Two More Unneeded, Open-Access Publishers Recently Appeared

More rubbish to avoid.

More rubbish to avoid.

In my previous blog post, I described three brand-new open-access publishers. Here are two additional new OA publishers that I’ve added to my list this week, publishers that everyone should steer clear of.

The first one is called Scientific Open Access Journals (SOAJ). It launched recently with a strange mix of journals: 17 medical journals and one physics journal. Not all have launched yet, but they’re listed on the website.

What’s even stranger is that the physics journal incorporates pseudo-science. The journal is the Journal of Astrology & Physics. Astrology? And Physics? I think they confused the word and meant to say Astronomy and Physics. But this is a low-quality publisher, so they have no quality control.

Astronomical blunder.

Astronomical blunder.

SOAJ claims its based in Delaware, but this is misleading. They are using the address of a business incorporation service there. The publisher is likely based somewhere in South Asia.

There is no need for any new medical journal in the fields this publisher’s journals represent. The publisher is merely a greedy attempt at exploiting open-access to generate easy revenue for its owner, whoever she is.




Remedy Publications claims it’s based in California, but I think it is probably a new brand from the Hyderabad, India-based publisher OMICS International.

They botched their California address on their website:

Not Hyderabad.

Not Hyderabad.

The street name is El Camino Real, so the comma is unneeded, and the name of the city, Belmont, is omitted.

It launched with 18 medical journals, but if they can’t even render an address correctly, I don’t think they should be trusted publishing medical research.

George is everywhere.

George is everywhere.

Once again, UTSA’s George Perry is listed as one of the editors. He serves on more predatory editorial boards than anyone.

Remedy Publications is now spamming for editorial board members, with spam emails being signed by Riya Jacob, a likely fake name. If you are unlucky enough to be spammed by this firm, I recommend you delete the email.


A. List of Scientific Open Access Journals as of 2016-06-08:

  1. Case Reports in Health and Medicine
  2. Heart and Circulation
  3. Integrative Cancer Biology and Research
  4. Journal of Allergy and immunology
  5. Journal of Diagnosis and Therapy
  6. Journal of Genetics and Molecular Biology
  7. Journal of Gynecology & Obstetrics
  8. Journal of Hematology and Serology
  9. Journal of Hepatology & Gastroenterology
  10. Journal of Medical Education and Training
  11. Journal of Nuclear Medicine & Radiology
  12. Journal of Oral Health and Dental Care
  13. Journal of Pulmonology and Respiratory Therapy
  14. Journal of Toxicology and Pharmacology
  15. Neurological Disorders and Stroke Therapy
  16. Nursing and Advanced Healthcare
  17. Open Journal of Biomedical Research
  18. Journal of Astrology & Physics

B. List of Remedy Publications journals as of 2016-06-08:

  1. Annals of Chronic Diseases
  2. Annals of Clinical Otolaryngology
  3. Annals of Infectious Disease and Epidemiology
  4. Annals of Orthopedics and Musculoskeletal Disorders
  5. Annals of Pharmacology and Pharmaceutics
  6. Journal of Cancer and Cure
  7. Journal of Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Endoscopy
  8. Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Spine
  9. Journal of Clinical Nephrology & Kidney Diseases
  10. Journal of Clinical Ophthalmology & Eye Disorders
  11. Journal of Clinical Obstetrics, Gynecology & Infertility
  12. Journal of Dentistry and Oral Biology
  13. Journal of Dermatology and Plastic Surgery
  14. Journal of Hematology & Multiple Myeloma
  15. Journal of Heart and Stroke
  16. Journal of Respiratory Medicine and Lung Disease
  17. Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Journal
  18. Surgical Oncology & Clinical Practice Journal

28 Responses to Two More Unneeded, Open-Access Publishers Recently Appeared

  1. […] Beall, autor del blog Scholarly Open Access y que investiga revistas predatorias y de baja calidad, informa que han aparecido dos nuevas editoriales predatorias o de baja calidad con las que hay que tener […]

  2. Andy Gilbey says:

    Jeffrey, Your posts really are depressing! How did it ever get to this? First universities are taken over by administrators and managers, now journals are being taken over by chancers out to try to make a quick buck from academics who should know better. Why would any respectable academic associate with these ludicrous journals? Thank goodness it’s Friday (in NZ, at least!)

  3. herr doktor bimler says:

    Remedy publications turn out to have mirror websites / domains at “” and “”. Registered in the name of “Sreenivas Boanm”, who uses the e-address of “”.

    The name is misspelled on the GoDaddy records. It seems likely that Sreenivas is an innocent party here, merely a web technician who was hired by the *actual* scammer to register the domains (for as “” he is also Rational Soft Technologies, and has registered any number of domains for other companies).

    Other variations on his name lead us to a few more domains: [on your list as a single junk-journal, but now a stable of 28 separate spigots] [i.e. “Annals in Clinical Case Reports”].

    All using the same “EL, Camino Real” address in California — which appears to be a nail spa — and the same Hyderabad address, “SN Techno Space, First Floor, Hi-tech City”. SN short for Sai Nitish Techno Space.

    Further inquiry reveals that the Editorial Manager signing the Remedy spam is sometimes “Sara Williams”, sometimes “Veronica Williams” or “Vesla L. Weaver”, sometimes “Elizabeth Andreano”, and sometimes “Blossom Damania”, where the scabby little fraudster has stolen the name of a real virologist.

    Disappointingly, George Perry has not yet signed up to *all* the separate editorial boards. But for compensatory hilarity, here’s a Greek plastic surgeon proudly boasting on his website about receiving and accepting spam from one of these bitbuckets, choosing him “to be a member at the Editorial Board of world well known Journal Clinics in Surgery-Plastic Surgery.

  4. Patricia Nemetz-Mills says:

    I hope you are still accepting inquiries about questionable publishers and journals. At our university, we use your predatory journal list to determine which journal articles require extra scrutiny during tenure and review processes. As department chair, I prefer to forewarn junior faculty when they are about to submit their articles to a questionable publisher.

    I did not find Universal-Publishers listed as predatory on your site, but my internet search tuned up this information about the company, which raised some questions in my mind:

    The journal that the faculty member wishes to review her article has the title: Global Business and Management Research: An International Journal,

    It appears to be a low-quality, but legitimate journal. Are you aware of any concerns about this publisher I should give the faculty member?

    • Universal-Publisher is outside the scope of my work. I generally limit my work to publishers of scholarly open-access journals.
      I regret I am unable to advise you on this one.

      Now, regarding Global Business and Management Research: An International Journal, this journal is published by a firm called IOKSP (International Online Knowledge Services Provider). I have this firm included on my list of questionable publishers here, and I recommend that your colleague NOT submit any papers to this journal or the other two that this publisher has.

  5. Nasir Ali says:

    Kindly note that the following names do exist on your list of Potential, possible, or probable predatory scholarly open-access publishers, but, these two companies have changed their websites and names, slightly and doing business of fraud journals and conferences.

    Asian Online Journals

    slightly changed name and website:
    Asian Online Journal Publishing Group

    Science Publishing Group

    slightly changed name and website:
    Scientific Group
    Scientific Publishing Group SDN BHD
    Level 23-1, Premier Suite One Mont Kiara.
    No 1, Jalan Kiara Mont Kiara.
    50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    • I disagree with these observations. In the first case, it’s not a name change but two different publishers. In the second case, the first one is a publisher (still exists) and a conference organizer.

  6. […] Two More Unneeded, Open-Access Publishers Recently Appeared Jeffrey Beall […]

  7. L_C says:

    Astrology & physics? Well, everyone did bemoan the over-saturation of hackneyed medical journals. & where else could I possibly publish my study on how exiting the home when the libran sun is in the 12th house modifies one’s natural synergies to feel both dead and alive due to interference in the electromagnetic field and may be negatively associated with meeting the love of your life?

    Anyways, in regards to, which is a sister site to, I’m always a fan of creative synonym use, which they graciously provide in their privacy policy:

    “The purpose of this policy is to correct the content and to vigilant its readers, not intended to rebuke the author(s).”

    and their editor guidelines:

    “any active reviewer who is always open towards contributing and the journal development would be felicitated by the journal accordingly”

    As for, when I searched for Remedy Publications LLC through CA business records (entity # 201602110584), I found that the business was registered to Llanell Vararaj. I’ve encountered instances where people use third parties to register a business or may use a fake business name, but I goggled the name nonetheless. There is a dentist of that very name nearby in CA. So, I decided to goole his name along with the U.S address of remedy publications, 820 EL, Camino Real, CA.94002, and discovered that a Llanell Vararaj has also registered Ivory Dental Services INC (entity # C3660633) at that same location. When I search for his name otherwise, his business address is typically given as 909 University Ave Berkeley, CA 94710, which belongs to Berkeley Dental. I was unable to determine if he still works at this location. However, given that Blossom Damania’s name is used by Remedy Publications, I couldn’t rule out the possibility that they used his name as well.

    & actually— the Blossom Damania that he uses in his spam emails is referred to as “Blossom R. Damania,” whereas the virologist is Blossom A. Damania. I thought that was a nice technicality. Although, I only have the spam examples found in a presentation from ICEM 2016 to go off of (pg./slide 28):–publishing—cone-weber-bruijns—icem-2016-cape-town.pdf

    Another associated site: — oddly enough, on the top of this site, the journal is also referred to as the annals of clinical case reports. I guess he ran out of names? (all manuscripts are directed to the same email, so it probably doesn’t even matter)

  8. herr doktor bimler says:

    all manuscripts are directed to the same email, so it probably doesn’t even matter

    But at this “j…&imagining” site, it is “an international, peer reviewed, online mega journal”. That must count for something.

  9. vakalutusau says:

    Dear Dr Beall,

    Can you please advise me on the reputation of the publisher – Publishing India Group Inc or its associated journal – The International Journal of Commerce and Accounting Research?

    With thanks,

  10. Percy Okae says:

    Dear Prof. Bealle:
    Please advise me on KOGAION PUBLISHING CENTER

  11. Tudor Eynon says:

    I have to say Jeffrey that I know have to refer people to you at least once a week. It is getting out of hand! :) thanks as always. You really are doing an important job. I want to see that acknowledged too.

  12. nakamura says:

    Remedy Publications Private Limited is a PRIV incorporated on 11 November 2014.
    Directors of Remedy Publications Private Limited are

    Johnny Thyagaraj Dakkumalla and Naresh Kumar Reddy Yeruva.

    Remedy Publications Private Limited’s Corporate Identification Number is (CIN) U22222TG2014PTC096328 and its registration number is 96328.Its Email address is and its registered address is 5-5-221/5/2 & 3 FLAT NO. 404, A- BLOCK,, HYDERABAD – 500001, Telangana INDIA.

    • herr doktor bimler says:

      Johnny Thyagaraj Dakkumalla

      Related, perhaps, to the person with the same surname residing at 820 El Camino Real.

    • L_C says:

      This site claims that Remedy Publications was registered in India on 11/11/2014. However, the CA business was not registered until 1/11/2016. Also, the Remedy websites were not registered until a year or so later: 13/11/15 13/11/15 13/11/15 13/11/15 29/01/16 12/04/16 09/05/16

      I find it difficult to believe that they were inactive for one full year before the sites listed above were established. I wonder if there is an earlier site that has been lost? Or if there was some change in the business structure?

  13. syed robayet ferdous says:

    Hello Dr
    Let me know about the following journal as well as the publisher.

    Asian Journal of Social Sciences and Management Studies
    [E] ISSN: 2313-7401 – [P] ISSN: 2518-0096

    May I send my article for publishing there?

    • I recommend you avoid this journal and the others published by Asian Online Journal Publishing Group. I have this publisher included on my list. I suggest you find a better publisher than this one.

  14. Arpan Das says:

    I would like to know whether the Associated Asia Research Foundation is an authentic organisation. Should the authors send their research Articles for their consideration?

  15. Catherine Moyes says:

    Maybe ‘Remedy’ reads your blog because they have updated their address in emails…

    “To confirm your willingness to be a part of the Editorial Board for the journal, kindly send a copy of your latest C.V. and research interest keywords.
    We are looking forward for a positive reply.
    Best Regards,
    Riya Jacob
    Editorial Manager
    Remedy Publications LLC
    820 EL Camino Real
    Belmont, CA 94002, USA
    Tel: +1-415-690-1011

  16. GS says:

    They are also fishing for “reviewers”. I have received a very odd email from Riya Jacob:

    Dear xxxx

    Manuscript Title: “Analysis of Infection Prevention and Control Activities”

    I would like to present to you a very interesting piece of article that we have just received for the Journal “Annals of Infectious Disease and Epidemiology”.

    Since the scope (topic) of the manuscript is closely related to your area of research interest. I thought it would be more appropriate and fitting to assign this manuscript to you.

    I am sure you would be interested in

    Kindly respond to this email by typing ACCEPT if you choose to review the manuscript. Once we receive your email confirmation a copy of the full length manuscript along with a review form will be sent to you.

    Kindly let us know your decision.

    Best Regards,

    Riya Jacob
    Editorial Manager
    Remedy Publications LLC
    820 EL Camino Real
    Belmont, CA 94002, USA
    Tel: +1-415-690-1011

  17. Mahesh Shukla says:

    Hi Bill,

    I submitted a manuscript to SOAJ’s Heart and Circulation today. Unfortunately I read your blog post after the submission. Would you recommend I withdraw the manuscript?

    With best wishes,

  18. Kathryn Bernard says:

    Just got asked to review an article for them. This posting was very helpful in my decision to decline the request.

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