19 Responses to Two Turkish Journals with a Fake, “German” Editor

  1. Nils says:

    Neukölln is a neighborhood of Berlin. “Gemeinde Neukölln” is not a valid postal address, it rather seems to designate a congregation of the Lutheran church.

  2. Do their spam emails have an unsubscribe button? How many steps is the unsubscribe process

  3. Bert says:

    it appears they have removed the name of their “editor-in-chief” from their website – karl heinz is nowhere to be found.

    in january “he” was still listed

    btw. karl-heinz is a german first name

  4. Yue Zhang says:

    when i checked the journal ISSN, it seems valid. also, the paper quality seems ok, i upload some published papers to ithenticate, all of them are original. and i did not recognise any german name. when checked the editors, they are all from different universities from the world and nearly all of them dr. i think you were in hurry to evaluate these journals. i mean i do not agree your suppose.

    • David Taylor says:

      You miss the important point. Journals that offer a 5-day period of ‘peer review’ do not really put submissions through any meaningful review at all, and exist only to make money on author fees. That does not mean that all submissions are bad — every one of the articles they publish could be excellent — but it is much more likely that poor research and weak articles will be published when the “peer review” is so blatantly a fiction.

      • Yue Zhang says:

        maybe you were right, but you see only share pics. here. when i checked the journal deeply, they do not say anything guaranteed 5 day publication. in FAqs they said: How much does time is needed to publish the proceedings?

        JMESS type setting teams shall require a minimum of 15 days (from the date of submission of the proceedings’ papers) to complete the publication process in online formats.

        so if you submit a paper on 25th of month you have to wait minimum next month for publication.

        by the way, in my opinion if reviews completed within1-5 days, the publication should be publish asap, there is no sense to wait 1 year for publication.

      • Marco says:

        The journal states that for the April issue, the last day of submission is April 25, and the last publication date is April 30. That means they promise a turn-around time for review of just 5 days.

        That they say something else in the FAQ is irrelevant. Especially since that FAQ contains sentences that indicate they have no idea what they are doing. After all, they write “How much does time is needed to publish the proceedings?”

        Proceedings?? The journal is supposedly publishing normal papers, not conference proceedings. Let’s also forget the weird English for a moment, which I think is the result of copy-pasting from elsewhere, where they deleted a section but forgot to remove the “does”

        In the next question they answer “JMEST recommends the conference organizers”. Eh, what?! Again reference to a conference.

        This is just incompetence.

    • Dan Riley says:

      Looking at three papers in vol 1 no. 1 of JMESS, the first I looked at showed no signs of competent editing, the second was for a perpetual motion machine, and the third was clearly plagiarized. Yep, real quality journal there…

    • MC says:

      Care to tell us which forthcoming issue your paper (s) will appear in?


  5. Eric Grant says:

    in journal, it says minimum 15 days required for publication.and also, journal wanted 15 dollar for accepted paper publication last year, nothing at all when compare the elsevier or any other sci journal, they wants around 2000 dollar from me for open access.

    • MC says:

      Better to blindly save money and publish your work in a journal that no one will ever read or believe any of the content in. What fake impact factor will you aim for? Good luck “Eric”.

  6. Elaine Reape says:

    Dear professor Beall,

    I am looking into finding a journal specifically for stem cells, and it seems a plethora of predatory OA journals have now flooded onto the scene.

    One I have found is Stem Cell Biology and Research. I googled the company behind the journal; Herbert Publications Ltd.

    This had two addresses, one is the registration office in the UK (which upon googling, was found to be a roofing company) and the editorial office in Hyderabad, India.
    I read before that you mentioned that this address is synonymous with predatory publications….so I just wanted to pass on the information.
    There is also a publication fee of US$500 and $500 for open access.

    Please find the website in the link below:

  7. Ehiagiwna, Frederick says:

    please why is sciencedomain international listed?

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