New Open-Access Publisher: Clyto Access

Clyto 1

Are you serious?

The open-access movement recently welcomed its latest, fully open-access publisher: Clyto Access. This brand-new publisher launched with 15 journals, mostly in the biomedical sciences.

Clyto Access has one of the strangest names of any publisher in modern history.

Clyto 2

From their website. Boastful language, but it’s all a lie.

The publisher claims it’s based in Chicago, but a large proportion of open-access publishers lie about their true locations, and this one’s no exception. Clyto Access is really based in Hyderabad, India.

The publisher is currently spamming for editorial board members, and they have been successful at finding a few so far, but a couple of the journals still have no editorial board members.

Clyto 3

Based in Chicago? Yeah, right.

Its ungrammatical tagline, shown in the image at the top, is “Redefining future [sic].” [It should say “Redefining the future].

The publisher charges USD $699 for each pay-to-publish research article it accepts.

If you receive a spam email inviting you to engage with Clyto Access, I recommend you delete it.

Appendix: List of Clyto Access journals as of 2016-05-04:

  1. Chromatographic Techniques and Uses: An Open Access Journal
  2. International Journal of Nanotechnology and Nanomedicine Research
  3. International Journal of Transplantation Research and Technology
  4. International Journal of Trends and Technologies in Food Processing
  5. International Journal of Vaccines and Technologies
  6. International Journal of Veterinary and Dairy Sciences
  7. Journal of HIV and STD Research
  8. Journal of Immunological Diseases, Disorders and their Prevention
  9. Journal of Marine Science Research and Technology
  10. Journal of Obesity & Weight Management
  11. Journal of Oncological Studies
  12. Journal of Ophthalmology and Optometry Research
  13. Journal of Precision Medicine and Public Health
  14. Journal of Waste Management and Environmental Issues
  15. Modelling and Simulation in Biotechnology: An Open Access Journal

11 Responses to New Open-Access Publisher: Clyto Access

  1. tekija says:

    From their Linkedin blurb, lots of empty boards and nonesense:

    CLYTO is a trailblazer managing its core operations from USA and India, establishing its ever-expanding presence in the scientific society by bridging the gap between the academia and research community. The organization works in association with the scientific and health communities globally to publish research reports, e-books, e-magazines pertaining to various academic disciplines like science, management, engineering and technology. CLYTO’s publications work through rigorous peer review as per scientific publishing standards to ensure world class experience among the whole ecosystem of open science tools. Our Open Access publications are included in the world renowned abstracting and indexing databases to make them easy to find and cite. We provide unrestricted free access to our readers worldwide under the terms of Creative Common license.

    There are other companies in India with the same name:

    It appears to be an ancient Greek name signifying eminent or illustrious, or perhaps the founders were friends of The City of Leeds Youth Training Orchestra…CLYTO for short.

  2. Delia Fainsan says:

    Is IAENG a predatory conference?

  3. Nila says:

    SCOPUS indexed Quick and fast publishing journals in science and technology require kindly help us

  4. Damien Kuffler says:

    Jeffery Beall, I want to again thank you, I communicated with you previously about a potentially bogus journal, for the important work you are doing in helping protect researchers from bogus journals. I would like to know whether you have any insights into a journal called J-SciMed Central. It appears close to legitimate, but with its $1,800 manuscript handling charge and other issues it appears potentially bogus.

    Thanks for any insights you might be able to provide. Damien

    Damien Kuffler, Ph.D. Professor Institute of Neurobiology Univ. of Puerto Rico 201 Blvd. del Valle San Juan, PR 00901 tel: 787-721-1235


    Date: Thu, 5 May 2016 15:00:37 +0000 To:

  5. Yusuf Akhter says:

    Grettings from Clyto Access!

    Hope you are doing good.

    I am writing this email to find out your interest in speech opportunity for International Conference on STDs and HIV (STDs and HIV-2016) which is to be held during 01 – 02 December, 2016 in Dubai.

    While I was going through the various departments on web I came across your profile, and found it appropriate for our conference

    Hence, I have taken the liberty of inviting you to provide your support and share your expertise on a global platform, so that the standard and quality of our conference can be maintained at top level.

    If you are interested, please, forward your short biography (100-150 words), research interest and recent photograph to this email address. Also, confirm us with your title of speech and your support in being an organizing committee member, driving cross continental research.

    Please visit:

    If you have any questions or need more information please reply me so that I can help you out.

    Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.

    With best regards,
    Ankita Karmarkar
    Associate Project Coordinator- International conference on STDs and HIV
    Clyto Access Inc. (APAC Operations)

  6. Clyto Access is spamming from Gmail, and hosting at Go Daddy. Well, you can still put their domain name(s) on a DNSBL. Done!

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