your research focus.

      • mrtris says:

        I don,t believe u jeff.IJRAP is not pseudoscience,but real science in traditioal medicine..u are not expert man in traditional i am sure, u make mistakes when including this journal in .your list.this journal is not verygood journal,BUT it isnot predatory journal

    • MC says:

      You are citing one isolated incident in a weird journal no one has heard of, in a “field” no one believes in. You run the risk of having an unseen and largely useless career. But if you wanted to make a difference, convince those making the ayurveda “drugs” to take the heavy metals out.

  9. Rob Lopresti says:

    When I got to “Holy crap” I spit tea all over my screen. Thanks a lot.

  10. Hello Jeffrey and a Good New Year!

    As my father used to be a professor of anglistics, I sometimes look around these jounrnals as well…. In Brainybuzz is the “JOURNAL OF ENGLISH LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE STUDIES”

    Contact person:Contact: Dr. S. Ramanujana
    Department of English

    My mind wanders where a letter addressed to “Department of English, India” would end up??


  11. Keith Fraser says:

    For further laughs, here is Brainy Buzz’s motto: “Our motto is to provide an online publishing platform for Researchers, Scholars, Academia, Universities, Colleges and Research Organizations to publish the outcome of their research works. It is a hub, which focuses on bringing out quality research works, which are not published any where, in a simplest manner. We are currently publishing five scholarly journals covering all major areas of research works , we are also planning to bring up more journals in due course. In the past few years, there is a drastic increase in the number of online publishers, many organizations and individuals are bringing out new scientific publications regularly which helps many researchers to publish their works. But subject wide coverage of many of them does not includes many niche research areas, we are planning to bridge this gap through our service. All our journals are open access, peer reviewed and published in a manner to ensure the quality of the research work is maintained, with least effort from the authors. We focus on bringing out quality, original research works from researchers, scientists, academia, post graduate students by in this online platform.”

    Also, clicking on ‘Journals’ on Terminal Journals’ website brings up a list of categories (Physical Sciences, Engineering etc.) but clicking on each just returns to the same page. In fact, from their website they only appear to have five journals. Have they downsized since this article was posted?

    • I got the number fifty from one of their spam emails, which listed these journals:

      • Terminal Journal of African Studies and Development (email:
      • Terminal Journal of Accounting and Taxation (email:
      • Terminal Journal of Agricultural Extension and Rural Development (email:
      • Terminal Journal of Agricultural Research (
      • Terminal Journal of Biodiversity and Conservation (email:
      • Terminal Journal of Biomedical Research (email:
      • Terminal Journal of Business and Finance Management Research (
      • Terminal Journal of Cancer Research and Experimental Oncology (
      • Terminal Journal of Clinical Pathology and Forensic Medicine (
      • Terminal Journal of Clinical Reviews and Opinions (email:
      • Terminal Journal of Dentistry and Oral Hygiene (
      • Terminal Journal of Developmental Biology and Tissue Engineering (
      • Terminal Journal of Ecology and The Natural Environment (
      • Terminal Journal of Economics and International Finance (email:
      • Terminal Journal of Educational Research and Reviews (email:
      • Terminal Journal of Engineering and Manufacturing Technology (
      • Terminal Journal of English and Literature (email:
      • Terminal Journal of Entomology and Nematology (email:
      • Terminal Journal of Fine and Studio Art (
      • Terminal Journal of Food Science and Technology (email:
      • Terminal Journal of General and Molecular Virology (email:
      • Terminal Journal of Genetics and Molecular Biology (email:
      • Terminal Journal of Geography and Regional Planning (
      • Terminal Journal of Geology and Mining Research (
      • Terminal Journal of History and Culture (
      • Terminal Journal of Horticulture and Forestry (
      • Terminal Journal of Hospitality Management and Tourism (
      • Terminal Journal of Infectious Diseases and Immunity (email:
      • Terminal Journal of Internet and Information Systems (email:
      • Terminal Journal of Languages and Culture (
      • Terminal Journal of Law and Conflict Resolution (email:
      • Terminal Journal of Library and Information Science (
      • Terminal Journal of Mathematics and Computer Science Research (email:
      • Terminal Journal of Media and Communication Studies (
      • Terminal Journal of Medical Laboratory and Diagnosis (email:
      • Terminal Journal of Medicinal Plant Research (email:
      • Terminal Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences (email:
      • Terminal Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology Research (email:
      • Terminal Journal of Music and Dance (
      • Terminal Journal of Neuroscience and Behavioral Health (
      • Terminal Journal of Nursing and Midwifery (email:
      • Terminal Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism (email:
      • Terminal Journal of Oceanography and Marine Science (email:
      • Terminal Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology (email:
      • Terminal Journal of Physical Sciences (email:
      • Terminal Journal of Political Science and International Relations (email:
      • Terminal Journal of Psychology and Counselling (
      • Terminal Journal of Pure and Applied Chemistry (email:
      • Terminal Journal of Research in Environmental Studies (email:
      • Terminal Journal of Sociology and Anthropology (
      • Terminal Journal of Social Science and Humanity (email:

  12. L_C says:

    Always interesting to observe how some journals will move from one disaster to the next and focus most of their efforts on concealing information… Some things I immediately noticed:

    -The Mathewsjournals’ NJ address is, of course, a $4.95 per month Virtual PO Box w/Street address:

    -The AnneMary Journals are easily linked back to Dr. A Sajeevan Rao (via domain registry email and past papers), a professor at BVIMR, who is also the EIC and registrar of another publisher on the list: Academic Journals Online.

    -Terminal Journals is registered to Clinton Clarke, the inspiration for/ founder of several previous entries:

    and at least one other on the list: Oak-Fortress Journals (

    -According to archived pages of, one of their original contact addresses was: 64B/1, Northfort Street, Edinburgh, Eh6 4hL, which is the UK address listed on several of the Ology Open Online journals (their previous site is incomplete with many broken links ( Plus, the recent domain history of revealed that it was previously registered under the email address, and the name Maduh K, which is the email and name used in the individual Ology journal site domain registries., and their journals, then appeared to move to They also appear to have hosted multiple conferences that mimic their more prestigious counterparts. For example, they host an AgBT International 2015 conference in Hyderabad, while the AGBT 2015 meeting was held in Florida. The website for the conference was It is no longer in use, but was previously registered to the same Maduh K and is still described here: the two (biocore and ology) are connected, there was a transfer (or something to that extent), or one was used as a model, I do not know.

    The most astounding thing about the Bio Core Journals though are some of their editors. Did they message every possible commercial interest along with other academics? I would not submit to a nutrition journal whose members included the Coca-Cola company and VitaminSpice Inc. nor would I be thrilled about seeing GlaxoSmithKline and other such companies on health journal boards (if these individuals are even aware they’re board members). The inherent biases may prove too suffocating for certain studies. They could certainly use a better ratio of company directors to academics and researchers.

    • Wonderful analysis!. Thanks.

    • herr doktor bimler says:

      Searching for Clinton Clarke a.k.a. Cliff Odebala Clarke a.k.a. Clarke Clifford by his address, and e-address (, and phone number (234.8067630525) to check on his other activities, he is evidently a broad-spectrum grifter, with no end of scams in advertising, media, editing, proofreading (!), recruitment networks, website design and software lessons. Truly a Renaissance man.

      As Neurocritic noted, he’s also swiftjournals and intuitionjournals. And let’s not forget donnishjournals! (with a different e-address,

  13. Jam says:

    Hi Jeffery Hope you are doing good…I wish to appreciate your efforts just wish to divert your attention to a minor point which I noticed while going through the list of predatory publishers. Some of the listed names have no website either they have blocked their website or closed their operations or whatever. So to ensure the authenticity of your list you should go through all the links of publishers and see if some links are disabled or blocked or removed and does not exists. So to make a decision about them to remain listed or remove them from your list. Just a short note to appreciate your work.

    • I understand there are dead links.
      Sometimes the publishers return.
      Also, using the links, one can visit the Wayback Machine and view the pages (and sometimes access lost papers) as they existed before the open-access publisher disappeared, as many do.

  14. Emmanuel Saboro says:

    Dear Pro. Beall
    Thanks for the good work. What is your opinion about the International Journal of humanities and cultural studies?


    • It’s an interesting case. On the one hand, it’s published on a free website platform (wix), but on the other hand, the quality of the articles is high. The journal is not on my list.

  15. Manop says:

    Dear Jeffrey,
    I admire your effort to inform us about predatory journals/publications for many years and hope that you could continue it for a long time. Beall’s list is now considered a de facto blacklist among academic institution for publication and academic promotion.

    I understand that the list is dynamic. But I would like to ask if it’s possible to have a summary of new addition and (rarely) removal of the list, including the evidence to support such move. So, we understand what’s going on and what’s need to be fixed among those honest publishing houses that try to improve their quality.

    • I don’t have sufficient time to do that.
      Most of the predatory publishers do not operate in good faith and only want to make easy money from researchers. I aim to help researchers, not profiteering open-access publishers.

  16. Martins, Nico says:


    I hope you are well. Can you please let me know if the Glue Institute is still on jour list of questionable publishers.

    We hoped to publish an article in The Journal of Applied Business Research.



    Prof Nico Martins
    Department of Industrial and Organisational Psychology


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