Scholarly Publishing Industry Firms Getting Rich off Predatory Journals

The toast of Hyderabad

The toast of Hyderabad

Some corporations that support scholarly publishing may be getting rich providing services to predatory publishers. Predatory publishers use the services of such companies to make themselves look legitimate.

One of these companies is Aries Systems, the licensor of the Editorial Manager journal management software. (I wrote about this firm previously.)

Aries has licensed Editorial Manager to OMICS International, one of the most abusive publishers on my list. I am now seeing the service being used by other low-quality and questionable publishers.

In addition, the publisher Allied Academies is using Editorial Manager. I added Allied Academies to my list in December, 2015, following its apparent acquisition of several extremely questionable medical journals, and years of ‘nominations’ from readers of my blog.

Allied with Hyderabad?

Allied with Hyderabad?

Allied Academies purports to be based in North Carolina — indeed for many years it was based there — but the style of its spam email now matches the spam that comes out of low-quality India-based publishers. Here’s one:

From: Journal of Neurology and Neurorehabilitation Research []
Sent: Tuesday, June 7, 2016 8:08 AM
To: [Redacted]
Subject: Neurorehabilitation

Dear [Redacted],

Warm greetings from “Journal of Neurology and Neurorehabilitation Research”

We have chosen selective scientist who have made excellent contributions to the scientific community. We have come across your research profile and would be glad to publish any of your on-going work. Your support and collaboration helps the journal in reaching heights.

It is my great honour & privilege to invite you to contribute a Short Commentary of 1or 2 pages or a Letter to Editor or Editorial (Research, Review or a Case Report, Mini Review or an image article are also invited) for the upcoming issue of the journal by June 15th, 2016.

Else let us know your feasible time for submission.

Submit manuscript at: (or)

Kindly, respond the mail within 48 hours.

Hope for a long lasting scientific relationship.

With Kind Regards,

Sherlin Grey
Journal Coordinator
Journal of Neurology and Neurorehabilitation Research
Allied Academies
154 Chestnut Creek Road
Candler, NC 28715, USA

Another predatory publisher that licenses Editorial Manager is the stupidly-named ClinMed International Library. Here’s a recent spam email they sent out.

(Note that the spam email uses the “editorial” email address).

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Clin Med Journals <>
Date: 6 June 2016
Subject: Welcome to Editorial Manager for Clin Med Journals
To: [Redacted]

Dear [Redacted]:

The Clin Med Journals has moved to Editorial Manager (EM), an online manuscript managing system developed by Aries Systems and used by over 3000 journals.
You may access the new site at
Please click “Login” and enter the following information:

[The rest of the email is not shown here].

If you click on the link in the email, it takes you to the Editorial Manager instance for OMICS International, so apparently ClinMed is — or always has been —     an imprint of OMICS. Has Allied Academies also been bought by OMICS International?

Others That Profit from Junk Journals

Dirty money?

Dirty money?

At least one other firm generates untold revenue from predatory journals: Crossref. This is the corporation that supplies DOIs, digital object identifiers.

Judging from its membership list, it does not discriminate and allows any journal or publisher to be a member. Predatory journals and publishers then use the Crossref logo as a mark of legitimacy.

Because predatory publishers are victimizing researchers and poisoning science, legitimate organizations and corporations should refuse to do business with them. What we’re seeing is the exact opposite — the scholarly publishing industry is embracing predatory publishers.

14 Responses to Scholarly Publishing Industry Firms Getting Rich off Predatory Journals

  1. kpmitton says:

    Reblogged this on Ken Mitton, PhD FARVO and commented:
    If you are a student doing and publishing academic research.

  2. Anybody using the ScientificSpam DNSBL is safe from Scientific Spam sent using services and has been for some time.

    $ dig +short TXT
    “[OMICS] Articles related to Psychological Abnormalities in Children 20150210″

  3. Sudesh says:

    Hi, greatly appreciate the wonderful work you are doing. I am a fan of your posts…very useful, informative and even sometimes entertaining.

    I disagree with this post, however. Do you think that a company manufacturing kitchen knife is to blame if someone murders someone with that knife? It is not for the kitchen knife company to assess what a person will do with the knife. It is providing a service….it is individual to blame..

    What predatory publishers do, how they work, is sole responsibility of the management of those publishers…CrossRef, Aries, or the any other company providing services cannot be blamed for that…can we blame the computer company supplying them computers or paper company supplying them papers or the even the employees who work there to earn their bread?

  4. rajwizard says:

    Great Work, your post saves hard work of millions of researcher.
    I usually check your post before submitting my articles to any new or old journals with unknown publishers.
    I recently published my review in Current medicinal Chemistry BenthamScience.
    They are different from other publisher houses in managing their issues. They look genuine but different .I am willing to submit a research article in another journal of Bentham Science- Current Nanoscience. Kindly suggest about this Publisher. How can we avoid predatory journals and what we suppose to look into their website?

  5. […] Scholarly Publishing Industry Firms Getting Rich off Predatory Journals Jeffrey Beall […]

  6. Imad says:

    Thank you Prof. Beall for all your efforts.

  7. I never said all research articles published “out of India are of low quality.” This is your statement, not mine.

  8. mis says:

    Dear Sir, I am looking for LAP LAMBERT PUBLISHERhttps: (// to submit my academic manuscript. I am waiting your adivce.

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