Business Deans Endorse Resolution Regarding Predatory Journals

AJCU Business Deans

Good advice.

A group of business deans here in the United States has issued and endorsed a statement opposing predatory publishing.

The resolution is from the Business Deans of the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities (AJCU).

It reads, in part,

… we oppose the practice now commonly known as predatory publishing. Journals — whether physical or electronic — that purport to be outlets for scholarly research while accepting manuscripts with little or no serious peer-review and charging submission and/or publication fees to authors, demonstrate a clear disregard for time-honored intellectual and ethical standards of scholarship in their pursuit of profit.

Naturally, I think this is an excellent resolution, and I am delighted to see formal recognition of the problem of predatory publishing.

Business Deans.jpg

The academic field of business is particularly vulnerable to the victimization by predatory publishers and journals. Pretty much every college or university has a school or department of business, and business faculty need to publish or present at conferences to demonstrate their academic achievement.

This has led to an abundance of questionable, low-quality, and predatory business journal and conference organizers, including some owned and operated by business faculty themselves.

Predatory open-access publishers pretend to be authentic publishers, but they don’t manage peer review properly or honestly, leading to the publication of  papers just so they can earn the author fees.

The deans recommend the use of my lists:

… we recommend that authors carefully scrutinize target journals before citing or submitting papers to them, utilizing all available information on publication standards, including the provision of referee reports to authors and the data annually offered by Beall’s List of Predatory Publishers as a guide


23 Responses to Business Deans Endorse Resolution Regarding Predatory Journals

  1. Reblogged this on Blog do Pedlowski and commented:
    Oposição institucional às revistas predatórias aparece em universidades dos EUA. Lista de Beall é recomendada como um das maneiras de evitar as armadilhas do “trash science”. Estou esperando a hora em que a CAPES e o CNPq vão fazer algo parecido. Por vias das dúvidas, vou esperar sentado.

  2. Ramze A. Elzahrany says:

    قرار حكيم يخدم المصلحة العامة، ويحمي نزاهة البحث العلمي وقدسيته المتوخاة من المجتمع العلمي النزيه، ويحد من الهجمة الشرسة من كل من يحاول تدنيسه من خلال السعي نحو المصالح المادية البحتة الرخيصة. نتطلع لمزيد من التوعية على مختلف المستويات وبكل اللغات بهذا الشأن الخطير، الذي قد يجهل أبعاده كثيرون في مختلف أنحاء العالم، وبالذات الدول النامية التي مازال بريق النشر باللغة الانجليزية ملحاً، ولم تصل إلى مرحلة إدراك أبعاد النشر الرخيص في هذه المجلات ذات السمعة السيئة الرخيصة في الوسط العلمي النزيه. تحياتي وتقديري لكل من يسعى جاهداً لحماية هذا الكيان العلمي وقدسيته.

  3. peggychinn says:

    Reblogged this on INANE – International Academy of Nursing Editors and commented:
    Another group taking a stand similar to INANE!

  4. Ghazal says:

    When these people discourage authors to even cite a paper published by so called predatory publishers, it means their attitude is very aggressive. What E=MC^2 were published in such journal! Should we disregard it? This type of behaviour simply means they are not interested in seeing any growth on OA publishers.

    • MC says:

      Total and ridiculous oversimplification. This “type of behavior” (they’re not 6 year olds..) shows that reputable people who want to do valid scientific research aren’t going to support fake journals. Your comment is ridiculous, and your “type of behavior” is aggressively stupid.

  5. herr doktor bimler says:

    and business faculty need to publish or present at conferences to demonstrate their academic achievement.

    If they are just opposing the predatory publishers in isolation, the business deans are simply promoting the predatory conferences.

  6. tooi says:

    New director of bogus company Academic Research Publishing Group is Dr. Jallat Khan. His Facebook profile : and his appointment letter link:

  7. Ken Lanfear says:

    About time! Other academic disciplines also need to be more proactive on this issue.

  8. MC says:

    A veritable who’s who of institutions that I would never take seriously. (Sorry, FSU).

    • herr doktor bimler says:

      Hey now, nothing wrong with ANU.

    • J_C says:

      Well, this is new- I wanted to see the paper with the ANU author, but after I clicked on the PDF, the wifi host temporarily blocked my access and gave me this warning:

      “Confirmation Required

      The page you are attempting to access has been categorised as containing Malicious Websites. Your confirmation is required to help prevent the University from being used as a source of malicious traffic by preventing automated systems form connecting to these sites. Please CLICK HERE to continue to the requested site if you are researching Malicious Websites or feel that this site may be mis-categorised.

      For more information or assistance, please contact the ICT Helpdesk.”

      That’s lovely. I could be the sad sap that infects the whole system.

      I did open it later on another browser (& without incident). I’m not certain just what about this site was sending red flags to the server as I typically never have problems with other questionable publishing sites. Odd.

      Hmm… I would probably avoid blacklisting Universities based on a few questionable lecturers since even researchers from top schools have published in such journals. I’d want to see some sort of systematic acceptance of the practice before rendering a decision.

  9. rehab rahem says:

    Thank you very much for your cooperation with researchers and authors by helping us to identify the magazines on blacklists who are trying to waste our scientific and with regret the existence of such people Hola who trade Scientific our efforts .ohl can publisher who Nscherseat in such magazines reprinting search again accepted magazines? Is it possible to help me send a group of magazines Almatmdho accepted, non-affiliate rating Tomasson magazines for Alncharfiha? This magazine has been published in the past year, the IIS Journal of Chemistry and Materials Research, Kmaked got to accept from another magazine which EA journals, and also I did not find her name in the magazines in the blacklists. You could help me to make sure it? With a great appreciation and respect drrehab

  10. J_C says:

    So, while I’m not 100% certain if this answer will satisfy the full extent of your inquiries, I will mention that, yes, EA Journals, which is European-American Journals, and IIS, which is the International Knowledge Sharing Platform, are both currently blacklisted publishers. If a paper is published in one of those journals, I doubt a more respected publisher would want to accept that paper. I have been able to locate one of your papers in the Journal of Chemistry and Materials Research: Synthesis, Spectroscopic Characterization and Biological Studies for New Binuclear Schiff Base with Some Transition Metal. Without much else to go on, I’m going to have to presume that this is the paper you are referring to:

    Also, based on the location of your other publications, I will point out that SAS Publisher and the Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology are on Beall’s list as well.

    Finally, you may want to reconsider how you’re linking back to your gmail. I would venture a guess that you’re using your gmail as your website, but clicking on your name is causing both my Safari and Tor browsers to warn of a potential phishing scam since the link is purportedly attempting to log me into gmail through an alternative route. But this is just my 2 cents.

  11. Dr. Robert Houmsou says:

    This is a welcome idea and it will help to curb the bad practice exacerbated by predatory journals on publication ethics.

  12. winfriedspeters says:

    Dear Jeffrey Beall,
    this post provides an important supporting source for my struggle to convince my colleagues that turning a blind eye on liers and jerks is not tolerance but academic suicide in slowmo.
    I have followed your blog for three years or so. Your postings present essential, up-to-date information for those of us who are not willing to sit on a fence during the ongoing full-scale attack on academic integrity. We cannot thank you enough.
    best wishes,
    Dr. Winfried S. Peters
    Associate Professor of Biology
    Indiana/Purdue University Fort Wayne (IPFW)

  13. rehab rahem says:

    Good day
    Really your efforts in helping us there is nothing that can be given to you against which I do not know you take the amount of money against which but whatever gives you the very little for the advices that you gave it , but my university( baghdad university) has accept a set of Journals that you put it in blacklisted , I do not know Is it possible that ,and what is the reason for this list to change and it is exit of some Journals in the following example International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR), Der Pharma Chemica and Journal of Pharma and Bio Sciences

  14. billwilliams says:

    > I would like here to ask you about this collection in the link below, that has reached my email lately, if you have come across or mentioned in your blog?

    Pyrex and Donnish journals were added to Jeffrey’s list in 2014:

  15. […] Jeffrey Beall, professor da Universidade do Colorado em Denver.  (Ele postou em seu blog Scholarly Open Acces em 22/3 sobre o alerta dos “Business Deans”.) Sediada em Sofia, na Bulgária, a WSEAS […]

  16. […] grupo Hindawi e suas publicações, no entanto, são assunto frequente do blog Scholarly Open Acces, do biblioteconomista Jeffrey Beall, professor da Universidade do Colorado em Denver. Sua lista de […]

  17. Stephen Odebero says:

    While I agree that there are predatory journals and they undermine academic research, it is important to confirm certain facts. My name Stephen Odebero and those of my host professors in Germany Prof Ulf Angel and Prof Middel have been posted on your blog and I believe erroneously. I am ready to provide my email communication with the editor where you will confirm that there was no payment whatsoever. Factually, I urge that you publish the paper in question for the world to rate the publication which in my view could pass any editorial scrutiny. I can be contacted on the following email address;; Mobile +254722995895. Thank you for your good work in eradicating predatory Journals.

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