Bogus Polish Journal Has Completely Fake Editorial Board

East European Science Journal

More fiction than fact.

A Russian-owned journal that claims to be based in Poland is as fake as a scholarly journal can get. The East European Science Journal has a completely made up editorial board, and most other aspects of it are fake also.

The journal uses several titles in English. Its masthead says East European Science Journal, but its journal cover images say East European Scientific Journal. It also calls itself the East European Research Alliance.

East European Science Journal 2

East European Scam Journal

But the most significant thing about the journal is that its editorial board — which it calls its “Research Council” — is completely made up.

One of the names on the council is listed like this:

Anthony Maverick (Bar-Ilan University)

There is no one by this name at BIU. There is, however, a MAVERICK Lab at the university. The predatory journal just made up the name and added it to its Research Council.

I think the names of the journal’s editors are made up also. They are all people with common first and last names in Poland:

Mikołaj Wiśniewski
Szymon Andrzejewski
Dominik Makowski
Paweł Lewandowski

Like most bogus journals these days, this one also claims to have an impact factor from ISI. However, the journal’s impact factor (0.572) is supplied by the fake impact factor company called International Scientific Indexing.

The website’s terms and conditions page, which it calls “Public offer,” makes reference to Russian law, evidence that it’s not really a Poland-based journal. This is a deceptive journal in many ways.

Analysis. This impostor journal is really set up to provide easy publishing for authors from the former Soviet Union. Most or all of the articles published in the three issues it has published so far are in Russian.

They charge a low fee (about USD $40) and falsely claim to be based in the EU. The journal claims it’s based in Warsaw, but in reality, this is likely only a front. It’s probably run out of Russia.

The fact that the publisher claims to be EU-based  means more academic credit for the Russian authors than they would receive for publishing in a Russia-based journal (or a Ukraine-based one).

I strongly encourage all researchers to avoid submitting any manuscripts to this journal.

Hat tip: Dr. Janusz Mierczynski


The journal’s Polish title is: Wschodnioeuropejskie Czasopismo Naukowe.

The journal’s Russian title is: Восточно-Европейский Научный Журнал.

14 Responses to Bogus Polish Journal Has Completely Fake Editorial Board

  1. IndRes says:

    This reflects the need for editorial board members is also rising up.Some journals are now paying for EB members..As a new journal, they had opted this fake way to fool the authors and grab their papers.

    • MC says:

      GOOD journals do not lack expert scientists who are willing to serve as EiCs and as reviewers. Your statement is entirely false. Fake journals, conversely, don’t need editorial board members.

  2. Samir Sharma says:

    Russian is becoming increasing a place for all sorts of unethical practices in research and publication.

  3. John David says:

    Good day Prof Beal,
    Please, is Cogent open access journal geniue?
    Please I need your kind reply, thanks.

  4. herr doktor bimler says:

    A possible indication of the target audience is the page stating publication fees in Zloty, Rubles, dollars, Euros and Ukrainian Hryvnia. On the Russian-language version, anyway… the Polish version just specifies Zloty (and the English version of that page is blank).

    I see they’ve gone through a Hong Kong agency for anonymous registration of the website.

  5. L_C says:

    The journal is described as being founded in 2012. Is it possible that it had a previous site/affiliation? Is this date incorrect? Their site appears to have only been created in June of 2015 and, according to their archives, the earliest issue of their journal was published in 2015 (if you look directly at the earliest listed journal cover image, you’ll notice that the title changes from Eastern European Science Journal to East European Science Journal). Also, on the contact page of the Russian language version of the site, there is a link to the business registration document for their Warsaw address, which describes the business as being registered on August 10th, 2015:

    Regarding their address, Aleje Jerozolimskie 85/21, 02-001 Warszawa, Polska, it seems to belong to a company that provides virtual offices (their map matches that on the essa-journal site perfectly):

    This company does provide Warsaw landlines as well, however, their number appears to be linked to, a Russian communications company, which can provide you with a direct city number in Warsaw. They just happen to sell essa-journal’s #, +48221168617:

  6. Keith Fraser says:

    Anthony Maverick sounds like the hero of a low-budget 80s cop movie – the kind who doesn’t play by the rules, and has his badge temporarily confiscated by the Chief at least once a month, but gets results. He probably regularly fights ethnic minorities out to destroy America, and banters with his partner while showering.

    Fortunately, Anthony Maverick is probably qualified to sit on the editorial board of a scientific journal, because he has a degree in ass-whuppin’ and a doctorate in JUSTICE!

  7. The Grim Reaper says:

    The top page lists an interesting set of reasons why scientists should publish there:

    Individual approach

    The one I loved the most was “Ingenuity”.

  8. OffHours says:

    As a Russian speaker, I skimmed through one of the volumes available online, there are mostly articles of Russian authors and a few Ukrainian. (Some of the articles are of particular interest, e.g. “MULTI-LAYER BRAIN AND SIMPLIFIED THINKING – SOURCES OF DANGEROUS DEVELOPMENT OF MANKIND”, authored by a Professor from Moscow Agricultural Academy I agree with those who have said that this journal caters for the former Soviet Union scientific crowd.

    By the way, the Contacts section in Russian has a link to what they claim to be the journal’s registration record (in Polish) It apparently reads that “East European Science Association” was added to the register of journals on 10th of August, 2015, with Adam Barczuk as editor. Trying to search for an academic record of this gentleman, I only found his name on various legit Russian and Ukrainian university online resources, where Wschodnioeuropejskie Czasopismo Naukowe invites authors to submit their papers, claiming that the journal “is published in Poland, Russia, Austria, Germany, the Slovak Respublic, Ukraine and the USA. A number of published volumes are sent to national libraries of Poland, Germany, France, the UK and to the libraries of the biggest higher education institutions of the Unitated States of America.” (e.g.,

  9. jj says:

    The list of names of the “editorial board” is now much longer. Likely just more made up names.

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