OA Journal Disappears Then Reappears as an OMICS Journal

Management Journals

Bad management.

I learned recently that the domain name for one of the publishers on my list had expired. In investigating this, I learned that the publisher’s lone journal has been sold, apparently, to OMICS International, the most notorious and predatory scholarly publisher ever to exist.

The publisher was called Management Journals. Its domain name expired on July 11, 2016 and has not been renewed. It published only one journal, the International Journal of Economics and Management Sciences (IJEMS), which started publishing in 2011.

Management Journals claimed to be based in Staten Island, New York, but I think it was really run from Pakistan.

Domain name expired, with no explanation, no re-directs.

Domain name expired, with no explanation, no re-directs.

Looking at the Wayback Machine, it appears the journal published a total of 26 issues from the period 2011-2014. I originally thought that the published content had been lost, as is normally the case when an open-access publisher goes out of business. But I searched the titles of some of the old articles to see whether they still existed anywhere on the internet and found they were indeed still available.

This is what the journal looked like under its original publisher.

This is what the journal looked like under its original publisher.

I discovered the journal was sold to OMICS International, and they have transferred all or most of the articles from the old journal to its new website.  OMICS has given the journal a new editorial board and a new, fake impact factor.

OMICS International has for several years been spamming journals offering to buy them, and some of these emails have been forwarded to me. This appears to be a case where they were successful in acquiring a low-quality journal and fitting it into their journal portfolio, which is already full of rubbish journals.

Reborn under the banner of the worst publisher ever.

Reborn under the banner of the worst publisher ever.

There’s no re-direct from the old URLs to the new ones. The lesson here is that if you publish in a low-quality, open-access journal, your article may someday appear in a journal from a stigmatized publisher such OMICS International.

OMICS International’s management suffers from megalomania and wants to take over and rule scholarly publishing. The publisher doesn’t manage any peer review for most of the articles it publishes, and it is abusive towards scholarly authors, as I have documented many times here.

Again, be careful where you publish, or your work may appear in a journal from a publisher like OMICS International.

10 Responses to OA Journal Disappears Then Reappears as an OMICS Journal

  1. varun p says:

    OA publishers really have a bade experience with them. Had send an article to their OA case report journal..2 years back!!!..all of a sudden the whole group has vanished ..till date no response!!! Tried to contact with the editorial team and the publishing team for past two years the website is also not updated since 2014

    • Ghazal says:

      You may place your article in free places like Research Gate with full article address. If the journal has archived the hardcopy with a national library, you will be able to even refer to this. Even big firms may go bankrupt but your paper won’t :-)

  2. […] OA Journal Disappears Then Reappears as an OMICS Journal Jeffrey Beall […]

  3. Lalitha Pasam says:

    Thank you for your time, great job

  4. Tesfaye Tebeka says:

    Dear Jeffre, The International Organization of Scientific Research (IOSR) invites to me to submit a paper in order to publish in their next issue. Could you have any information about the journal? Thanks.

    • I recommend you find a journal from a stronger publisher.

      • falah says:

        Dear Jeffrey Beall

        Would you please give me more information about conferenceseries.com?
        Recently I took an invitation from them for participating in Specialists Meeting on Ear, Nose and Throat Disorders” Conference. I sent an article. One week later, I receive the acceptance from them as oral presentation. Their website offer to publish article after congress in OMICS publisher.
        Do you have any information about this conferences? Is it a real ENT CONFERENCE?
        Best wishes

      • conferenceseries.com is the conference organizing arm of the predatory publisher OMICS International.
        I strongly recommend that all researchers not register for any of this company’s conferences. Numerous reports show that it is a completely bogus effort, designed only to get as much money from researchers while providing as little as possible in the way of quality conference organization. OMICS International organizes and sponsors anti-conferences. Don’t waste your time or money on them. Seek out conferences from an authentic scholarly society.

  5. Peter Raeth says:

    Many greetings to you Dr. Beall. Am much in respect of your work. Do you have a link to a list of open-access journals that you DO recommend? Thank you very much and may God bless your objectivity and truth.

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