A French Publisher / Conference Organizer to Avoid

They publish the journals of some obscure "societies."

They publish the journals of some obscure “societies.”

Here’s information about a France-based publisher and conference organizer that I think should be avoided. The publisher is called Takayama Publishing Group, which, despite its name, is France based.

Looking at Takayama Publishing Group‘s journals, one sees that they share the same look and feel as the Hindawi journals. Did Takayama lift the code or image files from Hindawi? If so, was this agreed to?

And then there’s this conference, Phage Therapy 2016:

The phage.

The phage.

The 4th World Congress on Targeting Infectious Diseases: Phage Therapy 2016 was organized by an organization called “Taskforce for Infectious Diseases Committee,” which is associated to the International Society of Microbiota (ISM).

I’m told attendees found the conference frustrating, for despite the good speakers, the conference was overly commercial.

The International Society of Microbiota apparently has no formal website, just a page promoting its next meeting in Paris, in October, 2016.

Note the name "Institute Pasteur." Is the conference really associated with this institute?

Note the name “Institute Pasteur.” Is the conference really associated with this institute?

One person who seems to be associated with the publisher and the conferences is Marvin Edeas, the president of the Société Française des Antioxydants.

Also, one website states,

Dr. Marvin Edeas, one of our key scientists, was also nominated for a Noble Prize in Medicine for his work on Targeting the Mitochondria.  He has hosted 3 World Conferences on the topic in Europe, the 4th of which is scheduled for October 2013 at the Ritz Carlton in Berlin: http://www.targeting-mitochondria.com/practical-information/news-archives/269-the-future-of-medicine-will-come-through-mitochondria.html

Edeas’ PubMed profile shows mostly reviews, not research articles. Moreover, some of his published articles show this affiliation: Department of Preventive Medicine, University of Paris 13. However, I am unable to confirm this affiliation and cannot find any evidence he’s ever had or used a Paris 13 email address.

For anyone considering submitting a paper to any of the Takayama Publishing Group’s journals or attending one of these conferences, I recommend that they re-consider and find a stronger publisher and better conferences.

Appendix: List of Takayama Publishing Group journals as of 2016-06-12:


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  1. Wim Crusio says:

    Dr. Edeas probably WAS nominated for a Nobel Prize. Anybody can nominate anybody they like. Whether the Nobel Committee pays any attention to a nomination is something else completely… :-)

    • YC says:

      Based on his publication record even this is not too likely ;)

      • Wim Crusio says:

        Can’t be too difficult to find somebody willing to write a letter. Heck, you can even do it yourself using a fake name and affiliation! :-)

    • herr doktor bimler says:

      Anyone can SAY “I nominate so-and-so”, but the Nobel Committee do not recognise that as a nomination unless it comes from a qualified elite.

      Note too that reference is to a nomination to the Noble prize, which could be something completely different!

      Actually the water gets rapidly murkier at this point. As well as France-based Dr Marvin Edeas, there is his brother Bejit Edeas, who is Japan-based and in charge of several nano-tech buzzword companies with names like Ninapharm and Sanki Global (a MLM supplements scam). They seem to collaborate, and they are both claiming Nobel Prize nominations.

    • Paul Suwannarat says:

      DEar Sir/Madam,
      May I ask this one is in your list or not? International Journal of Business & Management Science
      PRINT: ISSN 1837-6614; ONLINE: ISSN 1985-692X
      I plan to submit it today.
      Thank You
      Best regards,

      • Are you sure? It appears to be a subscription journal, and its table of contents indicates its most recent issue is from 2012. I have not analyzed this journal. Proceed with much caution.

  2. herr doktor bimler says:

    The journal of Digital Olfaction Society (JDOS)
    Smelling with one’s fingers? Really?

    Journal of International Society of Microbiota
    How tempted am I to publish in JISM? Not so much.

    You might aso want to look at takayama-site.com, registered to one Anne-Sophie Mailfert. It appears to be the umbrella organisation for all the separate conference sites, and for other Takayama-related income streams such as “Takayama consulting”.

    You will recognise Mailfert’s name from her co-authorship of Edeas’ review paper on antioxidants.

    There is also a “CELINE JOUBET” who uses the same phone number as Anne-Sophie (+33.155047755) and is “admin name” for a number of these Takayama domains and websites.

    I give you, for instance, “oral-innovation.com”, home of the “2013 World Conference on Oral and Dental Care” (sadly, still under construction). There the registration details include our friend “EDEAS Marc Marvin”, evidently a man of far-flung expertise.

    Then there is “femininehygiene-site.com”, which reveals some unusual ideas as to what constitutes “feminine hygiene”, for it is home of the Overweight & Obesity World Congress 2013. Not a lot going on there.

    How about their “Mobilehealth-site.com”? That no longer seems to exist, but the copy at the Wayback machine tells us that Celine et al used to be the TARGETAN company — “an innovative start-up in health field that targets solutions against oxidative stress excesses”,

    currently working on an innovative predictive technology in order to provide a non-invasive pocket-sized kit.

    A similar situation for their KameScope.com — the domain has expired, but when it existed, Kamescope aspired to be a France-wide study of hypercalcemia and renal insufficiency.

    Not to forget Melys.com. This used to be devoted to tea promotion:

    Thé Magazine, art culture et santé, Tea expo, salon International du thé et Tea site, sont a vendre.

    though it no longer exists — or rather, it redirects to Edeas’ http://www.sfa-site.com, the French Antioxidant Society.

    Could it be that Edeas started out importing anti-oxidant tea, hence the Takayama motif, before thinking larger?

    • DEUS ex MACHINA says:

      Very nice work. Here in France we are just “shocked” how large this guy is operating and how much money he’s probably making through these meetings.

      Apparently some meetings are not “bad”, they manage to invite serious speakers, but the “mood” among people there is not natural or scientific as you can find in more reliable meetings … Also, apparently there are a lot of companies being invited and presenting very bad preliminary data or products out of the scope of the meetings…

      We contacted (phone call) Paris XIII human resources department to ask for him.

      They have no records of a Marvin Edeas working there.

      There is no Biotech Biopôle or Microbiota Platform there as well, at least NOT in “official” terms.

      Despite making money with these meetings, the major point here is a potential bogus affiliation, that would suggest reputation and attract more people. I am pretty sure this is ilegal.

      Also, it might be enough to retract his manuscripts. But I’m not sure how COPE see it.

      Any idea?

  3. Peter greg says:

    Is united p.c publisher a scam ?

  4. herr doktor bimler says:

    Note the name “Institute Pasteur.” Is the conference really associated with this institute?

    Anyone can hire the Institute’s conference venue:

    • Matthew P says:

      That was my thought. There’s no indication on the conference site that Institut Pasteur is a sponsor of the event. It seems to be the contrary: ISM is paying rent to IP.
      A political party recently held a meeting in an amphitheatre at Paris 5, which proves that all sorts of pseudo-knowledge can happen within university walls.

      • DEUS ex MACHINA says:


        But it looks clear to me that he is showing “Pasteur Institute” to attract people and suggest quality….

        For most part of the meetings the place (physical) is a secondary information, the city and the dates are the most important thing.

  5. Marc Bonnet says:

    Jeffrey, as a France-based scientist, I applaud your efforts in painstakingly listing all junk peddlers infecting the science publication area. I am appalled at the idea that even one single crap publisher could possibly be France-based. However, what exactly makes you say this one is France-based? I would prefer to see harder evidence supporting a statement like “nonsense publisher XXX is France- (or wherever-) based”. Can you possibly elaborate / check / amend (according to hard information available) ?

    Upon quick googling, this “publisher” is linked to http://www.medsys-site.com/, whereas there is a French company named Medsys, see http://www.medsys.fr/ , but the latter and the former seem distinct (and the latter, which looks legit, makes no reference of the former).

  6. DEUS ex MACHINA says:

    Takayama is indeed installed in France:

    “L’entreprise TAKAYAMA, est installée au 15 RUE DE LA PAIX à Paris 2 (75002) dans le département de Paris.

    Cette TPE est une société à responsabilité limitée (SARL) fondée en 1998 sous l’enregistrement 418659728 00020, recensée sous le naf : Recherche-développement en biotechnologie. ”

    Also, Edeas used 15 Rue de La Paix in Paris as affiliation in one of his publications:

    “Institute For Antioxidants Applications International Society of Antioxidants in Nutrition and Health Antioxidants Task Force, 15 rue de la paix, 75002 Paris, France. isanh@isanh.com

    Medsys site hosting information reveals:

    Registrant Organization: TAKAYAMA
    Registrant Street: 15 RUE DE LA PAIX
    Registrant City: Paris
    Registrant State/Province:
    Registrant Postal Code: 75002
    Registrant Country: FR
    Registrant Phone: +33.155047755

    If you look for every journal or congress website hosting information you will find pretty much the same information: TAKAYAMA.

  7. DEUS ex MACHINA says:

    A VERY important additional information.

    Indeed, it is a French society but at http://www.societe.com you may find revealing information:


    Takayama: 403 300,00 € of profit in 2014. An increase in 30% between 2013-2014.

    A really lucrative society.

  8. herr doktor bimler says:

    They have grown into quite an empire. Someone should bring “neuromarketing-site.com” to Neuroskeptic’s attention, it is right down his street, with the grifters’ congress in Dubai.

    Celine Joubet has been particularly diligent in staking out domains for potential World Organisations and World Conferences:

    Marvin Edreas has personally only staked out seven,
    but the presence of “targeting-hairremoval.com” and “targeting-hairloss.com” and “longevity-site.com” on his list suggests an indiscriminate and non-fastidious approach to income streams, while the presence of “teamagazine-site.com” comes back to his old interest in the anti-oxidant possibilities of tea.

    Rouby Joubet is part of the Takayama network:

    While Anne-Sophie Mailfert has 11 domains
    …including “ebola-site.com” and “targeting-ebola.com”, and “stemcells-site.com”, where “stemcells” is one of those words that leads me to expect a certain degree of opportunism. Even if the site is, in this case, merely a place-holder to promote the

    International Society of Microbiota – 3rd World Congress on Targeting Microbiota October 22, 23 2015

    The inevitable “Targetting Ebola” series of conferences attached to the “ebola-site.com” and “targeting-ebola.com” sites seem to be particularly good at presenting themselves as legitimate.

  9. IndRes says:

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  10. Hello,

    I got a call from Yann St Georges to confirm that there were serious journals!!!!! According to him, in fact they are not predatory as they do not charge authors, and the journal is open access. I questioned about the business model, and got no answers… It costs nothing to run such journals according to Y St Georges !!!!
    The journals tack papers from their congress business.

    I found a paper published in their Journal of World Mitochondria Society (the Medsys company claims to be against plagiarism and check papers with iThenticate) entitled ‘Microbiota interact with mitochondira to regulate interaction with host cells’. This JWMS is a complete plagiarism of ‘Microbiota-mitochondria inter-talk: consequences for microbiota-host interaction’ published by Pathgens and Disease, a FEMS journal

    The first paper
    The plagiarism


    • herr doktor bimler says:

      Neither version of the paper gives adequate recognition to “Targeting microbiota-mitochondria inter-talk: Microbiota control mitochondria metabolism” (Saint-Georges-Chaumet et al, 2015, in “Cellular And Molecular Biology” — an obscure OMICS imprint).

      • herr doktor bimler says:

        The paper itself specifies issue 61(4) for its publication.
        I know, the Omics website stops at 61(2) as its most recent issue, and shows no papers ‘in press’. Perhaps they have quietly cancelled the journal; perhaps they are in no hurry to update the website, knowing that no-one is waiting impatiently to read the rag. They’re OMICS, they’ve taken the authors’ $$$, that’s all that matters.

      • herr doktor bimler says:

        With the original CMB logo, rather than the OMICS version.

        Ah, it turns out that there are two competing versions of CMB. According to the journal’s erstwhile Founder,

        It is the story of the manner with which the most dishonest publishing company of the world, Elsevier, with the help of an abominable traitor issued from my editorial board, named M.A.Q. Siddiqui, from the New York City University, as well another disgusting traitor, this time issued from the university of Poitiers, Jean-Michel Maixent have both groups stolen my journal with the most ashaming underworld tricks. I explain how they have proceeded in the perspective of exactly the same objectives : to become the owners of the terms “Cellular and Molecular Biology®”whose principles have revolutioned the biology and to earn a great amount of money from its world reputation and its uses.

        The affair launched in 1990 against me from Elsevier ended lamentably for this company which after having issued in 1993 a journal of exactly the same terms as my journal, but by adding behind CMB the term “Research” (Figure 1) had provoked great trouble with the librarians and all subscribers suddenly confronted with two journals of the same terms. I explain how the little David I am, I have destroyed the giant Goliath Elsevier.

        Now my fight continues against Maixent, who has cheated me in an incredible manner in 2006, whereas I am still waiting for an end judgment, having been able, thanks to a young indo-american publishing company named OMICS to overcome the blockade made by Maixent and by the President of the Court of Poitiers, a female judge called Lacoste who has helped the criminal Maixent to block my web site until to-day. Maixent will finish tragically his life as well as all those implicated in the robbery of my journal.

        And “About the Journal”:

        It has to be stated that the cybercriminal robber of my journal, named Maixent, a heavily condemned former professor, ejected from the university like a lousy dog, deprived of all his titles and functions has had the cheek to publish in my journal in an inaccurate and misleading anouncement in favour of the election of another hoodlum named CHEALLAIGH who is even not a biologist. The hoodlum Maixent will be condemned to have published this page abusively without my permission.

        As Klaas van Dijk wondered a few months ago, “What’s going on over here?”

        The non-OMICS version charges for access (35 € / paper or 700€ for a year’s subscription) AND hits the authors with a 185€ “processing fee”. However, it has dropped the unusual peer-review system whereby “The Author himself searches his own Peer Reviewers”.

      • DEUS ex MACHINA says:

        And “22 Nobel Prize Winners are Honorary Members of the CMB Editorial Board”

        Huge *WTF* to the whole story. It is just as dadaist as Duchamp would like it to be..

  11. DEUS ex MACHINA says:

    The information on plagiarism is important. Indeed it is very similar. The Journal of World Mitochondria Society is not indexed anywhere so it is somehow “hidden” on the web.

    Why to plagiarize in this case? Why another paper if the journal is so honest?

    Also, it may be cheap to run these journals, but TAKAYAMA is makng at least 400k euros of profit a year… Not bad at all for them in this case.

    • Sedal says:

      I disagree. Allow me to present my experience which is completly opposite of yours. I participated for more than 10 years of there conferences and never disappointed. Last week I was at their meeting on Redox http://www.isanh.com, more than 300 persons, 3 days with 100 communications between oral talks and poster. The level was really hight. I did not found any supporting companies. It was more science than commercial conference. Last year I also took part of the Mitochondria meeting of world mitochondria Society, again, the quality and lever are more than usual. The meeting of Microbiota organized ladt year attracted 400 participants. A successful conference with a general recommendation discussed largly and adopted finally. You are surprised that they organized 3 meetings which meanly attract the same people as the field of Redox is link to mitochondria and microbiota. If you are a good scientist, you must formulate your critics with more objective arguments and avoid speculation and hypothesis.

  12. herr doktor bimler says:

    I can’t see much wrong with being a professional conference-organiser. It’s hard work, doing it properly. And Edeas et al have been organising conferences for decades, so they should be good at it by now.

    Starting, perhaps, with “1st International Conference on Superoxide Dismutases” (1998) — before Takayama, when the outlet for the Conference Proceedings was Editions Mel Paris.

    And Takayama do offer services as Consultants, so as well as organising conferences for their own core interests — anti-oxidants, mitochondria, superoxide dismutase, microbiota, antioxidant foods — I imagine they will set up websites and organise conferences for other people as well. So I should not be too hasty about their involvement in dubious enterprises like “neuromarketing”.

    The key point, perhaps, is whether the people attending these meetings are satisfied. DEUS ex MACHINA can advise us there.

    • DEUS ex MACHINA says:

      I never attended one these meetings and know a very limited number of people who attended. They find weird how Edeas could be the chairman and lead the meeting with limited contribution in the field (or fields). Also, at least in one of these meetings the melting pot science x industry didn’t work well.

      I fully agree there is no problem organizing conferences and so on. It is a legitimate initiative. However, is Edeas “overrating”his CV to attract influences, build his network and keep the machine turning? It is finally not a question of organizing meetings. It is a question if being the specialist. And for almost all meetings it is mostly the case.

      The affiliations are weird and the one related to Paris 13 didn’t exist. He signed as MD and PhD but we could not find a thesis (only one in Pharmacy in 1997). No affiliation can actually be verified, just some early ones, all the other uses TAKAYAMA. Publications are mostly reviews, not high IF, and with limited impact in the fields.The journals have meetings abstracts and papers, with an Editorial board and signs of plagiarism as mentioned above. Also, do people attending those meetings know a abstract is published in a journal?

      Sounds too silly.

  13. The paper from Pathogens and Disease (that was plagiariased in the JWMS) partially plagiarised the Cellular and Molecular Biology paper (sentences in the abstract, all the conclusion, and diverses sentences). Those 3 papers overlap, and 2 are fully identical.

    When you start searching for plagiarism in a CV, usually you find more…..

    • DEUS ex MACHINA says:

      Indeed, so again, without conflicts of interest, if people started asking if there were problems with the conference organizer I think that now yes, there are a couple of problems.

      These problems will directly or indirectly impact how people see these conferences. But If these conferences are truly good, it is totally legal and fine to organize them. However, If a organizer claims things and use titles and affiliations that are not valid or legit in this case the problem is serious.

      That’s all.

  14. herr doktor bimler says:

    It is the Potemkin-Village aspect of many Takayama-related websites and purported groups that inspires a certain degree of suspicion. I was looking at the Japanese Society of Antioxidants
    the Japanese affiliate of Edeas’ / Takayama’s “Societe Francaise Des Antioxydants” and the “International Society of Antioxidant [sic] in Nutrition and Health”. It exists to advertise various Edeas conferences (whether or not they are anti-oxidant-related) and promote the importance of polyphenol foods and anti-oxidant nutriceuticals. What it does *not* provide is any indication of the people behind it.

    Oddly enough for a purportedly Japanese organisaiton, jsa-site turns out to be registered to one Jacques Burin, with a French address and contact number (+33.450330863), in the name of Ninapharm. Ninapharm being a French cosmetics company. Very very French:
    its “Nina’s of Paris” site traces its history back to Versailles and Marie Antoinette. But no-one looks for honesty in the cosmetics industry, it is inextricably linked with hype and bafflegab… so Ninapharm elsewhere offers anti-aging, and nanotechnology, and magic weight loss, and anti-oxidants.

    Not all of the Ninapharm websites were registered by Jacques Burin. Some are in the name of a Mrs Céline Duval (whose contributions to cosmetological bullshit received special recognition from Marvin Edeas, here). Mrs Maité Bruneaud herself, Ninapharm’s manager, registered a couple. Anyway, going back to Burin, he also staked out “isanhjapan.com” (which redirects to the ISANH site).

    So the Japanese Society looks rather French to me. The international version, the ISANH, is equally reticent about listing its members, and one could be forgiven for detecting the same smell of sockpuppet.

    It all seems a bit 1980s/1990s. Bladerunner, Rising Sun, Neuromancer. Remember when the Future was going to be all Japan zaibatsu-corporate technocracy? Good times.

    Going back to Ninapharm, I may have mentioned earlier that it has a branch in Japan, chaired by Marvin Edeas’ brother Bejit, in any time he has spare from receiving Nobel Prize nominations for his contributions to cosmetics-bullsh1t multi-level marketing.

  15. herr doktor bimler says:

    I thought I would go down the cosmetics-company rabbit-hole and see where it leads.
    Ninapharm holds the trademark for “Viqua“… which is magic pomegranate juice, made more magical with phospholipids, so the pomegranate anti-oxidants will penetrate the skin and rejuvenate your skin-cell mitochondria, yes really. Some skeptics would conclude that “This is all my bum”, but magical thinking and cutting-edge bafflegab is what the cosmetics-industry customers demand, so let us not judge or condemn. Dreams are what cosmetics companies sell, and they must distinguish themselves somehow from the dream-products of their rivals.

    This nanotech micro-encapsulation is the same as artificial liposomes, which are all the rage among alt-med grifters (look up “liposomal vitamin c” if you have a spare day or three). In this case the “advanced delivery system” comes from Axialys, a Ninapharm subsidiary — they share the same phone number, +33 4 5033 0863.

    Axialys was “Created in 2006 with the backing of internationally-renowned anti-oxidant specialist, the company blends the innovation of a start-up with the long-standing business experience of a key industry player.” The “anti-oxidant specialist” is presumably our friend Marvin Edeas.

    Unexpectedly, the company domain was not registered through Takayama, but was obfuscated through other channels. But bear with me! The contact pages for Viqua and Axialys direct us to an address and phone # in Tokyo for the R&D department:

    Kanaya Bldg 4F, 4-11-3 Hatchobori, Chuo-ku,
    Tokyo 104-0032, JAPAN
    +81 3 3552 5335

    This proves to double up as a contact address for Takayama,
    for the “Takayama publishing group“, i.e. Medsys;
    and for Céline Mercier, Press Contact for the Tokyo Digital Olfaction Society. Every second person contacting the press or registering domains on Edeas’ behalf seems to be called Céline; I wonder how they remember which is which.

    I should add, by the way, that Digital Olfaction appears to be a thing, with a flurry of press interest back in 2006 about Professor Takamichi Nakamoto (of the Tokyo Institute of Technology) and his vision of analysing fragrances into component aromas so that they can be recorded, and recreated for purposes of nostalgia or aromatic telepresence transmission. That is to say, he re-invented the concept of Smell-O-Vision and Odorama, which worked so well on their previous incarnations. It is all reminiscent of those Victorian cartoon portrayals of the World of the Future. But it was enough to inspire Edeas / Celine Joubet to stake out domains

    …and to organise a sequence of Digital Olfaction World Congresses.

    The founder of DOS,Pr Marvin Edeas,announced “…again, we will talk about digital smell and smell digital, we gather in the same place these extraordinary innovations. It’s look like the first demonstration to transmit sounds waves. It is a huge step towards an exciting moment for our future life…” We will show during 2 days how to digitize, transmit, reproduce and recapture smells, flavors and fragrances by our phones, computers, cars, TV, cinema…

    Which may not have brought further breakthroughs but at least have provided entertainment for journalists.

    Professor Nakamoto may or may not be related to the Erica Nakomoto, back at Kanaya Bldg 4F, who serves as the Tech Name in many of those domain registrations.

    Anyway, the weird thing is that also operating out of that same rather crowded Tokyo office, we find the Task Force for Infectious Diseases, industriously Targetting Infectious Diseases, and organising Phage Therapy conferences.
    The contact name for TID, and head of the Task Forces for Infectious Diseases Committee Advisory Board, is one Dr Reiko Suzuki. I cannot find Dr Suzuki’s image or CV or publication history in microbiology, but that may reflect my inability to search the Intertubes in Japanese, so it would be unfair to write off the Task Force as a sock-puppet.

    And if you had 450€ / 795€ to attend last year’s “Targeting Ebola” conference, or 275€ to buy the post-conference collection of Abstracts, it turns out that the Ebola Tokyo Group Secretary (of the Taskforce Infectious Disease) would process your money at that same office.

    The Ebola meeting used the logo of La Task Force interministérielle Ebola, and claimed actual affiliation with the Institut Pasteur; also with an Academy of Sciences sub-committee:

    Paris Ebola 2015 is organized in partnership between COPED, the French Task Force Group for Ebola, the Pasteur Institute and the Task Force for Infectious Diseases

    As noted, the TFID is sharing desk-space and phone-numbers with a cosmetics firm, while the French Task Force Group for Ebola has no discernible real-world existence, not even a logo. But Le Comité Pays en Développement is real enough.

    This is what happens when a lot of money is poured in a panic into researching a disease. It has to go somewhere. A lot of people are strongly motivated to present what results they have, and to proclaim them as major breakthroughs, if they want to hang on to their research grants. Whatever the background to the “Targeting Ebola” conference, arguably it filled a need within the academic eco-system.

    • herr doktor bimler says:

      The contact name for TID, and head of the Task Forces for Infectious Diseases Committee Advisory Board, is one Dr Reiko Suzuki. I cannot find Dr Suzuki’s image or CV or publication history in microbiology

      I must apologise for doubting Dr Suzuki’s existence. Closer attention reveals that someone of that name participated in a French nutriceutical exhibition in 2012 under the wing of Bejit Edeas, sharing her experience on “Innovation applied to everyday life of Japanese seniors”. There her affiliation was listed as “Professor, Mirei international”.

      I am impressed that an export company has the power to bestow professorships.

  16. DEUS ex MACHINA says:

    Impressive work again, herr doktor.

    And in 2017: http://www.vitafoods.eu.com/speakers/dr-bejit

    “Dr. Bejit Ideas
    Specialist Nutrition and Bio-Technology President, Chairman, Japanese Society of Anti-Ageing Nutrition, Ninapharm Innovation Labs – Japan
    Chairman of Ninapharm Innovation Labs – Tokyo, where he focus’ on anti-ageing research.
    Tissue ageing, stress Oxidative and specific tests: abseiling and practical syntheses. Interested in preventive research for an innovative nutritional supplement (Citrullus Lanatus extract) favoring the regulation of anti-radicalaire at the mitochondrial level. Y.Rougier, V. Pouyssegur, B. Edeas, M. Nasu, P. Seite – Interviewed by Bichat – 2006

    From 50 years of weight dieting to the emergence of health dieting. The answers to a promising multidisciplinary synergy : Index SLIM data, chrononutrition et Neuronutrition. Presentation of an innovative alimentary extract (Rubus Idaeus) targeting the Neuronutrition. Y. Rougier, V. Pouyssegur, B. Edeas, M. Nasu, C. Guyon, P. Seite, B. Grossi, G. Duriez. Interviewed by Bichat – 2007”

    But there is no Japanese Society of Anti-Ageing Nutrition, there is a Japanese Society of Anti-Aging Medicine that looks legit: http://www.anti-aging.gr.jp/english/index.phtml

    Do they really think people will not google things and look for more information on their activities? really?

    And in a video about Kronuit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ATu0U7O2GwY

    Is it Marvin or Bejit?

    Bejit is here, seems younger: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BcU9zCXopUE

    The content i really crap stuff, but it is worth analyzing who is who since, for me, they are pretty much the same person.

    Also, at Hopital Bichat, they manage to organize a seminar to discuss all these pharma stuff herr doktor mentioned, this time together with FORTE PHARMA, another jackpot pharma company.


    Symposium – Vieillissement cellulaire et inflammation tissulaire : la voie prometteuse de l’épigénétique-nutritionnelle. La réponse PINOX™ (issue de la recherche Ninapharm/Forté Pharma) : étude d’efficacité in vitro et, vs placebo, en situation métabolique extrême. Prévenir les terrains-dégénératifs chroniques : 10 conseils pratiques.

    Session organisée par FORTE PHARMA

    Modérateurs : Mme V. POUYSSEGUR, Gériatrie Odontologique – Biophysiologie du vieillissement cellulaire et tissulaire, Epigénétique-gériatrique. Maître de conférence des Universités (Nice/Sophia-Antipolis), Dr Y. ROUGIER, Médecin spécialiste, Biologie de la nutrition, Neurobiologie ; Programme Nutrition et Cancer ; Anti-Ageing-W.W.- Corr. Membre fondateur de la WHealth-Found et de l’IN2A (Institut de Neurosciences et Neuro-nutrition Appliquées). Directeur Scientifique des Laboratoires FORTE PHARMA (Monaco)
    12:45 – 13:15

    Dr B. EDEAS , Docteur en Nutrition, Pasteur Institute and Research Ninapharm (Tokyo – Japon)
    Dr M. NASU, Docteur en Pharmacie, Directrice Scientifique de la JAS (Japanese Antioxydant Society) (Tokyo – Japon)
    Dr P. SEITE, Docteur en Pharmacie ; Responsable R&D des Laboratoires FORTE PHARMA (Monaco)
    Mme T. DELHAYE, Ingénieur Projet Génie Pharmaceutique, Chef de projet Développements des Laboratoires FORTE PHARMA (Monaco)
    Mme V. POUYSSEGUR, Gériatrie Odontologique – Biophysiologie du vieillissement cellulaire et tissulaire, Epigénétique-gériatrique. Maître de conférence des Universités (Nice/Sophia-Antipolis)

    But, “Dr B. EDEAS , Docteur en Nutrition, Pasteur Institute and Research Ninapharm (Tokyo – Japon) ”

    Doctor? How come? No papers, no record, nothing. Bejit Edeas is a virtual creation that has no scientific record.

    All these Edeas’ things just look as silly as hell.

    • herr doktor bimler says:

      Doctor? How come? No papers, no record, nothing. Bejit Edeas is a virtual creation that has no scientific record.

      he has a capsule biography at sankiglobalnetwork.wordpress.com:

      Dr. Bejit Edeas
      – PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Nancy, France
      – Masters Degree in biotechnology
      – Nominated for the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2003
      – Scientific Director of Sanki Mayor
      – President of Ninapharm, a Leader in Nutraceuticals and cosmeceuticals in Europe and Japan based on Advanced Biotechnology and Nanotechnology
      – Director of the Japanese Society of Antioxidants
      – Affair Manager of the Pasteur Institute of Japan
      – Member of International Society of Antioxidants in Nutrition and Health (ISANH) since 1998

      Needless to say, no other mention of the Pasteur Institute of Japan exists on the Interweb. Another cottage within the Potemkin Village.

      In addition,

      These human clinical trials are internationally recognized by the Pasteur Institute of Scientific Research and are published in the Pharmacist’s Reference Encyclopedia of Medications. They are the only Natural Health Supplements to be listed in these medical reference books with published Clinical trials. The current Sanki Global products have also been KOSHER certified, reinforcing the high quality standards.

      Dr. Bejit Edeas, Scientific Director of Sanki-Mayor, was nominated for the 2003 Nobel Prize in Chemistry. Dr. Marvin Edeas, one of our key scientists, was also nominated for a Nobel Prize in Medicine for his work on Targeting the Mitochondria. He has hosted 4 World Conferences on the topic in Europe.

      If you can find any evidence for the existence of a “Pasteur Institute of Scientific Research” or a “Pharmacist’s Reference Encyclopedia of Medications”, you are doing better than me.

      In fairness, SankiGlobal follows a multilevel-marketing business plan where the responsibility of bullsh1tting about the products to suckers lies with lower echelons within the pyramid (“Independent Wellness Advisers”), but they need a playbook, so this “sankiglobalnetwork” blog is a compendium of material for them to recycle. Strict adherence to facts is not expected.

    • herr doktor bimler says:

      Doctor? How come? No papers, no record, nothing. Bejit Edeas is a virtual creation that has no scientific record.

      He was third author (out of four) on a twice-cited report that
      Watermelon extract stimulates antioxidant enzymes and improves glycemic and lipid metabolism.
      Unfortunately access is difficult as the archives of the “Agro FOOD Industry Hi Tech” trade journal do not go back to 2007, but evidently it was a clinical study commissioned by Ninapharm so that they could make claims for their ActiSOD skin-regeneration magic.

      He was also last author of a 2005 paper in the same trade journal reporting that “Synergetic mixed nutritional ingredients enhance and maintain weight loss in humans” — commissioned by Ninapharm to show value OXYLia weight-loss magic. The “Synergetic mixed nutritional ingredients” being beans, olives and rosemary.

      At the time he was affiliated to the Instituto de Biología Molecular y Celular at the Universidad Miguel Hernández, Alicante.

  17. herr doktor bimler says:

    Dr M. NASU, Docteur en Pharmacie, Directrice Scientifique de la JAS (Japanese Antioxydant Society) (Tokyo – Japon)

    That’s Mrs Mizuho Nasu, who was selling anti-oxidant green-tea extract through the SFA.

    Also Dr Mizuho Nasu, “a pharmacist who works on health product formulation” at the Delhea project, making Mexican-targeted weight-loss sweets to fight the obesity problem.

    We also find her at Mirei International’s Innovation Labo:

    managed since 2003 by Dr. Mizuho Nasu, who graduated from Keio University pharmacology department in biochemistry. After a successful experience on sales and marketing in the pharmaceutical field, Dr. Nasu joined Innovation Labo to give a global research dimension to the company.

    AND as CEO of Sanki Mayor (In-Vivo Innovations Ltd), who re-package ingredients from Ninapharm into products to de-oxidise your body.

    Needless to say, these three laboratories all share those already-crowded offices at Kanaya Bldg 5F.
    Where we also find the Oceanic Science Institute, which appears to be a side-circus of Marvin Edeas’ 9th World Polyphenols Congress; it is comprised of

    General manager : Dr Yuki Ikeda
    Scientific Director : Dr Bejit IDEAS

    The OSI could be related to “Inner-7”, the seawater-based magnesium salts sold by Sanki; or the forthcoming “Aquoscare” product, “World’s first hydration skin care inspired from deep ocean marine life”, which appears to be extracted from mermaids if the website imagery is any guide.

    But we are wandering away from the Takayama circus now. To bring the focus back, it turns out that the domains for Delhea, Innovation-Labo, OSI and Aquoscare were registered by Yuri Hatanaka. Yuri first showed up at the 2nd International Conference on Stevia Applications (Malta, 2010) — another ISANH meeting — where she was recruiting members for the International Association of Stevia. You will be surprised to learn that this IAS used the same phone number and contact address as the ISANH & the SFA & the JAS.

    For some reason the IAS never came into actual existence, and instead we have the World Stevia Organization as the Stevia-related Edeas sockpuppet Takayama affiliate for advertising conferences.

  18. herr doktor bimler says:

    List of Takayama Publishing Group journals as of 2016-06-12:

    Most of those journals have been unpublished and now only exist in Google Cache, bad luck for people who published in them or had an abstract from Edeas’ conferences.

    The Internet-Archived version of the Takayama Publishing Group from April 18 shows five journals, including those of the ‘World Stevia Organization’ and ‘Targeting Diabetes & Obesity’.

    Current version only shows three.
    Suddenly there are a lot of DOIs that go nowhere.

  19. sant150 says:


    I have been waiting for this kind of information for a long time, I have several information confirming what all of your comments are detailing. Marc and Marvin Edeas are the same person, they use different names for the conferences, but are all the same person. No real evidence about their qualifications, neither titles. I would like to know more about your impressions and know what should be done when such abuses are found.

    Best regards,

    • DEUS ex MACHINA says:

      I believe the only thing that is quite clear and could lead to article retraction, for example, are the fake affiliations he used (Paris XIII) in different papers. Otherwise, regarding the meetings, it is complicated. The best thing is to spread information and keep people aware that a guy like him cannot be trusted as a scientific leader in so many different fields….

      For the Marvin/Bejit history: Are you talking about Marc or Bejit? I believe Bejit and Marvin are the same person and I believe Marc is his “french” name. Cannot prove it unfortunately.

  20. Metagenomicist says:

    I’ve just been to the recent “Targeting Microbiota 2016” conference by this organizer, and I have to say I feel embarrassed to have been there. Unfortunately I found this website after I’d already decided to go and done my travel arrangements.

    On the surface, everything kind of seemed okay, so, say, for the unaware clinician new to the microbiome, it might’ve seemed okay. The practical arrangements were mostly fine. Obviously the Pasteur Institute is a nice, prestigious location. The rather expensive conference fee included lunches, which were fine. The sessions with the talks ran smoothly and according to schedule.

    Of course, appearances can be deceiving. The main problem was, clearly they had no peer review for the conference programme at all. If you submitted an abstract and said you want a talk, they gave you a talk – which meant lots of short talks crammed into the programme. And while there were some perfectly fine presentations, there were also many that were utter nonsense (like curing a bunch of diseases from type 1 diabetes to MS with diet). Mr/Dr Edeas himself made some rather odd questions after talks, making it clear he’s not well versed in microbiome research at all, which he really should be, considering he’s supposed to be chairing a meeting in the field. The abstract book was obviously printed in the cheapest possible manner (and used Comic Sans on the title pages, for crying out loud). The very expensive conference dinner wasn’t booked for as many people as showed up (admitted by the waiter, who had to serve the group three different desserts because they didn’t have enough of the one that had been written on the menu).

    So, overall: it was definitely my impression that the conference was organized mainly for the purpose of getting as much profit from it to the organizers as possible. Will not go again and recommend that others shouldn’t, either.

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