More Rubbish from Hyderabad: Peertechz


A complete fake.

Peertechz is another Hyderabad, India-based open-access publisher that is completely counterfeit. It’s a massive spammer, and although it has journals in various fields, it chiefly targets researchers in the bio-medical sciences. Like most publishers based in Hyderabad, this one seeks only to make quick and easy profit and could care less about science or research integrity.

I added Peertechz to my list in August, 2014, almost two years ago. Since then, it has grown from a dozen journals to 102. The firm’s name — Peertechz — is a failed attempt to cleverly combine the terms peer and teach. It sounds dumb in English, and probably other languages as well.

According to the famous blog Riddled,

The skeezy little grifter behind PeerTechz, Rajesh Varma Datla, is Hyderabad-based and presumably an alumnus of the OMICS juggernautical clown-car. However, he seems to have learned his English and his spam template (as well as his business model) from the family of scammers who run the Austin Publishing Group, for the typical spamwaves from Austin begin with the same “Greetings for the day!” and end with the same unconvincing assurance that the spam you are reading is, in fact, not a spam.

Here’s what the blog is talking about, an illiterate spam email from Peertechz that says it’s not a spam:

From: Archives of Nursing Practice and Care []
Sent: Thursday, June 30, 2016
To: Redacted]
Subject: Join the group of eminent writers: ANPC

Dear [Redacted],

Nursing Practice and Care journal asking you to send manuscript to publish under a single roof with Peertechz. You are free to gain the below features:

Express review process

  • Get processing confirmation (accept or reject by quality team) from Editorial Office within 24-48 hours when the time of submission
  • Review process within 3 weeks of time frame.
  • Article published instantly with Editor final acceptance.

Cite Factor, Research Bib, SHERPA/ROMEO, ISI and more….

Find more information:

You can send an article by the reply to this email or submit at below link:

I strongly believe that I could have a submission from you within the deadline: July 15th 2016.

Best regards,

Anvi Naicker
Journal Managing Editor
Tel: +91 40 23833479

#202, NVS Central, Hi-tech City, R.R District, Hyderabad-500018, TS, India

This is not a spam message and has been sent to you because you are expert in this field. This email and any attachments may contain private and confidential information. If you have received this message in error, please notify the sender and delete the email and any attachment.

If you do not want to hear from us please unsubscribe at:

One of their duplicative and unneded journals.

One of their duplicative and unneeded journals.

The publisher brags about being a CrossRef member; CrossRef is the firm that supplies DOIs and ironically has no standards — it accepts all publishers that apply.

Peertechz also brags about its articles being indexed in Google Scholar, another scholarly publishing industry institution that accepts almost anything without concern for quality.

You probably already have received spam emails from this junk science publisher, and if you haven’t, you soon will. I strongly recommend that all researchers avoid any association with Peertechz. It’s a bogus scholarly publisher that only wants your money.

Hat tip: Everyone who’s forwarded me a spam from Peertechz and Riddled.

Appendix: List of Peertechz journals as of 2016-07-01:

  1. Annals of Alzheimers and Dementia Care (AADC)
  2. Annals of Antivirals and Antiretrovirals (AAA)
  3. Annals of Bone Marrow Research (ABMR)
  4. Annals of Circulation (AC)
  5. Annals of Marine Science (Ann Mar Sci)
  6. Annals of Molecular and Genetic Medicine (AMGM)
  7. Annals of Musculoskeletal Medicine (AMM)
  8. Annals of Pancreatic Disorders and Treatment (APDT)
  9. Annals of Phytopathology (AP)
  10. Annals of Psychiatry and Treatment (APT)
  11. Annals of Robotics and Automation (ARA)
  12. Annals of Systems Biology (ASB)
  13. Archives of Anatomy and Physiology (AAP)
  14. Archives of Clinical Gastroenterology (ACG)
  15. Archives of Clinical Hypertension (ACH)
  16. Archives of Clinical Nephrology (ACN)
  17. Archives of Community Medicine and Public Health (ACMPH)
  18. Archives of Depression and Anxiety (ADA)
  19. Archives of Hematology Case Reports and Reviews (AHCRR)
  20. Archives of Hepatitis Research (AHR)
  21. Archives of Nursing Practice and Care (ANPC)
  22. Archives of Organ Transplantation (AOT)
  23. Archives of Otolaryngology and Rhinology (AOR)
  24. Archives of Preventive Medicine (APM)
  25. Archives of Pulmonology and Respiratory Care (APRC)
  26. Archives of Renal Diseases and Management (ARDM)
  27. Archives of Sports Medicine and Physiotherapy (ASMP)
  28. Allergy Global Journal of Allergy (Allergy)
  29. Global Journal of Anesthesiology (GJA)
  30. Global Journal of Biotechnology and Biomaterial Science (GJBBS)
  31. Global Journal of Cancer Therapy (GJCT)
  32. Global Journal of Clinical Virology (GJCV)
  33. Global Journal of Crop Science (GJCS)
  34. Global Journal of Ecology (GJE)
  35. Global Journal of Fertility and Research (GJFR)
  36. Global Journal of Infectious Diseases and Clinical Research (GJIDCR)
  37. Global Journal of Medical and Clinical Case Reports (GJMCCR)
  38. Global Journal of Obesity, Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome (GJODMS)
  39. Global Journal of Perioperative Medicine (GJPM)
  40. Global Journal of Rare Diseases (GJRD)
  41. Global Journal of Stem Cell Biology and Transplantation (GJSCBT)
  42. Global Journal of Zoology (GJZ)
  43. Imaging Journal of Clinical and Medical Sciences (IJCMS)
  44. International Journal of Agriculture Science and Food Technology (IJASFT)
  45. International Journal of Aquaculture and Fishery Sciences (IJAFS)
  46. International Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism (IJCEM)
  47. International Journal of Dermatology and Clinical Research (IJDCR)
  48. International Journal of Immunotherapy and Cancer Research (IJICR)
  49. International Journal of Nanomaterials, Nanotechnology and Nanomedicine (IJNNN)
  50. International Journal of Oral and Craniofacial Science (IJOCS)
  51. International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Developmental Research (IJPSDR)
  52. International Journal of Radiology and Radiation Oncology (IJRRO)
  53. International Journal of Vascular Surgery and Medicine (IJVSM)
  54. International Journal of Veterinary Science and Research (IJVSR)
  55. Journal of Addiction Medicine and Therapeutic Science (JAMTS)
  56. Journal of Biology and Medicine (JBM)
  57. Journal of Cardiovascular Medicine and Cardiology (JCMC)
  58. Journal of Civil Engineering and Environmental Sciences (JCEES)
  59. Journal of Clinical Microbiology and Biochemical Technology (JCMBT)
  60. Journal of Clinical Research and Ophthalmology (JCRO)
  61. Journal of Dental Problems and Solutions (JDPS)
  62. Journal of Food Science and Nutrition Therapy (JFSNT)
  63. Journal of Gynecological Research and Obstetrics (JGRO)
  64. Journal of HIV for Clinical and Scientific Research (JHCSR)
  65. Journal of Neurology, Neurological Science and Disorders (JNNSD)
  66. Journal of Novel Physiotherapy and Physical Rehabilitation (JNPPR)
  67. Journal of Surgery and Surgical Research (JSSR)
  68. Journal of Tobacco Diseases (JTD)
  69. Journal of Vaccines and Immunology (JVI)
  70. Open Journal of Trauma (OJT)
  71. Open Journal of Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry (OJABC)
  72. Open Journal of Asthma (OJA)
  73. Open Journal of Bacteriology (OJB)
  74. Open Journal of Cell and Protein Science (OJCPS)
  75. Open Journal of Clinical Toxicology (OJCT)
  76. Open Journal of Environmental Biology (OJEB)
  77. Open Journal of Genome Biology (OJGB)
  78. Open Journal of Influenza (OJI)
  79. Open Journal of Materials Science (OJMS)
  80. Open Journal of Oceanography (OJO)
  81. Open Journal of Pain Medicine (OJPM)
  82. Open Journal of Parkinsons Disease and Treatment (OJPDT)
  83. Open Journal of Plant Science (OJPS)
  84. Open Journal of Proteomics (OJP)
  85. Open Journal of Thyroid Research (OJTR)
  86. Open Journal of Tropical Medicine (OJTM)
  87. Peertechz Journal of Bioinformatics and Biostatistics (PJBB)
  88. Peertechz Journal of Biological Research and Development (PJBRD)
  89. Peertechz Journal of Biomedical Engineering (PJBE)
  90. Peertechz Journal of Clinical Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacokinetics (PJCPCP)
  91. Peertechz Journal of Computer Science and Engineering (PJCSE)
  92. Peertechz Journal of Cytology and Pathology (PJCP)
  93. Peertechz Journal of Environmental Science and Toxicology (PJEST)
  94. Peertechz Journal of Forensic Science and Technology (PJFST)
  95. Peertechz Journal of Gerontology and Geriatric Research (PJGGR)
  96. Peertechz Journal of Health Community and Family Medicine (PJHCFM)
  97. Peertechz Journal of Medicinal Chemistry and Research (PJMCR)
  98. Peertechz Journal of Orthopedics and Rheumatology (PJOR)
  99. Peertechz Journal of Pediatric Therapy (PJPT)
  100. Peertechz Journal of Transplantation and Research (PJTR)
  101. Rheumatica Acta: Open Access (RAOA)
  102. Scientific Journal of Genetics and Gene Therapy (SJGGT)

11 Responses to More Rubbish from Hyderabad: Peertechz

  1. From Morocco says:

    Greetings for the day!

    For additional information, a spam from the Open Journal of Plant Science (Peertechz) described in Phylobotanist’s blog:
    More adventures in science spammer land (Tuesday, June 28, 2016)

  2. Greetings for the day. We have had Peertechz related resources listed since April 2015 and continue to add more as new stuff comes in. For example, today, the “” service offered by SiteGround was added. They know about it and choose to ignore it, so we do the needful and list them so that you all would not need to receive this spam.

  3. Bonbon says:

    I think “Peertechz” is more likely to represent “Peer” + “tech” + “z” (i.e., the “cool” version of “s”) than “Peer” + “Teach”.

  4. Schmuck says:

    “Greetings for the day” sounds like the daily email I have been getting to participate in some conference or to submit a paper about subjects I may or may not know a thing about.

    • herr doktor bimler says:

      It is nice of “Sci Forschen” publishers to provide their Editors with home pages on which to boast of their accomplishments. Do you think he gets discounted fees, for publishing wholesale?

      Despite the German-themed name of SciForschen, and its nominal US address, I’ll hazard the wild guess that it is not actually based in either country.

  5. SSHR says:

    Can you please let me know about this journal “Journal of Information and Communication Technology (JICT)”

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