August’s Harvest: Three Wretched Open-Access Publishers

The rubbish publishers keep on appearing.

The rubbish publishers keep on appearing.

This blog post profiles three new scholarly open-access publishers added to my list in August, 2016. The names cover the alphabet from A to Z: American Journal, Scholars Middle East Publishers, and Zygoscient. Additionally, I append a short description of a standalone predatory journal that took liberties with a United States Government logo.

As American as curried rice.

As American as curried rice.

1. American Journal. This publisher has a grammatical error in its name, for it publishes three open-access journals and should be called ‘American Journals.” It actually is based in the United States, unlike most OA publishers that exploit North American geography in their names.

It’s based in Connecticut, and it’s owned by a bunch of Bangladeshis or Bangladeshi-Americans that live in the New York City Area. I wrote about them three and a half years ago. Among all their open-access imprints, they publish thousands of journals.

Everything's a lie here.

Everything’s a lie here.

2. Scholars Middle East Publishers claims it’s based in Dubai. However, most of its journals steal the name of a neighboring kingdom and start with the phrase, “Saudi Journal of …

In all the firm publishes eleven journals, with twelve others listed as “upcoming.” Here are their instructions for submitting a paper: “Manuscript should submit along with electronically to the email IDs :”

Generous, they only charge $25 per paper, but given the abysmal quality of this publisher, even this rock-bottom APC may be too much. Suspiciously, they also accept payments in Indian rupees.

Perhaps this publisher should be re-named to “Scholars South Asia Publishers.”



3. Zygoscient is a brand-new publisher of six medical journals that smells like OMICS International. It says, “Contact info, Los Angeles, California,” which only tells us it’s headquarters is most certainly somewhere other than LA.

I got a copy of one of their spam emails, and it was signed by “Michael Skyler,” certainly a contrived name. The spam begins,

I hope you are doing well!

We are truly obliged to introduce our Journal of Clinical Cardiology and Cardiac Therapy which has been recently launched and is looking forward to frame up an eminent and outstanding first issue with the best quality articles.

We have chosen selected scientists who have contributed excellent work to the scientific community, thus I kindly request you to contribute Research, Case report, Letter to editor, Short communication or Review manuscript for publication in our Inaugural issue.

See? Typical OMICS International prose. OMICS International is trying to saturate scholarly publishing and completely take it over. It is creating dozens of bogus publishers such as Zygoscient.

This publisher is the last one on my list, alphabetically.


Stealing from the U.S. Government.

Stealing from the U.S. Government.

The image above is a screenshot of part of the homepage of the International Journal of Engineering Science Invention Research & Development, based somewhere in India.

Does the circular logo look familiar? It’s derived, probably as a trademark violation, from the logo of the United States National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

The original logo.

The original logo.

Predatory publishers continue to increase in number. The problem is not going away anytime soon.



List of American Journal journals as of 2016-08-19:

  1. American Journal of Engineering & Natural Sciences (AJENS)
  2. American Journal of Business Studies (AJBS)
  3. American Journal of Social Studies (AJSS)


List of Scholars Middle East Publishers journals as of 2016-08-19:

  1. Saudi Journal of Biomedical Research (SJBR)
  2. Saudi Journal of Business and Management Studies
  3. Saudi Journal of Engineering and Technology
  4. Saudi Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences
  5. Saudi Journal of Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences
  6. Saudi Journal of Pathology and Microbiology (SJPM)
  7. Scholars Bulletin
  8. Haya: The Saudi Journal of Life Sciences
  9. Saudi Journal of Oral and Dental Research (SJODR)
  10. Saudi Journal of Biomedical Research (SJBR)
  11. Saudi Journal of Medicine (SJM)


List of Zygoscient journals as of 2016-08-19:

  1. International Journal of STD and AIDS Research (IJSTADAIDSR)
  2. Journal of Anesthetic Research and Pain Medicine (JARPM)
  3. Journal of Clinical Cardiology and Cardiac Therapy (JCCCT)
  4. Journal of Diabetes Mellitus and Metabolic Syndrome (JDMMS)
  5. Journal of Stem Cells and Regenerative Therapy (JSCRT)
  6. Obstetrics and Gynaecology Insights (OGI)

15 Responses to August’s Harvest: Three Wretched Open-Access Publishers

  1. Sam says:

    Hi Professer thank you sir for your liste it helped me a lot .

    Please can you help me I am searching for a journal that does not take much time to answer and I found that fee journals can be the solution because I have to finich my work ( Phd student) so can you recomend any good journals paied or not in engineering biomedicals science with a short time to response .

    Thank you and keep the good work

  2. Lalitha Pasam says:

    Hi Jeff,

    Good work. Keep going.

  3. tekija says:

    IJSTADAIDSR – quite a mouthful.

  4. Krishnamurthy Bhat says:

    Dear Prof. Jeff,
    Having come so far in creating the awareness about these predatory journals, how do we move forward to end this menace? I think all of us, right thinking researchers should come together and do something, but what?

  5. Mamed says:

    Dear Dr. Beall,

    what about this journal :
    European Journal of Engineering Research and Science


  6. DWeb says:

    Surely no one will notice if I rip off the NOAA logo, right? What’s next, the NASA meatball?

  7. Herr Doktor Bimler says:

    Three months later, Zygoscient has apparently received a total of 66 Indian visitors and 132 from the US, according to the counter on their site. Many of them, I suspect, readers of ScholarlyOA who went there to point and laugh.

    They remain at six journals, where the text tries hard to project a sense of scholarly gravitas, if not literacy:

    Stem cells are a class of undifferentiated cells those are able to differentiate into specialized cell types.

    Unexpectedly, the company is not registered in Hyderabad, but rather in Cuttack (Orissa) with an address in Sundargarh; directors Abinash Mallick and Dr Ashok Kumar Mallick.

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