OMICS International Totally Sucks

Victimizing researchers since 2008.

Victimizing researchers since 2008.

Greetings for the day! I am writing this blog post as yet another reminder that the open-access publisher OMICS International completely sucks. The stark language here is justified, I believe, by the abusive, exploitative, and unethical actions that OMICS International has engaged in against honest researchers. Here are more stories that give evidence of the nature of this publisher.

I want to draw attention to the abusive practices of the Hyderabad, India-based publisher OMICS International (former name: OMICS Group) in order to alert researchers to avoid this publisher. Each week, I receive emails from researchers who have been victimized by this exploitative publisher. Below is a selection of five recent emails I received from both the Global South and the Global North. I’d say that OMICS International is a global parasite.


Hi Sir, Hope you are doing well.

I am From Algeria and I have a question concerning OMICS group.

I submit my research article in journal from OMICS.

In the first time they do not ask me about fees, it means : it is free.

After two revision required from them, they send me an e-mail : “I am pleased to tell you that your work has now been accepted for publication in Journal of Fundamentals of Renewable Energy and Applications. It was accepted on Jun 18, 2016”

Then after few hours the send me a SPAM e-mail, and they ask me about payment it is about 1590 dollar USD.

Sir I feel very bad.

I ask them, about that I don`t want a hard copy, just online publication, but they always ask me about payment.

Sir can I submit my paper in another journal??.

Thank you


Hello Jeffrey Beall,

I hope your doing well. My name is [Redacted], I’m an undergraduate student studying at the University of [Redacted] in Canada. Last year, I’ve started an independent research in hopes to be published one day. My independent research looks at the [Redacted].

Fast forwarding a year (a couple of weeks ago in fact), I have finished my manuscript in which I was planning to submit it to an open access journal called Journal of Emerging Infectious Disease with OMICS. At the time, I did not know that OMICS was a predatory journal (after seeing your list) and I’m at the final stages before it get published. To clarify, my manuscript has been accepted for publishing BUT during that time, I found out that it was a predatory journal and requested that I retract my manuscript from this journal. They advised me that they have made the DOI and it is impossible for them to retract. At this point, I did advise them that I will not approve anything going forward and that they appreciate my request to retract from the journal.

Given the story that was mentioned above, I was wondering if you have any advise on going forward and if possible, see if there is a possibility that my manuscript will not be published in this predatory journal? I was extremely shocked that these type of practices by journals existed and extremely glad I caught this before accepting anything to be published. I greatly appreciate any advise you will give and hope to hear from you soon.




Hello Mr. Beall,

After many months of issues trying to get a manuscript published with the Journal of Primatology (published by OMICS International), just today I found your Nature column and blog about the predatory publishers, on which OMICS International was included. It is quite disheartening to have our fears confirmed – but in hindsight, it seems obvious that we’ve likely been scammed. We’re all kicking ourselves now thinking back about the red flags…

Is there a recourse that other authors have taken or reports to file someplace? Any thoughts our suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks for your efforts on this issue as a means to warn fellow researchers.



Dear Mr. Beall,

My name is [Redacted] and I am writing to you to ask you about a problem with a predatory journal. I am in the situation that I submitted a paper in a journal of the omics group and then discovered the true nature of them. After they accepted the paper very fast, we saw it was not correct and decided to withdraw the paper. After seven days we have not get an answer from them. We would like to publish our paper in another journal but we don’t know how to proceed because our paper is still cited as “in press” in their website. What do you think one can do in such a situation? Should I just go and publish somewhere else? use another paper name?  Ignore their emails (if they answer some day) and don’t pay anything?

Thanks in advance!


Dear Jeffrey,

First, thanks for your fight against predatory publishers, I wish I had read about it before…
I am yet another countless victim of the OMICs scam.. and I know you must get regular similar emails, but I’d really like to seek your advice.

I am a medical doctor from [Redacted], Switzerland. I have been requested a case report by one of OMICs journals. Rather flattered, I sent them a paper they have “peer-reviewed” and sent me an invoice for (1200 USD).

I have asked them to withdraw my publication and have not payed them a single dollar, and waiting for their answer.

What happens if I dont pay? can they take any legal action?

Thank you very much for your help, I admit I feel really foolish to have been scamed.

Best Regards,



I call on the Indian Government to take action against OMICS International and all India-based publishers who exploit and victimize researchers. Not carrying out a bona fide peer review in journals claiming to be peer reviewed is an act of publishing misconduct, a breach of publishing ethics.

21 Responses to OMICS International Totally Sucks

  1. nubia lover says:

    Dear Sir,

    Is there any way forward if the notorius OMICS International refused to retract my manuscript?

    Kind regards,

    Dr Adil Isaac

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Andy says:

    I had once voiced out a cry as to why this predatory OMICS should be allowed to continue doing mischieve in the 21st century in a civilized country. I was told that is part of freedom of press in civilized countries!!!!

  3. From Morocco says:

    Talking about journal of Primatology (Omics), a Prof. from Germany who get fed up with spam solicitations from predatory journals, has in turn send a fake request to join the editorial board
    See “They even put his CV on the page, apparently without reading it. Morgenstern documented it with a screenshot …”

    Hoss Cartwright Biography :
    “…Dr. H. Cartwright also conducted numerous studies on the behaviour of higher primates in the Silver Dollar saloon, Virginia City. He co-developed the highly-visible series Bonanza which is the most cited western series according to Thomson Reuters / ISI. In a long-term study, Dr. Cartwright could show that Bonanza is much better than competing approaches such as Gunsmoke or High Chaparral. Dr. Cartwright is a member of the American Association of Spoof Researchers (AASR) …”

    • MC says:

      Unbelievable. Someone needs to make a scigen-like bot that applies to become an editorial board member for all the journals listed on Beall’s List. Automate the process of trolling the fake journals, just as they automate the spamming

  4. MC says:

    Good perspective in Nature this week on other issues within the Indian education system, and related to lax practices.

  5. Stuart McKelvie says:

    Notably, under Juornals we find one on Neuroscience and Psychology but when you click on it it is actually Neuroscience and Psychiatry!

  6. Damien Kuffler says:

    You have mentioned virtually duplicative names of meeting, organizations and journals, even involving minor spelling changes. I am concerned about the existence now of two journals the Journal of Pain and The Journal of Pain. It is all too east for someone to click on the wrong journal and waste good data, a lot of time, and lot of money. Are there no actions that can be taken for such infringements? It is virtually, if not actually, criminal. Sincerely, Damien Kuffler

    Damien Kuffler, Ph.D. Professor Institute of Neurobiology Univ. of Puerto Rico 201 Blvd. del Valle San Juan, PR 00901 tel: 787-721-1235


    Date: Tue, 5 Jul 2016 15:02:03 +0000 To:

  7. […] OMICS International Totally Sucks Jeffrey Beall […]

    • rmhamdy says:

      Thank you Jeffrey for your valuable comments in this regard I have a lot to say really feels depressed and abused but I wonder why there exists no regulations for these predators to save researchers and authors from being abused besides no enough alerts I have encountered your comments accidentally, what about thousands of these journals and publishers being established daily!!!!

  8. Ghazal says:

    I hope OMICS group and many other Indian based low quality OA publishers disappear and we could see a good flow of OA publishers.

  9. Dr. Shoib Malik says:

    Allied Academics ( is also a part on OMICS International operated from India.

  10. Robert says:

    I completely agree!! Attended the Biosensors and Bioelectronics conference in Cancun a couple of years ago. I was confused because my friend said that he was going to the conference and there was another one with the same name in Las Vegas. I knew the Cancun site was correct since he told me that. However I have to wonder how many people went to Las Vegas I find that the conference was just a scam from OMICS.

    I mentioned the other conference to the chief editor from this journal and he was pissed. He told me about another Author being requested publication fees from Biosensors & Bioelectronics and finding that it was from a copycat journal, I believe from OMICS group.

    OMICS Sucks!! Enough said!

    Now I am teaching all of my students to use your list when selecting journals for publication and when considering conferences for presentations. Thank you for the awesome job and highlighting these unscrupulous people.

  11. guest says:

    I returned from vacation to find two spam mails from OMICS invitation as a speaker to a conference that has nothing to do with my field and a invitation to submit a paper. The latter mail is titled “Regarding your Manuscript Submission” probably to fool me into thinking I have contacted them before. x_x

  12. Dr. Shoib Malik says:

    Review will be fake. Just mentioning the nonscence.

  13. MIlan Frank says: is operated by Omics from India. No qualified editor. I’m getting phone calls with American names with lack of fluency. They are calling from India, my caller id phone displays the number.

  14. Reem Mohammed says:

    What about Benthamscience can somebody advise

  15. Tom Spears, Ottawa Citizen says:

    The best thing about Omics is that they actually have a journal on ethics:

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