A New Open-Access Publisher Whose Name Rings a Bell

ScienceVier Logo
Here’s a new open-access publisher with a familiar-sounding name: ScienceVier. It launched recently and began spamming. It claims a Hamilton, Ontario base.

ScienceVier is a scholarly publisher and conference organizer whose spam was forwarded to me recently. The spam uses boastful language and says,

Dear Dr./Professor/Scholars,

You are invited to submit your abstract in “International Conference on Biomedical Sciences 2016”

ScienceVier ,a leading scientific research publishing and conferences organizing body is pleased to invite you to 3rd international conference on Biomedical Sciences.

Moreover in the event “Young Scientist Prominence Award” ceremony will be held,submit your best research in order to avail the award.

The email is signed “ScienceVier,Canada. Adam Smith, Journal Manager.”

They give their address as:

ScienceVier – CANADA
160 Market Street, Unit 2005, Hamilaton Ontario Canada L8R3J6

Looking at this address in Google Maps (and correcting the city name), we see this apartment building:

ScienceVier apartment

ScienceVier Headquarters.

It’s an apartment building. It’s probably not the publisher’s real headquarters — they are probably using the address of a cousin or other relative who happens to live in Hamilton.

International Journal of Applied Sciences

International Journal of Rubbish.

They publish three journals, including the sorely-needed International Journal of Applied Sciences.

The conference they’re advertising is to be held in Pakistan.

The publisher’s name — ScienceVier — is clearly meant to evoke the name of the publisher Elsevier.

Appendix: List of ScienceVier journals as of 2016-03-10

  1. International Journal of Applied Sciences
  2. International Journal of Drug Discovery & Development
  3. International Journal of Information Technology & Engineering



6 Responses to A New Open-Access Publisher Whose Name Rings a Bell

  1. Samir Hachani says:

    and the manager is Adam Smith !!!!!

  2. From Morocco says:

    A bogus and predatory conference invitation:

    PCS 3rd Annual Global Cancer Conference-2016
    Theme: United Against Cancers Locally, Nationally and Internationally
    Time: Nov. 5- Nov. 6, 2016
    Place: Marrakesh, Morocco

    • Herr Doktor Bimler says:

      PCS (“Pioneer Century Science”) are sufficiently prominent in the fraudulent-conference ecosystem to feature in an article at Huffington Post:http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/dr-madhukar-pai/predatory-conferences-academia_b_12467834.html

      They turned up in my Spam tray the other day:

      2017 PCS 2nd Annual Mental Health Forum (MHF-2017)
      Time: 7-8 April, 2017
      Place: Lisbon, Portugal

      Dear Dr. David L. Bimler,

      This is the invitation from PCS 2nd Annual Mental Health Forum (MHF-2017) that will be held from April 7th to 8th, 2017 in Lisbon, Portugal. Now, we have few speech opportunities at the conference. You are welcomed to give a presentation or join us in as the participant with other peers from more than 20 countries. For the speech, your preliminary speech title along with a short CV and session selection are essential for further arrangement. Meanwhile, the opportunity of posters display opens for your application.

      Please visit our website to find out the scientific programme at:

      For more information, please see http://www.pcscongress.com/hcc2017/

      We look forward to hearing from you soon.


      Ms. Maria E. (Coordinator)
      Organizing Committee of MHF-2017
      E-mail: maria@pcsconference.com
      Global Century Science Group
      Pioneer Century Science
      No. 134, Changjiang Road, Huanggu District,
      Shenyang, China
      Tel: +86-24-31930319
      Fax: +86-24-86085759

      On behalf of
      Prof. Chiming Wei,
      Chairman of MHF-2017
      Professor and Chief Scientist,
      Chongqing Academy of Science and Technology,China

      So the purported Coordinator is too embarrassed (or too non-existent) to have a full name. Also she is too uncoordinated to update the spam template, so it doesn’t know whether it’s inviting me to “HCC2017” or “MHF-2017”.

      It is insulting to be spammed so incompetently.

  3. Cecilia Ferreyra says:

    Could you please let me know your opinion on this publisher http://www.bdspublishing.com/

    • It’s too early to tell. This publisher is not on my list at this time. They list their future publications, and each has a line that says, “ISBN” (no actual numbers yet), so perhaps they will be publishing only books, not journals. Or perhaps they don’t know what they’re doing. Again, there’s not enough information for me to complete an analysis.

  4. billfreese says:

    “ScienceVier is zealous to promote erudite, pragmatic, and contemporaneous research work in all scientific disciplines . . . . We would like to invite you to join the elite group of our Editorial Board Members . . . . Please note that as you will be paid, so this will be your responsibility to motivate your peers and students (at least five articles) for quick publications. A publication takes a maximum of two weeks after payment made against publications”

    I am invited to join their elite board, with the understanding that I must bring them a minimum of five pay-to-publish customers. Still, it is quite an honor to be asked to serve on the Editorial Board of a peer-reviewed science journal, particularly considering my highest degree is a BA in history.

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