Three New Low-Quality Open-Access Publishers

They keep appearing.

They keep appearing.

Here are three new open-access publishers I’ve added to my list recently. Each of them is low-quality or predatory in its own unique way. I have seen no decline in the number of new predatory open-access publishers; in fact, the rate of crummy OA publishers appearing may be increasing.

  1. International Academic Publishing House

I learned of this publisher — whose website is currently only a blank page — through two emails I received from the proprietor, who asked me to add the publisher to my list. I think he’s confused. Here’s one of the smarmy emails:

IAPH Journal <>
Dear Sir,
With due respect I would like to inform you that International Academic Publishing House (IAPH)(website: publishes a scientific journal entitled “International Journal of Experimental Research and Review “(ISSN: 2455-4855) which is a most valuable Journal at Eastern region of India. Now, I request you please enlist the said Journal of your valuable list.
Please do the needful and oblige.
With my best regards,
Thanking you,
Dr. N.R.Madhu,
Chief Editor, International Journal of Experimental Research and Review
Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android
nithar madhu

The sender, Dr. Madhu, also sent me a friend request on Facebook, which I accepted before I realized who it was. (I have since unfriended him).

The name “International Academic Publishing House” sounds noble and prestigious, so it’s a shame it’s wasted on such an amateurish effort, and one that is now just a blank page.

I was unable to save a copy of this publisher’s website in the Wayback Machine, for it is blocked from crawling. Perhaps the now-blank website will re-appear by the time this is published.

The “house” also launched with one other journal, the sorely-needed International Journal of Social Science, Humanities and Review (IJSSHR).

  1. Scientific Federation

Scientific Federation (which is neither scientific nor a “federation”) launched with 20 biomedical sciences journals, all with a broad scope, and all completely unneeded. This publisher only exists to generate easy revenue for the owner.

Created by a moron.

Created by a moron.

This firm’s tagline, “Created by professionally for scientists” [sic] is an immediate giveaway that it’s an unworthy mess. But hey, it’s open-access, and that’s all the European Union’s Horizon 2020 program cares about. It meets Europe’s criteria for scholarly publishing.

I don’t know where this publisher is based, but it’s likely South Asia. Its domain name data is blinded, and the ‘contact us‘ page doesn’t say. The website is full of likely-pirated pictures, and the publisher is offensive in its lack of professionalism, the one virtue it claims to promote.

No research is more important to human beings than medical research, making this publisher that much more offensive.

  1. eScience Publisher (eSciPub)
One of their efforts, a CAM journal.

One of their efforts, a CAM journal.

I learned about this publisher because it’s new and currently spamming for editorial board members. It launched with eight medical journals.

Their author fee is $600, which doesn’t jive with the low-quality and amateurish nature of the website. This publisher’s quality matches others I’ve seen that only charge fifty dollars.

They claim they’re based in Houston, Texas, but I don’t believe them. Again, this appears to be a one-man, South-Asia based operation.

One of their editorial board members is Dr. George Perry, a dean at the University of Texas at San Antonio, a guy who apparently cannot say no to any spam email editorial board invitation he receives.

On this page, they brag about their fast publishing process:

In other words, they don't do peer review and accept everything.

In other words, they don’t do peer review and accept everything.


This Centrum will make you ill.

This Centrum will make you ill.

  1. Centrum

As a bonus, I present Centrum. Unlike the others, this one is a standalone journal, not a publisher. Its title matches a popular brand of vitamins sold in North America — perhaps the brand exists in other regions as well.

In any event, this journal is a pill that’s hard to swallow. Their contact information says they’re based in “Shkup,” which I think means Skopje, in Macedonia.

I learned about this journal because, once again, they emailed me asking me to add the journal to my list:

Respected mr. Jeffrey Beall
We are an Scientific Journal CENTRUM, and would like to be part of list of Scholarly Open Access.
Our webpage is

We hope tp be part of this list.

With best regards.


I was only too happy to fulfill their request.

21 Responses to Three New Low-Quality Open-Access Publishers

  1. Amjad Shahzad says:

    Well Jeffrey Beall, this makes you busy in your life. Although we are on your list (we do not fall in the criteria determined on your web) I appreciate your efforts for the scientific community.

  2. fedelelizzi says:

    The case of the publisher who wishes to be put in a list of bad journals is endearing. The website is now on line, and it shows another little gem, “Word Processor: It should be Microsoft Word (MS Word, Office-2003 or Office-2007)(N.B.: Please avoid Office-2008 & Office 2010)”. They are not even able to get an up to date version of the word processor they use!

  3. Dear Sir,
    Thanks for adding our ‘International Academic Publishing House’ in Scholarly Open Access system. We have published last two issues for contributing & sharing their research experiences which will be beneficial to our readers as below:
    February issue:
    April issue:
    We are trying to best as possible.
    Again I also request you for enlisting our Journal name at your Scholarly Open Access system. The name of Journal is “International Journal of Experimental Research and Review” (ISSN: 2455-4855) and
    Thanking you again,
    Dr. Nithar Ranjan Madhu, Editor in Chief
    “International Journal of Experimental Research and Review”

    • David says:

      Are you really a Dr? Why cant you spell correctly and write correct sentences? This is worst than typo…If you want to be among the best learn from the best, start with the best and allow the best to test your handy work and make corrections necessary…IJERR is a joke!

      • L_C says:

        Hmm, is it fair to question someone’s (not just Madhu’s) credentials based on their English proficiency?

        & why would he want the journal on the list? Does he, in fact, not realise that he’s imploring for the opportunity to be blacklisted? OTOH, I’m guessing that most readers have never heard of these journals before today. With one email, that has changed. If someone is looking for a quick publication, they’re now aware that this is an option.

    • prosario2000 says:

      My God! You HAVE to be kidding me! Really? You want your journal to form part of this list?!

      I mean, if you don’t realize what you are asking, then INDEED your journals should form part of this list. Geez!

    • Lucas says:

      Now that’s something new here… First time that I see someone begging to be blacklisted. Haha!
      I’m gonna finish this comment by saying two things:
      1 – Do not judge someone by his “writting” in a non native language.
      2 – The Dr. in his first comment is trying to make Jeffrey’s work easy as possible haha! Go for it!

  4. herr doktor bimler says:

    Scientific Federation […] This publisher only exists to generate easy revenue for the owner.

    I’d describe the company as primarily a junk conference scammer, and its publishing arm exists primarily to attract suckers to the conferences / World Congresses (to generate easy revenue for the owner).
    As one clue to their geographical links, most of the conferences are organised to fill hotel rooms in Dubai (although they seem to be extending the grift to Las Vegas). However, their spam uses an Indian mobile number 91-779-979-0002.

  5. Daw eb says:

    “I was only too happy to fulfill their request.”

  6. L_C says:

    There’s a cached version of the IAPH site:
    I only loaded a blank page otherwise.

    In regards to Madhu, for a professor, his linkedin page:

    is very deficient. His two open access journals are listed as activities and societies under one of his educational experiences that allegedly occurred from 1984-1993. The educational experience is called “thakurnagar.” However, on Madhu’s Facebook page:

    this is listed as Thakurnagar High School, with the dates given as 3 March 1987 to 15 May 1993. That’s a odd three year gap. After posting this, he may make some changes.

    When I searched to see if any other journals were on the same server as IAPH, I managed to stumble upon one: However, the link sent me to a blank white page as well and I had to view a google cache version:

    The journal’s contact info was: Searching for this email led me to an article ( where the email was associated with Jatindra N. Bhakta. Bhakta is a former associate professor at the University of Kalyani. Apparently, he was not hired based on merit, which was the subject of this lawsuit and his dismissal from the school:

    Interestingly, when I searched for Madhu, I found a similar legal document where he was also taking the University of Kalyani to court for letting him go from a job which he might not have been qualified for in the first place:

    Two peas in a pod, eh?

    • herr doktor bimler says:

      Submission Manuscript does not violet the copyright or trademark and has not been published before.
      I for one am glad that no copyrights or trademarks are being violetted.

  7. […] publicar estudios y artículos para la comunidad científica. En su blog, Jeffrey Beall informa de la inclusión de cuatro revistas predatorias nuevas: International Academic Publishing House (enlace disfuncional), Scientific Federation, eScience […]

  8. Jill says:

    Dear Mr. Beall,
    Since some of get spammed with Editorial Board offers from some of these journals, I thank you for helping us stay on top of the ever-growing list.
    Is there some easier way, rather than an internet search, to see if a person has been included on a Board without permisssion? When I get such a request, I delete the e-mail without any sort of reply. But it does mean that they have my name…

  9. Francis says:

    What is the way forward? . I have read with rapt interest of every week digest. I have seen criticism of OA Journals but I have not seen any suggestion of how best OA Journals should be. I am just suggesting that instead discouraging publishers, we should lay a standard for them to follow. Thanks

    • Harry Hab says:

      You are confusing -either deliberately, because you have an agenda, or through ignorance- the distinction between bona fide and mala fide.

  10. cathyc says:

    Hi. Regarding your comment: ‘But hey, it’s open-access, and that’s all the European Union’s Horizon 2020 program cares about. It meets Europe’s criteria for scholarly publishing.’ may I ask what reference I could find for the idea that EU’s Horizon’s program would accept this – whatever accept means?

    Also, do you mean it would give it funding, by the way?

    I would be curious to read more on Horizon, but I can’t see anything else on your site.

  11. M. Naved says:

    Hello Bell, Good to see your blog. I was going through almost all your posts and must say you did a very good work. I have one question. I am planning to present a paper in Krishi Sanskriti ( ) , they organize conferences in India very frequently (almost every week in some part of India) and publish all papers presented it in its journals too. Is it also listed in your list?? do you cover such seminar preceding journals too? They are charging 3200 INR for it.

    Early response would be appreciated .

  12. The Iron Chemist says:

    Scientific Federation’s gotten into the conference business as well. Just received an invitation to present at a conference way outside my field.

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