Three New Open-Access Publishers — All with Dumb Names

New scholarly open-access publishers continue to appear at a fast pace. Here are three that launched recently — one with a generic name, one with a stolen name, and one with a suspicious name.

Here are the three publishers I will describe in this blog post:

  1. Open Access Publisher
  2. Open Journal Systems
  3. MedWin Publishers
OA what?

OA what?

  1. Open Access Publisher

The first thing you notice about this publisher is that its name doesn’t match its initials. Why isn’t it OAP? I think it’s a typo — a typo in their own name — and this is a bad sign.

Also. The name itself is bland. Can you imagine trying to find this publisher’s website through a Google search?

This publisher’s “contact us” page doesn’t list any physical location, but I think it’s based in Hong Kong. They claim they’re not charging author fees at this time, and they are trying to bait article submissions with the promise of a research fund for authors:

There is an OAE scientific financial support (about $10 000 000) for those authors who need to support their research.

To make itself look legitimate, this publisher created its own medical association, the Asia-Pacific Association of Medical Research. They publish eight medical journals. My advice: Don’t send any papers to this publisher.

No creativity whatsoever.

No creativity whatsoever.

  1. Open Journal Systems

This crazy publisher named itself after the open-source software it uses to host its journals. That’s right, Open Journals Systems is the name of the open-source journal management software made available by the Public Knowledge Project at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia.

If the format looks familiar, that’s because the software is free, and it’s used by dozens if not hundreds of open-access publishers, especially predatory ones. Few publishers change the settings and just use the defaults, as this one does.

I got one of their spam emails:

This is to inform you that we hereby call for the submission of academic/research papers for publication. Please visit the journal’s homepages for more information. All the journals is part of the Open Journal Systems/ Public Knowledge Project.

They publish four unneeded, broad-scope medical journals and one unneeded CAM journal. They claim to be based in “Manchester, United Kingdom.” Their website is minimalist, lacking much information conventionally provided by publishers. It’s also amateurish and unworthy of its name. My advice: Don’t even let your worst enemies publish here.

This is the most dangerous of the three.

This is the most dangerous of the three.

  1. MedWin Publishers

This brand-new publisher launched recently with 33 journals in the biomedical sciences, journals covering fields already saturated with existing periodicals. There’s no need for any of these.

The publisher claims it’s based in Troy, Michigan. Researchers who submit their work here will see it published rather quickly:

Authors are usually informed within 4-7 days about the acceptance or rejection of their article and if accepted it gets published in 2 days of acceptance.

What efficiency. I am not sure who’s behind this fleet launch of new journals. It smells like OMICS International, a company that already publishes hundreds of low-quality OA journals under many imprints. I think OMICS is trying to saturate the market to starve out the competition. My advice: It’s likely you’ll receive a spam email from this publisher. When it arrives, delete it.


Appendix: List of journals from each publisher:

A. Open Access Publisher

  1. Plastic and Aesthetic Research
  2. Neuroimmunology and Neuroinflammation
  3. Journal of Cancer Metastasis and Treatment
  4. Hepatoma Research
  5. Artery Plus
  6. Journal of Unexplored Cancer Data
  7. Translational Genetics and Genomics
  8. Stomatological Disease and Science

B. Open Journal Systems

  1. Annals of Complementary and Alternative Medicine
  2. Journal of Pharmacology and Clinical Sciences
  3. Journal of Microbiology and Antimicrobial Agents
  4. Annals of Medical and Biomedical Sciences
  5. Annals of British Medical Sciences

C. MedWin Publishers

  1. Advances in Clinical Toxicology
  2. Advances in Pharmacology and Clinical Trials
  3. Anaesthesia and Critical Care Medicine Journal
  4. Diabetis International
  5. Ecology and Toxicology Open Access
  6. Endocrinology Open Access
  7. Food Science and Nutrition Technology
  8. Gastroenterology & Hepatology International Journal
  9. International Journal of Biochemistry an Physiology
  10. International Journal of Cell Science
  11. International Journal of Forensic Sciences
  12. International Journal of Oceanography and Aquaculture
  13. International Journal of Veterinary Science and Technology
  14. Nanomedicine and Nanotechnology Open Access
  15. Neurology and Nephrology Open Access
  16. Open Access Journal of Dental Sciences
  17. Open Access Journal Cardiology
  18. Open Access Journal of Medicinal Chemistry
  19. Open Access Journal of Agricultural Research
  20. Open Access Journal of Gynecology
  21. Open Access Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology
  22. Open Access Journal of Oncology
  23. Open Access Journal of Opthalmology
  24. Open Access Journal of Pharmaceutical Research
  25. Open Access Journal of Pulmonary & Respiratory Sciences
  26. Open Access Journal of Urology and Nephrology
  27. Orthopaedics and Rheumatology Open Access
  28. Otolaryngology Open Access Journal
  29. Pediatrics and Neonatal Biology Open Access
  30. Psychology and Research International Journal
  31. Public Health Open Access
  32. Vaccines and Vaccination Open Access
  33. Virology and Immunlogy Journal


26 Responses to Three New Open-Access Publishers — All with Dumb Names

  1. Matthew P says:

    OAE is not OAP because OAP is already taken. Not that that’s usually a qualm of predatory journals, but in this case, OAP, in Britain at least, stands for Old-Age Pensioner.

  2. tekija says:

    Some of the “journals” are actually hilarious. Like:

    Journal of Unexplored Cancer Data

    How can you publish anything in this journal, because after publishing it is no more unexplored.

    Neurology and Nephrology Open Access

    For neurologists with a keen interestt in kidneys. Certainly not a no brainer for nephrologists.

    Open Access Journal of Opthalmology

    It is REALLY difficult to get that one spelled correctly. By no means the only spelling error of MedLoose.

    Artery Plus

    Waiting eagerly for Vein Minus.

    • tekija says:

      On a more sombre note, OAE claims.

      “OAE has successfully launched four journals in the field of biomedicine with cooperation of the Asia-Pacific Association of Medical Research (APAMR), the Chinese Medical Association, the Italian Federation of Aesthetic Medicine, and the European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC). ”

      EORTC is a large organization – the National Cancer Institute equivalent in Europe – so this is a bold claim.

      On the EORTC site I can find nothing about any collaboration with OAE. I Thus doubt tis claim.

      However, both of their cancer journals have an editor in Chief and an editorial board in place, which seem credible with full names an emails. Neither of these journals claims an EORTC affiliation though.

  3. wkdawson says:

    “The publisher claims it’s based in Troy, Michigan. … It smells like OMICS International, …”

    So now we have a “Trojan publisher”.

  4. Shahadat Khan says:

    please check this journal

    Asian Journal of Management Sciences and Education (AJMSE)

  5. herr doktor bimler says:

    with cooperation of
    “Cooperation” covers a multitude of sins. With a stretch, it could include “replying to an email”. It need not imply that these august organisations ever collaborated with the spammers.

  6. herr doktor bimler says:

    As you noted, the OAE and its sock-puppet medical association are based in Hong Kong. But because they are a lazy shower of low-lives who put the whole thing together from bits and pieces stolen from elsewhere, we find this on the Instructions to Authors for “Hepatoma Research”:

    The entire contents of Hepatoma Research (HR) are protected under Indian and international copyrights.

    That is, they copy-pasted boiler-plate text from any one of innumerable Indian journals (not all of them predatory!) without bothering to change the regional reference.

    On another of their journals,

    Neuroimmunology and Neuroinflammation (NN) favors registration of clinical trials and is a signatory to the Statement on publishing clinical trials in Indian biomedical journals.

    (the same paragraph of text was plagiarised for Plastic and Aesthetic Research; also for numerous other scammers around the world).

  7. Anonymous says:

    K then how come it got indexed in PubMed and Medline???

  8. IndRes says:

    This type of posts are being boring now.Now everyone can identify this type of journals from your guidelines.My advice is that, please write from now on deteroriation of quality of papers in open access gaints which are sci indexed.many low quality papers are pushed in between high quality research.You can check it.

  9. Michael K. says:

    Please someone tell, is British Journal of Economics, Finance and Management Sciences, with 2048-125X, origional? What should one do fo falling victim to fake journal? Can the same article be oublish again in orther good journal?

    If one finds said published article been attached to/with a different online title, what can be done?

    • The British Journal of Economics, Finance and Management Sciences is a predatory journal. You can ask them to withdraw your paper, but they probably will not fulfill the request, especially if you’ve transferred copyright.

      If your article is published in this journal, do not submit the same article to another journal. It’s possible there are no good options here.

  10. Hi Jeffrey,

    Here’s another publisher for your list:

    I suspect they’re the same people behind “Peertechz” because their emails all begin with “Greetings for the day!”.

    Here’s a fun little excerpt from the Peertechz invitation: “Peertechz salutes you for your compendium of writings which immensely help the global society and their descendants understand and shed light on and about Journal of HIV for Clinical and Scientific Research. Your published manuscripts are evidence that you have innate ability and prodigies for research and writing.”

    Thanks again for maintaining “the list”.

  11. Alice Yu says:

    Dear Friend, I’m the editor of Hepatoma Research. We are cooperating with OAE Publishing Inc. First, they are totally free for us to use the online submission and management system. Also, our journal doesn’t charge any publication fee from authors. Third, we are strict for peer-review. Fourth, we adhere to the publishing ethics. We cooperated with an India publisher, but we terminated with them because of their poor service. Anyway, though there are some errors in our website, we are improving. Welcome to provide your suggestions to us. Thank you.

    • Why do you call yourself “the editor” when this page indicates you are one of four “editorial staffs [sic]”? The editorial board page of the journal says the editor is Joseph F. Buell from USA, who probably doesn’t even know his name is there. This journal is remaining on my list.

  12. Alice Yu says:

    Dear Mr. Beall,
    Thank you for your advices. We are on the way to improve our platform and journals. We aim to promote the academic achievements and make all useful articles easily access. We would appreciate that If you can help us to realize that.

  13. KK says:

    JCMT – published by OAE seems to have an editor-in-chief and they report that they met during the recent AACR meeting Do you think it is off your list now or continue to be on the list?

    • It is not off the list.
      Why does their “contact us” address match that of a winery in Paso Robles, California?

      • KK says:

        good – same for OMICS – the address points to a residential place in California. It is so annoying they use fake names when they send emails….not sure how to get rid of these things?

    • To KK – our service exists exactly for that reason, for mail recipients to be able to avoid this type of spam. (This should really be a reply to your later comment, but WordPress only allows three levels of nested comments, apparently.)

  14. philipmach says:

    Great work – keep it up. This stuff makes it really hard for those of us who are running real journals without a super high profile to be seen – the journal I edit has been going for 28 years (even longer under its previous title). We focus on a specific part of the world but would like to be seen by a wider audience and we do it the hard way, getting onto recognized indexes, etc. – but these guys make it harder than it should be because most academics these days will simply delete (or mark as spam) a call for papers from a journal they haven’t heard of. I know I do.

    The other huge negative is that authors from developing countries who need to start their way up the greasy slope can get suckered into wasting their work on these scams – and then think this is the standard. I have had some really bad papers submitted to my journal from authors who have learnt their craft this way.

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