Another Chinese OA Publisher “Based” in Southern California

Engineering and Technology Publishing logo

Another open-access publisher to avoid.

Last week I wrote about a publisher that claims to be based in a small house in San Bernardino, California. Now here’s another Chinese publisher that has claimed to be based in in a dwelling in Rowland Heights, California.

The publisher is called Engineering and Technology Publishing (ETP). It appears that the owner may be Zhusheng Kang, who apparently has an association or affiliation with the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China.

I am aware of sixteen journals that apparently originate from this publisher, but there may be more.

Many of the journals apparently published by ETP are not branded as being from the publisher. There are a bunch of standalone journals that exist with no named publisher.

Many exist as a dumping ground for conference papers. Typically, the journals require copyright transfer but also charge an author fee, so authors are surrendering their copyright and also paying the publisher for the privilege of doing so.

The current “Contact Us” page for the publisher does not list any headquarters location, but earlier versions of the page gave the headquarters location as “2448 Desire Avenue, Rowland Heights, CA 91748.”

ETP McMansion

Pretentious McMansion in Rowland Heights.

Looking at this location in Google Maps street view, one sees a pretentious, classical revival McMansion with palm trees.

Journal of Medical and Bioengineering

They can’t even get the title right.

One of their journals is called Journal of Medical and Bioengineering, a title that is ungrammatical in English.

It’s possible that this firm is related to the International Academy of Computer Technology (IACT), which I blogged about last week.

Some of this publisher’s journals have been criticized for publishing issues way in advance of their publishing date. For example, their International Journal of Information and Education Technology, had published monthly issues through December, 2016:

International Journal of Information and Education Technology

Where did the April-November issues disappear to?

But now the website only shows issues up through March, 2016. What happened to the missing issues? Did a mass retraction occur?

This is a questionable and fishy publisher. I recommend that researchers not send any papers to any of this publisher’s journals.


Appendix: List of ETP journals as of 2016-03-20 (list may be incomplete)

  1. International Journal of Electrical Energy (IJOEE)
  2. International Journal of Electronics and Electrical Engineering (IJEEE)
  3. International Journal of Information and Education Technology
  4. International Journal of Languages, Literature and Linguistics
  5. International Journal of Materials Science and Engineering (IJMSE)
  6. International Journal of Signal Processing Systems (IJSPS)
  7. International Journal of Smart Grid and Clean Energy (SGCE) Journal of Medical and Bioengineering (JOMB)
  8. Journal of Advanced Management Science (JOAMS)
  9. Journal of Advances in Information Technology (JAIT)
  10. Journal of Automation and Control Engineering (JOACE)
  11. Journal of Communications (JCM)
  12. Journal of Image and Graphics (JOIG)
  13. Journal of Industrial and Intelligent Information (JIII)
  14. Journal of Traffic and Logistics Engineering (JTLE)
  15. Journal of Life Sciences and Technologies (JOLST)
  16. Journal of Media & Mass Communication
  17. Lecture Notes on Information Theory (LNIT)
  18. Lecture Notes on Photonics

9 Responses to Another Chinese OA Publisher “Based” in Southern California

  1. rehab rahem says:

    Good day : We thank your efforts to help the authors to identify counterfeit magazines Please help me by sending me an email for communicate with you about specific magazines may have previously publishing which wasnot found in counterfeit magazines to a group you sent me .Can you possible to help me?, the names of magazines are :the pharma innovation journal and SAS publishers .
    Drrehab /College of Education for Pure Sciences,Ibn-Al-Haitham, University of Baghdad

  2. Frank Lu says:

    I’d be interested to know who lives in the mansion or who owns it. There’s a possibility of “identity theft” in that the mansion itself may be hijacked as an address.

  3. tekija says:

    Google tells that the same adress is used for organizing some congresses, see e.g. the footer of this page:

  4. tekija says:

    Here is a CV that lists among memberships the same adress for a secreteriat (item 23 in the saidcsublist) apparently suggesting that he be a member. The activity list also contans involvement with several publishers on Mr Beall ‘s list.

  5. tekija says:

    Also features in this CV, which tells another tale, too. Beware of professors who publish a dozen of papers a year in journals that all have been published for 5 volumes or less. Did not check against Mr Beall’s list but almost all begin with “International”.

    • MC says:

      Two more excellent and trustworthy Indian scientists (McScientists? Is that a word yet?)

      “I am self-motivated person who has to grow in life with hard working nature and
      things as per schedule to achieve goals”

      Jeff, do I have to cite that if I use it on MY resume as well? It’s a nice way to start a cover letter too.

  6. Iamnobody says:

    Tooi, it is foolish you randomly list the universities and name of authors as fake publications just because publishers are of foreign origins. The paper are peer reviewed by some authorities in the journals, blame them and not the authors and their affiliations.

    In my opinion most of journal material whether they are published in West or China are bogus. The material published by one author is rebutted by another author. This all paper publishing is a scam all together.


    I strongly urge that you market your journal in a wise manner and avoid comparing yourselves with others. Am one of the people you have quoted in your list of authors that have published in above journals for easy promotions in academic career and yet i have been doing my PhD from 2013 and which i have not finished since i have not finished all requirements for the same and there is no way i can jump to finish without passing over the systems. The fact that i sent a paper to one of the journals and they happen to have mistaken in publishing the older format of the paper with some mistakes and which i wrote to them requesting that they withdraw it from the journal and replace the correct one does not guarantee people like tooi to start filling spoils everywhere. Which easy promotion are you talking about? Its cruel and immature for for a journal like this to allow people whose minds are closed and torn apart to comment since what comes out of their minds will scare authors from associating themselves with this journal. As an author i am selective to publish in reputable journals, i take my time before making selection of the journals and i keep on publishing with variety of journals and that is what scholars and academic practitioners should be doing. Myself, i am deeply disappointed that you tolerate such comments and remain rigid to ethical considerations in your marketing

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