Predatory Publisher Exploits Einstein, Debases Science

Relatively awful

Relatively awful

A new, India-based predatory publisher has emerged — Einstein International Journal Organization. The publisher gratuitously uses the name of one of one of history’s greatest scientists to attract manuscripts and author fees from unwary researchers for its nine anti-journals.

Two things stand out about this publisher’s journals: they combine multiple fields of study, including fields not normally treated together in the same journal, and they are in some cases devoted to pseudo-science.

My favorite is the EIJO Journal of Civil Engineering, Architecture, Interior Design and Innovative Research (EIJO–CEAIDIR). You don’t see too many scholarly journals that cover interior design, and there are even fewer that combine this field with civil engineering. Of course, the publisher claims — falsely — that the journal has an impact factor of 2.078. Pretty much all journals from India have impact factors now, most of them made up.

EIJO Journal of Homeopathic, Unani Medicine and Innovative Research

Colorful junk science.

Another of their journals is the EIJO Journal of Homeopathic, Unani Medicine and Innovative Research (EIJO-HUMIR). Unani is a pseudo-science associated with the silly “cupping” trend. This journal at least does not list any impact factor, and it hasn’t published any articles yet, thankfully. It’s just someone’s bad idea at this stage.

The publisher is based in Jaipur, Rajasthan. It requires its unlucky authors to both pay to publish ($100) and transfer their copyright. The author fees are to be deposited directly into Mrs. Nitu’s personal savings account:

Profit center.

Profit center.

I think that if Albert Einstein were alive today to read the journals published by the Einstein International Journal Organization he would be sickened, and no amount of lead-tainted treatment from pseudo-sciences such as Ayurveda or Unani would make him well again.

Additional reading:

Beninger, P. G., Beall, J. & Shumway, S. E. (2016). Debasing the currency of science: The growing menace of predatory open access journals. Journal of Shellfish Research, 35(1), 1-5.

Appendix: List of Einstein International Journal Organization journals as of 2016-08-10

  1. EIJO Journal of Ayurveda, Herbal Medicine and Innovative Research (EIJO–AHMIR)
  2. EIJO Journal of Bio-Technology, Food Technology, Agriculture and Innovative Research (EIJO–JBTFTAIR)
  3. EIJO Journal of Civil Engineering, Architecture, Interior Design and Innovative Research (EIJO–CEAIDIR)
  4. EIJO Journal of Engineering, Technology and Innovative Research (EIJO–JETIR)
  5. EIJO Journal of Homeopathic, Unani Medicine and Innovative Research (EIJO-HUMIR)
  6. EIJO Journal of Humanities, Social Affair, Management and Innovative Research (EIJO–JHSAMIR)
  7. EIJO Journal of Law, Cyber Crime, Justice and Innovative Research (EIJO-JLCCJIR)
  8. EIJO Journal of Medical, Health Science, and Innovative Research (EIJO–JMHSIR)
  9. EIJO Journal of Science, Technology and Innovative Research (EIJO–JSTIR)

12 Responses to Predatory Publisher Exploits Einstein, Debases Science

  1. Ahmad B Hassanat says:

    Thanks Jeff,
    keep up the good work and keep catching Cockroaches.

  2. Leslie says:

    Innovative research seems to be a constant theme in their journals…LOL

  3. Ramze A. Elzahrany says:

    Is there any legal implication for misusing the name of Einstein in this very shameful practice?!

    • liorsham says:

      Unfortunately there is no legal issue. The Hebrew University of Jerusalem used to own the copyrights according to Einstein’s will. Copyrights are protected for a maximum of 50 years. Einstein died in 1955, and therefore no one now owns copyrights for his name or image.

      • David Taylor says:

        Names cannot be copyrighted. They may be trademarked, but I doubt that Einstein copyrighted his name…

  4. liorsham says:

    That’s an interesting point. What would Einstein think about it? It is not completely sure that he would be sickened from these journals abusing his name more than he would have been from the peer-review system of the “real” journals.

    Einstein was never a great fan of the peer-review system, and in one famous case was even upset with the editor for sending his manuscript to a reviewer. His most important and influential work was not peer-reviewed. With the peer-review system that we have today, Einstein was probably unable to publish his work.

    • Ghazal says:

      Maybe this explains why the publisher uses Einstein’s name. The publisher claims implicitly it has no peer review and follows Einstein’s will :-)

      • liorsham says:

        I wish there was some (serious) journal like that. I’d read it. The publisher mentioned in this post, however, gives us every reason to believe that it is nothing but a scam.

    • Marco says:

      That famous case (Phys Rev Lett) is also an illustrative that peer review can work as intended, as Einstein apparently radically changed the conclusion when he published it elsewhere.

      That his work would not be published with the current peer-review system is pure speculation.

      • liorsham says:

        These are interesting points, but I think change the topic. The question is not whether the peer-review system is good or bad (which is an important topic in itself), but whether Einstein would indeed be shocked if he knew that his name is used by a publisher that does not administer a peer-review process. The answer is not necessarily yes.

  5. herr doktor bimler says:

    Unani is a pseudo-science associated with the silly “cupping” trend.

    A form of non-Western quackery not yet adopted by trend-jumping suckers! This cannot last! I wonder which celebrity will be the first to adopt Unani therapy for optimum health.

  6. kpmitton says:

    Reblogged this on Ken Mitton, PhD FARVO and commented:
    Another weekly informative post on another predatory junk publisher. From the Scholarly Open Access blog.

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