Bogus Organization Publishes Over 300 Open-Access Journals

International Organization of Scientific Research and Development

Another bogus organization that wants your money.

The International Organization of Scientific Research and Development (IOSRD) launched recently with 3.94 x 102 journals. It’s a bogus organization that only wants to make easy money from scholarly authors.

It’s based in Madras … er, Chennai, India, a place where things tend to multiply a lot. It tries to present itself as a scholarly society (thus the term “Organization” in its name), but it is probably just one guy with a lot of free time to copy or make up journal titles.

When I added this “Organization” to my list on July 5th, it had 382 journals — now it has 394, so it is growing as we speak. You can see a full list of the journals here.

The journals are all broad in scope (for example, Journal of Housing), and many of the journals have titles that are near matches to existing journals.

The publisher uses the open-source Open Journal Systems software to manage all the journals.

International Journal of Ceramic


The publisher has prepared a formal journal cover image for each of the journals, apparently lifting a picture from the internet every time. Here (above) is the cover image for International Journal of Ceramic [sic].

None of the journals I looked at had editorial boards or published articles, but I admit to not examining each and every one.

This publisher stands out for its audacity. I found no information on how much it costs to publish in the IOSRD journals, and it will be interesting to see if anyone actually does submit an article to any of them.

Appendix: List of International Organization of Scientific Research and Development journals as of 2016-07-09:

  1. Global Journal of Acoustical Engineering
  2. Global Journal of Aerospace Engineering
  3. Global Journal of Aesthetics
  4. Global Journal of African Studies
  5. Global Journal of Algebra
  6. Global Journal of American Studies
  7. Global Journal of Analytical Chemistry
  8. Global Journal of Approximation Theory
  9. Global Journal of Asian History
  10. Global Journal of Asian Studies
  11. Global Journal of Astronomy
  12. Global Journal of Automotive Engineering
  13. Global Journal of Biomedical Engineering
  14. Global Journal of Biostatistics
  15. Global Journal of Business Ethics
  16. Global Journal of Business Law
  17. Global Journal of Cell Biology
  18. Global Journal of Chemical Biology
  19. Global Journal of Chemical Engineering
  20. Global Journal of Chronobiology
  21. Global Journal of Communication Studies
  22. Global Journal of Comparative law
  23. Global Journal of Competition law
  24. Global Journal of Computational Biology
  25. Global Journal of Continuum Mechanics
  26. Global Journal of Cooperative Learning
  27. Global Journal of Criminal Justice
  28. Global Journal of Cultural Policy
  29. Global Journal of Cultural Studies
  30. Global Journal of Dentistry
  31. Global Journal of Developmental Biology
  32. Global Journal of Drug Policy
  33. Global Journal of Early Childhood Education
  34. Global Journal of Economic Policy
  35. Global Journal of Education Policy
  36. Global Journal of Elementary Education
  37. Global Journal of Embryology
  38. Global Journal of Emergency Management
  39. Global Journal of English Studies
  40. Global Journal of Entrepreneurship
  41. Global Journal of Entrepreneurship
  42. Global Journal of Environmental Science
  43. Global Journal of Epidemiology
  44. Global Journal of Ethics
  45. Global Journal of Fire Ecology
  46. Global Journal of Fire Safety
  47. Global Journal of Fluid Mechanics
  48. Global Journal of Food Engineering
  49. Global Journal of Foodservice Management
  50. Global Journal of Gerontology
  51. Global Journal of Group Theory
  52. Global Journal of Higher Education
  53. Global Journal of Industrial Organization
  54. Global Journal of Leadership
  55. Global Journal of Mass Transit
  56. Global Journal of Mastery Learning
  57. Global Journal of Mechatronics
  58. Global Journal of Media Studies
  59. Global Journal of Mens Studies
  60. Global Journal of Mental Health
  61. Global Journal of Military History
  62. Global Journal of Music
  63. Global Journal of Numerical Analysis
  64. Global Journal of Nutrition
  65. Global Journal of Operations Research
  66. Global Journal of Organizational Behavior
  67. Global Journal of Orthodontics
  68. Global Journal of Parasitology
  69. Global Journal of Public Policy
  70. Global Journal of Religion
  71. Global Journal of Ring Theory
  72. Global Journal of School Social Work
  73. Global Journal of Secondary Education
  74. Global Journal of Sex Education
  75. Global Journal of Social Philosophy
  76. Global Journal of Sport Management
  77. Global Journal of Sport psychology
  78. Global Journal of Sports Medicine
  79. International Journal of Abnormal Psychology
  80. International Journal of Actuarial Science
  81. International Journal of Advanced Digital Design
  82. International Journal of African History
  83. International Journal of Agricultural Economics
  84. International Journal of Agriculture
  85. International Journal of Agronomy
  86. International Journal of Algorithms
  87. International Journal of Alternative Medicine
  88. International Journal of American History
  89. International Journal of Applied Economics
  90. International Journal of Applied Physics
  91. International Journal of Applied Psychology
  92. International Journal of Archaeology
  93. International Journal of Architecture
  94. International Journal of Area Studies
  95. International Journal of Arts
  96. International Journal of Asian Psychology
  97. International Journal of Astrophysics
  98. International Journal of Atmospheric Chemistry
  99. International Journal of Biochemical Engineering
  100. International Journal of Bioeconomics
  101. International Journal of Biological Anthropology
  102. International Journal of Biological Psychology
  103. International Journal of Biology
  104. International Journal of Black Psychology
  105. International Journal of Business Administration
  106. International Journal of Business Analysis
  107. International Journal of Business Economics
  108. International Journal of Business Ethics
  109. International Journal of Canadian Studies
  110. International Journal of Ceramic
  111. International Journal of Chemistry
  112. International Journal of Clinical Biochemistry
  113. International Journal of Clinical Immunology
  114. International Journal of Clinical Laboratory Sciences
  115. International Journal of Clinical Microbiology
  116. International Journal of Clinical Physiology
  117. International Journal of Clinical Psychology
  118. International Journal of Coastal Engineering
  119. International Journal of Coastal Management
  120. International Journal of Community Practice
  121. International Journal of Composite Materials and Processing
  122. International Journal of Computational Physics
  123. International Journal of Computational Statistics
  124. International Journal of Computer Architecture
  125. International Journal of Computer Science
  126. International Journal of Consumer Education
  127. International Journal of Cultural and Ethnic studies
  128. International Journal of Cultural Geography
  129. International Journal of Cytology
  130. International Journal of Dance
  131. International Journal of Data Structures
  132. International Journal of Demography
  133. International Journal of Design of Experiments
  134. International Journal of Divinity
  135. International Journal of Ecological Engineering
  136. International Journal of Econometrics
  137. International Journal of Economic Geography
  138. International Journal of Economics
  139. International Journal of Education
  140. International Journal of Endodontics
  141. International Journal of Entomology
  142. International Journal of Environmental Management
  143. International Journal of Environmental Studies and Forestry
  144. International Journal of European Studies
  145. International Journal of Exercise Physiology
  146. International Journal of Family and Consumer Science
  147. International Journal of Fisheries Management
  148. International Journal of Gender and Sexuality Studies
  149. International Journal of Geochemistry
  150. International Journal of Geodesy
  151. International Journal of Geography
  152. International Journal of Geomatics
  153. International Journal of Geotechnical Engineering
  154. International Journal of Histology
  155. International Journal of Human History
  156. International Journal of Human Physical Performance and Recreation
  157. International Journal of Human Services
  158. International Journal of Human sexuality
  159. International Journal of Hydraulic Engineering
  160. International Journal of Information Theory
  161. International Journal of Instrumentation Engineering
  162. International Journal of Interior Architecture
  163. International Journal of Interior Design
  164. International Journal of International Relations
  165. International Journal of Journalism, Media Studies and Communication
  166. International Journal of Land Management
  167. International Journal of Landscape Architecture
  168. International Journal of Law
  169. International Journal of Leisure Studies
  170. International Journal of Library and Museum Studies
  171. International Journal of Linear Algebra
  172. International Journal of Linguistics
  173. International Journal of Literature
  174. International Journal of Logic
  175. International Journal of Maritime Archaeology
  176. International Journal of Medical Social Work
  177. International Journal of Metallurgical Engineering
  178. International Journal of Military Science
  179. International Journal of Mining Engineering
  180. International Journal of Natural Resource Management
  181. International Journal of Near Eastern Archaeology
  182. International Journal of Pastoral Counseling
  183. International Journal of Philosophy
  184. International Journal of Photonics
  185. International Journal of Physical Fitness
  186. International Journal of Political Science
  187. International Journal of Polymer Engineering
  188. International Journal of Power Systems
  189. International Journal of Pure Mathematics
  190. International Journal of Quantum Computing
  191. International Journal of Recreation Ecology
  192. International Journal of Religion
  193. International Journal of Services Computing
  194. International Journal of Social Work
  195. International Journal of Sociolinguistics
  196. International Journal of Sociology
  197. International Journal of Solid State Circuits
  198. International Journal of Space Science
  199. International Journal of Sports Sciences
  200. International Journal of Statistics
  201. International Journal of Structural Mechanics
  202. International Journal of Surveying
  203. International Journal of Telecommunications Engineering
  204. International Journal of Textiles
  205. International Journal of Thermodynamics
  206. International Journal of Transportation
  207. International Journal of Urban Planning
  208. International Journal of Wildlife Management
  209. IOSRD International Journal of Anthropology
  210. IOSRD International Journal of Applied Mathematics
  211. IOSRD International Journal of Business
  212. IOSRD International Journal of Earth Science
  213. IOSRD International Journal of Engineering
  214. IOSRD International Journal of Materials Engineering
  215. IOSRD International Journal of Medicine
  216. IOSRD International Journal of Physics
  217. IOSRD International Journal of Power Electronics
  218. IOSRD International Journal of Psychology
  219. IOSRD International Journal of Public Administration
  220. IOSRD International Journal of Systems Science
  221. Journal of Acoustics
  222. Journal of Administrative law
  223. Journal of Aerobiology
  224. Journal of African Religions
  225. Journal of Agricultural Policy
  226. Journal of Agro Chemistry
  227. Journal of Agroecology
  228. Journal of Agrology
  229. Journal of Alternative Education
  230. Journal of American Politics
  231. Journal of Amphibious Warfare
  232. Journal of Analytical Sociology
  233. Journal of Anarchist Economics
  234. Journal of Animal Husbandry
  235. Journal of Animation
  236. Journal of Anthropological Criminology
  237. Journal of Appalachian Studies
  238. Journal of Applied Sociology
  239. Journal of Architectural Analytics
  240. Journal of Architectural Analytics
  241. Journal of Architectural Sociology
  242. Journal of Archival Science
  243. Journal of Artillery
  244. Journal of Arts Administration
  245. Journal of Astrobiology
  246. Journal of Astrochemistry
  247. Journal of Atomic, Molecular, And Optical Physics
  248. Journal of Australian History
  249. Journal of Battlespace
  250. Journal of Behavioural Economics
  251. Journal of Bibliometrics
  252. Journal of Biocybernetics
  253. Journal of Black Holes
  254. Journal of Broadcast Journalism
  255. Journal of Buddhism
  256. Journal of Business English
  257. Journal of Campaigning
  258. Journal of Canadian Politics
  259. Journal of Canon law
  260. Journal of Cartography
  261. Journal of Chaos Theory
  262. Journal of Child Welfare
  263. Journal of Chinese Folk Religion
  264. Journal of Chinese Sociology
  265. Journal of Church History
  266. Journal of Citation Analysis
  267. Journal of Civics
  268. Journal of Classical Archaeology
  269. Journal of Classical Language
  270. Journal of Collective Behavior
  271. Journal of Commercial Policy
  272. Journal of Community Informatics
  273. Journal of Comparative Anatomy
  274. Journal of Comparative Education
  275. Journal of Comparative literature
  276. Journal of Comparative Politics
  277. Journal of Complex Systems
  278. Journal of Complexity Economics
  279. Journal of Computational Economics
  280. Journal of Computational linguistics
  281. Journal of Conceptual Systems
  282. Journal of Condensed Matter Physics
  283. Journal of Conservation Biology
  284. Journal of Conservation Science
  285. Journal of Constitutional law
  286. Journal of Corrections
  287. Journal of Creative Nonfiction
  288. Journal of Critical Pedagogy
  289. Journal of Cross-Cultural Studies
  290. Journal of Cryobiology
  291. Journal of Cultural Anthropology
  292. Journal of Culturology
  293. Journal of Curriculum and Instruction
  294. Journal of Cybernetics
  295. Journal of Cytogenetics
  296. Journal of Cytohematology
  297. Journal of Decision Science
  298. Journal of Dental Hygiene and Epidemiology
  299. Journal of Dental Surgery
  300. Journal of Diachronic Linguistics
  301. Journal of Digital Journalism
  302. Journal of Discourse Analysis
  303. Journal of Doctrine
  304. Journal of Domestic Policy
  305. Journal of Drawing
  306. Journal of E-Business
  307. Journal of Edaphology
  308. Journal of Egyptology
  309. Journal of Energy Policy
  310. Journal of Environmental chemistry
  311. Journal of Epistemology
  312. Journal of Ergonomics
  313. Journal of Ethnic Studies
  314. Journal of Ethnolinguistics
  315. Journal of Ethnology
  316. Journal of Ethnomusicology
  317. Journal of Etymology
  318. Journal of European History
  319. Journal of Experimental Archaeology
  320. Journal of Fashion design
  321. Journal of Feminine Psychology
  322. Journal of Feminist Geography
  323. Journal of Field Theory
  324. Journal of Filmmaking
  325. Journal of Food Policy
  326. Journal of Game Design
  327. Journal of Game Theory
  328. Journal of Gemology
  329. Journal of Grammar
  330. Journal of Graphic design
  331. Journal of Gravitational Astronomy
  332. Journal of Haemostasiology
  333. Journal of Hetero Sexism
  334. Journal of Highway Safety
  335. Journal of Hinduism
  336. Journal of Historic Preservation
  337. Journal of Historical linguistics
  338. Journal of Homiletics
  339. Journal of Housing
  340. Journal of Human Anatomy
  341. Journal of Human Geography
  342. Journal of Human Resources Management
  343. Journal of Human sexual behavior
  344. Journal of Indology
  345. Journal of Industrial design
  346. Journal of Infographics
  347. Journal of Information Architecture
  348. Journal of Interlinguistics
  349. Journal of Intermodal Transportation Studies
  350. Journal of Interstellar Medium
  351. Journal of Jainism
  352. Journal of Legal Management
  353. Journal of Lie Algebra
  354. Journal of Literary Criticism
  355. Journal of Liturgy
  356. Journal of Marine Transportation
  357. Journal of Masculine Psychology
  358. Journal of Mathematical Statistics
  359. Journal of Medieval literature
  360. Journal of Meta Philosophy
  361. Journal of Military Engineering
  362. Journal of Modern Language
  363. Journal of Molecular Genetics
  364. Journal of Museology
  365. Journal of Museum Informatics
  366. Journal of Network Science
  367. Journal of Numerical Simulations
  368. Journal of Operating Systems
  369. Journal of Organizational Studies
  370. Journal of Organology
  371. Journal of Painting
  372. Journal of Paleoanthropology
  373. Journal of Pastoral Theology
  374. Journal of Philosophical Traditions
  375. Journal of Photography
  376. Journal of Poetry
  377. Journal of Port Management
  378. Journal of Post-Modern Literature
  379. Journal of Prehistoric Archaeology
  380. Journal of Recording
  381. Journal of Religious Education Techniques
  382. Journal of Rhetoric
  383. Journal of Sample Survey
  384. Journal of Sikhism
  385. Journal of Silviculture
  386. Journal of Speech Communication
  387. Journal of Sports Coaching
  388. Journal of Statistical Modelling
  389. Journal of Synchronic Linguistics
  390. Journal of Theory of Computation
  391. Journal of Toy and Amusement Design
  392. Journal of Visual Arts
  393. Journal of VLSI Design
  394. Journal of World Literature

Journal of Black Holes

33 Responses to Bogus Organization Publishes Over 300 Open-Access Journals

  1. Koushik Pal says:

    This will only earn bad name for the true hardworking Indian publishers. Legitimate becomes illegitimate when the bastards swarm the scene.

  2. Bonbon says:

    The font they use for their name in the first image is Comic Sans MS.

    “Use of Comic Sans MS” should clearly be among the list of factors used to determine if a publisher is predatory.

  3. herr doktor bimler says:

    The lower image (Journal of Black Holes) turns out to have been stolen from the University of Warwick (who credit Mark Garlick for the artwork). Perhaps the IOSRD was inspired by the Journal of Cosmology, specialists in that Christian Psychedelic-Rock Album-Cover style of graphic design.

    I found no information on how much it costs to publish in the IOSRD journals
    $70 at the International Journal of Engineering. The IJE is now up to Vol 3, #2, and is perhaps the longest-established ass in the stable.

    Note the New Journal Registration Form

    for eager readers keen to do the grifter’s work for him by running their own predatory journal under the IOSRD umbrella. Only $160 / year! (with additional charges if the enthusiastic editor wants to provide the new journal with “Doi, Cross Reference, CC Atribution 4, Language editing, Plagiarism testing” — yeah right).

    Oh look, the scammer promises a Digital Library!

    International Organization of Scientific Research and Development (IOSRD) Digital Library
    Welcome to the IOSRD Digital Library…
    The IOSRD Digital Library (IDL) is a state-wide metadata repository for digital resources created by Pennsylvania libraries, museums, educational institutions, and other cultural heritage organizations. IDL provides researchers with an aggregated search interface for these digital materials. This search tool will increase exposure to Pennsylvania’s digital resources and make them more available on the open Web.

    Now he’s branching into the Conference con, which is probably where the money is:

  4. […] Para un listado completo de las revistas, véase el apéndice del artículo de Beall. […]

  5. jj says:

    Now at 398 journals.
    That one is nice: “Global Journal of Mastery Learning”: “This particular journal called Global Journal of Mastery Learning is deals with the goal of mastery learning approaches is to have all students learn instructional material at roughly equivalent, high levels.”

  6. herr doktor bimler says:

    it is probably just one guy with a lot of free time to copy or make up journal titles

    It turns out to be more complicated than that. More information about IOSRD is helpfully provided in their Conference web-pages.
    Consider, in particular, “2nd International Conference on Researches in Science, Management and Engineering (ICRSME2016)” —

    The organisers and patrons include

    Mrs. K. Uma, Director, International Organization of Scientific Research and Development (IOSRD), India:
    Mrs. P. Dhivya, Vice President, International Organization of Scientific Research and Development (IOSRD), India;
    Mr. R. Velraj, Head-Journal Manager, International Organization of Scientific Research and Development (IOSRD), India;
    Mr. K. Kamal, B.E., Journal Manager, IOSRD, India
    Mr. E. Padmanathan B.E., Journal Manager, IOSRD India

    Then there follows a long list of Associated International Journals, in which the people attending the conference can publish the papers based on their reports.

    While according to an earlier brochure advertising this scamference,
    there is also
    Dr. K. Natarajan, President, International Organization of Scientific Research and Development (IOSRD), Ret. Professor, Anna University, Chennai

    He appears to be a real person, and I would not be surprised to find the other IORSD organisers somewhere in the Anna Uni faculty.

    That brochure goes on to divide the prestigious journals into two classes, with different publication fees, depending on their status. The majority of lower-caste journals are from IOSRD. A shorter list — only six titles — are pricier, but they claim to be recognised by “Scopus / [Thomson] ISI / Anna University Annexure-II “:

    International journal of Vehicle structures and systems
    Journal of Applied sciences and research
    Australian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences,
    Advances in Environmental Biology (AEB),
    Research Journal of Fisheries and Hydrobiology (RJFH),
    International journal of Applied Engineering Research

    This Annexure II appears to be a White-list of journals maintained by Chennai’s Anna University for purposes of staff promotion / tenure, so a predatory publisher benefits enormously when one of its titles lists into the whitelist, e.g. IJAER. As do the equally bogus conferences that fit into the ecosystem.

    So the implausibly-entitled “Australian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences” emanates from the equally implausible AENSI publisher, the “American-Eurasian Network for Scientific Information“… that is to say, an agronomist in Jordan. In fact the same dude also publishes JASR, AEB and RJFH. Needless to say, AENSI is on Beall’s List.

    What of the remaining two Prestigious Journals? I’m glad you asked! The IJAER comes to us from the publisher RIP, Research India Publications, along with several hundred equally grasping outlets. In contrast, the IJVSS is the only journal from MAFTREE — “a Section 25 company limited by guarantee, based in Chennai”, and I am happy to believe that it is perfectly legitimate.

    Anyway, the logos of AENSI, RIP and MAFTREE feature on the cover of the conference Proceedings, to acknowledge their collaboration.

    It all looks larger and more organised than a one-man operation, despite the shambolic appearance of the predatory-journal aspect.

  7. […] Bogus Organization Publishes Over 300 Open-Access Journals Jeffrey Beall […]

  8. ramanad says:

    Actual owner of this company website is Umanath K from Vel Tech High Tech Engineering College, his email id is


    Also, this.

    • herr doktor bimler says:

      Also, this.
      That’s hilarious. The IORSD conference organisers come across as more honest than the complainant.

      • MC says:

        Submitting a paper without knowing what journal you are submitting to….only in India

      • herr doktor bimler says:

        The complainant does make the valid point that at least one journal on the Expensive List 1 of targeted journals (US$700 or 46000 R) is a bogus, hijacked journal (the “Transylvanian Review”). Making it the only journal on the list in which the IOSRD conferences can actually be sure of publishing something (the “Australian journal of structural engineering” is not so amenable to negotiation).

        It is almost as if scamference organisers read ScholarlyOA to see which journals have been hijacked, and are thus suitable to be offered to credulous attendees as one of the potential outlets for their paper. Oddly enough, List 1 is in roughly alphabetical order, except Transylvanian Review, almost as if the IOSRD person who compiled the spreadsheet knew it was bogus, and slipped in the name as #28 (between “Journal of architectural engineering” and “Journal of Medical Imaging and Health Informatics”) in the hope that it wouldn’t be noticed.

        Then there are the seven List-2 journals, available at US$150 or 5000 R; they are supposedly on the Anna University Annexure-II whitelist, but might as well have been copied from Beall’s List. The author has the choice on which of them will print his / her article. There is not much difference between them in levels of fraudulence.

        The four journals on List-3 come with the price-tag of US$210 or 7000 R. Also on the Anna University Annexure-II whitelist. The higher price, I guess, is because they claim to be ISI / Web-of-Science indexed. All scammy.

        List-4 are the IOSRD’s own International Journals. Only 256 of them at the time the spreadsheet was compiled. If your paper doesn’t fit any of the available receptacles, no matter, the IOSRD will create a new one.

        They are, however, “ISI and Scopus Under processing, Impact Factor, Doi, Cros Ref, Google Scholar” indexed!

    • mahesan anna university says:

      IOSRD says revealing information regarding the journal in which they are going to publish is not their policy. what a company who is helping researchers in India by conducting conferences in grand manner

  9. ramanad says:

    Mr. K. Kamal, B.E., Journal Manager, IOSRD, India
    Mr. E. Padmanathan B.E., Journal Manager, IOSRD India

    from the above information, most of the journal managers are bachelor degree holders but handling doctoral degree holder research papers, what a pity for all authors who submit their papers to this organization. it simply degrades their valuable work

    • raj says:

      Dear Sir,

      please confirm all these things are true because recently i presented my research paper in their conference conducted on Jul 15-16, 2016 Madurai, India. My paper had original work and very valuable I am planning to publish in journal also. Please suggest me what should I do now and How we stop other to publish with them.

    • Dear Ramanad,

      We have the More than 300 PhD doctoral committee members, not only handling the BE holders.. Dont degrade to our service to researcher….

      • MC says:

        If you happen to see member Richardbep Richardbep RichardbepTZ, from Tokelau at any meetings, tell him he’s got an awesome name.

      • herr doktor bimler says:

        The list of PhD doctoral committee members introduced me to:

        Dr. Timoexpague QZ, Samoa
        Prof. T.W. EdwaOt, Assistant Professor, Isle of Man
        KengoDifs KengoDifs Neil, Latvia
        KulyFusa KulyFusa Kyle, Kyrgyzstan
        PolkCick PolkCick Jessica, Anguilla
        Prof. Ykuldiep Carlos, Assistant Professor, Ukraine
        AmorBuig AmorBuig Juan, Armenia
        Klopgota Klopgota Julian, United Kingdom
        Prof. Birenmync Arianna, Canada
        Matthewmr Matthewmr MatthewmrUC, Japan
        Hermansego Hermansego HermansegoVZ, France
        Prof. O.M. Andrewcaw, Djibouti
        Prof. SG DeshawnMn, Assistant Professor, Samoa
        Sherryduh Sherryduh SherryduhNF, Japan
        Jeffreysinc Jeffreysinc JeffreysincMU, Uruguay
        TaylorNeap TaylorNeap TaylorNeapOE, Madagascar
        Prof. VL Conniedror, Assitant Professor, New Zealand
        WillieOr WillieOr WillieOrLG, Latvia
        Kennethhaw Kennethhaw KennethhawYY, Switzerland
        Williamsax Williamsax WilliamsaxIG, Somalia
        WeleEi WeleEi WeleEiHG, Hong Kong
        Stevenma Stevenma StevenmaHI, Afghanistan
        Miltonhuri Miltonhuri MiltonhuriQV, Czech Republic
        Prof. EE CharlesKict, Switzerland

        Oddly enough, their websites and e-addresses all turn out to be skuzzy on-line pharmacies pimping cheap v1@gra and c1al1s.

        Then there is the whole cadre of spambots with spam-addresses and names from bad porn movies: Eula Bridges, Kimberly Villarreal, Brittney Guy, Prof. Missy Castro, Chelsea Flowers,…

        So manuscripts and conference abstracts submitted to IOSRD will be carefully reviewed by spambots and potency-pill scammers. Good to know!

  10. ​Dear sir,

    Dont believe this statement Some bastards are written some falls statement about IOSRD. We serviced for our researcher sincerely. Somebody creating bad name for the true hardworking of IOSRD Organisation.

    The above listed are new journals created by IOSRD not a fake one. We are try to get editors for all New IOSRD Journals.

    Please Remove this post ASAP or else we will take severe action for who posted this commands……..

    Some Information about IOSRD,

    IOSRD Register in Department of Industries and Commerce, Under Tamilnadu and India Registration..

    Reg No. 3 3 0 0 1 2 2 55835

    Please refer our past 5 th conferences are conducted grandly on 16/07/2016 at Madurai.

    Recently Organised Madurai 5th Conference Photos for your Reference:

    Some other Conference Photos for your Reference:

    List of Members:

    • MC says:

      Why do you have a million journals?

    • MC says:

      Have you ever been a to real conference? You have, like, 20 sullen looking people at something called “ICASME 2015”.
      I also love how every single person gets an award. It looks like that one guy got, what, 7? at “ICDSME 2015”. Lucky!!

      Do you even realize how ridiculous this looks or did it just earn a lot of money?

  11. Dear website owner, kindly Remove this wrong statement by IOSRD

  12. mahesan anna university says:

    So, Mr. R. Velraj, you are feeling that you are doing everything only for researchers and not for money. You are doing everything wholeheartedly. For freely publishing journals you are charging 75000 inr, what for that. just answer this question, it is enough

    • I.P. Freely says:

      mahesan .. stop crying on the ISORD legal organization for they have done excellent jobs here in india to help all science researchers. Please do your informing before you start to cry on all the members. you plainly see this conferences are quite superb with resarch to help all peoples but yet why you not choose to see this?

      • mahesan anna university says:

        Dear Sir,

        please read MC comments about your grand conference, you can understand

  13. mahesan anna university says:

    what is there in the conference please tell me, is it a professional conference, what is your review process, who reviewed the papers, what is the criteria for selection, just within a month you are posting the event and finishing. in this one moth international level papers you are reviewing and contributing to science. if you feel this grand international conference then just understand where are you. In your selected list my fake paper also there if you want i will reveal it. you sent the acceptance letter for that paper also in which I written all nonsense which does not suite for school essay completion which you selected for international conference. before posting a comment please learn english

  14. herr doktor bimler says:

    It occurs to me that IOSRD is following IORD quite closely, in general business model as well as name.

    Another take on IOSRD:

  15. mahesan anna university says:

    IOSRD looking like big cheater working for only money other than any intention. I dont know how many people already paid them for publication in annexure-1 journal, I request them to rise a complaint against them to prevent this kind of activities in future. without feeling shame they plan for more conferences and other activitis.

    if you really publish in annexure-1 journal please send one link of published paper with your reference.

    Seriously government should act on this company to prevent this kind of cheating activities in future.

    • herr doktor bimler says:

      I dont know how many people already paid them for publication in annexure-1 journal

      This is a good illustration of the problems with a ‘whitelist’ of approved journals. It simply provides the scammers with a list of targets for “identity theft” or hijacking.

      Clearly the people at Anna University who maintain the Annexure-I whitelist are aware of the problem — they list the correct websites for 13 hijacked journals (Sylwan, Wulfenia, Jokull, etc). Whereupon the hijackers simply go through the list and choose new journals to hijack. Most recently, the Transylvania Review. Then there is a brief window for profit until the imposture is too widely rcognised.

      It is also evident that the bogus-conference scammers like IOSRD are informed, quite rapidly, when there is a new no-standards website like the stolen TR to which they can direct conference papers. Perhaps they learn it by reading this blog.

  16. mahesan anna university says:

    Anna university please answer for last statements, do you want your researchers to publish like this by running this kind of organization on your own

    ICITESB 2016

    August 26, 2016 – August 27, 2016

    International Conference on Recent Trends in Engineering, Science and (ICITESB2016) Held on 26 & 27 August 2016, Madurai, Organized by International Organization of Scientific Research and Development(IOSRD), India. The ICITESB is an annual conference aimed at presenting current research being carried out in the fields of Science, Engineering, Management and Technology. The conference brings together the scientists, scholars, engineers and students from various colleges, universities, research organizations and industries all around the world to present ongoing research in the field of of Science, Engineering, Management and Technology.

    Call For Paper

    Original research papers for presentation in the conference are invited from Research Scholars, P.G. & U.G. Students and authors are requested to send extended full paper by e-mail: or Online Paper Submission


    All accepted papers will be published in ANNA UNIVERSITY ANNEXURE-I,SCOPUS, Thomson Reuters (ISI), ANNA UNIVERSITY ANNEXURE-II, Google Scholar International journals

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