Open-Access Journal Charges People to Serve on Its Editorial Board

Journal of Scientific Letters

Return to sender.

The Journal of Scientific Letters is another low-quality, India-based open-access journal that is idiosyncratic, non-standard, and appallingly unprofessional. The journal’s website states that it charges researchers to serve on its editorial board.

This standalone journal has a colorful website, incorporating pirated pictures from across the Internet. The journal is a one-man operation run out of an apartment in Calcutta. Its sole proprietor is Swati Paul.

Paul’s English is poor, which is reflected in the website:

JOURNAL OF SCIENTIFIC LETTERS (JSL) is a peer reviewed multi-disciplinary an online & open access Triannual English version international journal which specialize in the publication of articles related to the following fields:

Remarkably, Paul has the audacity to charge researchers to serve on this predatory journal’s editorial board.

Pay to review.

Pay to review.

The text says,

Interested to Join our Editorial Board Member
If any individual is interested to join our editorial board then s/he must be submitted CV with photo to our email: which should be addressed to the Editor in Chief. After receiving acceptance through email, the fees should be submitted & after that the name will be appear this page under Members of the Central Executive Committee column. After acceptance, the bank details will be send to the applicant email. Please noted that, fees are not refundable in any circumstances.

a) Yearly: INR 3000/- (For India) or USD 40 (For other countries)
b) Lifetime: INR 21000/- (For India) or USD 300 (For other countries)

Therefore, the editorial board — which currently has 29 members — is really a list of people who have been duped by this journal. How embarrassing!

This is scholarly publishing?

This is scholarly publishing?

This completely bogus journal is further evidence of the Indian scholarly publishing industry’s decline and fall. The journal charges authors $30 to $50 to publish, requires copyright transfer, and promises to complete “peer review” in 5-7 days.

When will this nonsense ever end?

Hat tip: Nicolle Watts, pubshub


32 Responses to Open-Access Journal Charges People to Serve on Its Editorial Board

  1. Anonymous says:

    “Scientific Letters”: I…O…U!

  2. Nitish Puri says:

    People from IIT’s and NIT’s and other reputed colleges of India are well aware of these bogus, fake and low standard journals and publishers. So they are not a threat to Indian intellectuality. Good researchers in India prefers journals from Springer, Elsevier, T&F Willey etc. All the reputed colleges have their own list of acceptable journals. For example, I am putting a list from my department (Geotechnical Engineering):

    S. No. Society/Publisher Name of Journal
    1. ICE publishing, Thomas Telford Ltd., London: Geotechniques, Environmental Geotechnics, International Journal of Physical Modeling in Geotechnics, Ground Improvement, Geosynthetics International

    2. Japanese Geotechnical Society, Tokyo: Soils & Foundations

    3. ASTM: Journal of ASTM International, Journal of Testing and Evaluation (JTE)Geotechnical Testing Journal (GTJ)

    4. Science Direct/Elsevier: Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering, International Journal of Rock Mechanics and Mining Sciences, Geotextiles and Geomembranes, Computers and Geotechnics

    5. Springer: Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering, Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering, Granular Matter, Geotechnical & Geological Engineering, Geotectonics, Acta Geotechnica, Earthquake Engineering and Engineering Vibrations, Bulletin of Engg. Geology and the Environment, Sadhna, Indian Academy of Sciences, Bulletin of Earthquake Engineering, Journal of Seismology, KSCE Journal of Civil Engineering, Natural Hazards, Indian Geotechnical Journal, Journal of Geological Society of India, Journal of Earth System Science, International Journal of Geo-Engineering

    6. ASCE: Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering, Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering, International Journal of Geomechanics, Natural Hazards Review

    7. NRC Research Press, Canadian Science Publishing, Proquest Canadian Geotechnical Journal

    8. Indian Society for Rock Mechanics and Tunelling Technology: Journal of Rock Mechanics and Tunelling Technology
    9. Indian Society of Earthquake Technology, Roorkee Journal of Earthquake Technology

    10. Taylor & Francis Geomechanics and Geoengineering: Journal of Earthquake Engineering, Cogent Engineering, Georisk Journal, Geomatics, Natural Hazards and Risk, International Journal of Geotechnical EngineeringIn association with J. Ross Publishing

    11. Wiley Inter-Science International Journal for Numerical and Analytical Methods in Geomechanics

    12. International Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering The International Journal of Geoengineering Case Histories

    13. Indian Academy of Sciences: Current Science
    14. Southeast Asian Geotechnical Society: Journal of Southeast Asian Geotechnical Society
    15. Earthquake Engineering Research Institute (EERI) Earthquake Spectra
    16. Seismological Society of America: Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America
    17. The European Geosciences Union: Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences

    If you want to analyse the quality of Indian Publishing then please check these societies and their journals. You won’t be disappointed i bet.
    1. Indian Geotechnical Society and its Journal.
    2. Indian Society for Earthquake technology and its Journal.
    3. Indian Society for Rock Mechanics and Tunelling Technology and its journal.
    4. Geological Society of India and its Journal.
    5. Indian Academy of Science and its Journals.
    6. The Institution of Engineers and its journal.

    and many more.

    The above publishers belongs to one my field only and there are many more quality publishers in other fields as well in India.

    But yes but people who lack experience can fall into the trap of fake/bogus publishers and journals. Low standard predatory publishers are basically thieves and thieves don’t have any religion or country.

    • Karim says:

      Very very nice statement “thieves don’t have any religion or country”.
      In Iraq, we said “terrorists don’t have any religion or country”

      In conclusion, thieves are true terrorists.

    • OffHours says:

      “Low standard predatory publishers are basically thieves and thieves don’t have any religion or country.”

      Let me express my doubts on this one. Low standard publishers may simply be low standard publishers. If the publishers’ local or national authorities do not prosecute or restrict their practice in any way, their business activity must be legal or at least informally acceptable in their place of the registration.

      • Nitish says:

        I said low standard “predatory” journal my friend.

      • OffHours says:

        “I said low standard “predatory” journal my friend.”

        I see, I skipped “predatory” since this is an emotionally charged adjective, leading away from an objective view, I am afraid. If “predatory” means something like “misrepresenting”, is there no semantically neutral and unequivocal synonym? (The notion of “predatory” publishers may eventually contribute to the viability of low standard commercial publishers, a handy excuse for their clients for publishing with them or paying for an editorial board listing.)

  3. Matthew P says:

    Wow. Pay to be on the editorial board… Does anyone know if this is a first?

  4. P. Udoma says:

    Jeff… as an open access best practices consultant, I grieve right along with you. Thanks again for what you provide.

    Peaches Udoma

  5. Sam'un Jaja Raharja says:

    Jeffrey Beall. Who are you? What is your authority to asses journal?

  6. Jon Sandridge says:

    Oh, if only there were an “About the Author” link at the top of the page, you wouldn’t have to ask that question. Wait a minute…

  7. RESEARCHER says:

    A few days back the Hindu carried an article titled, US group charged with duping researchers. This article article states “The US Federal Trade Commission has charged OMICS Group … with Hyderabad as its principal place of business … .” A strong need is felt of such actions by the Government of India against such publishers putting Indians at shame. Also the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Govt. of India must stop rating INTERNATIONAL journals higher against the national ones, e.g., those published by CSIR (NISCAIR), IISc, etc. Unacceptable practices of mushrooming publication business in India might be getting boost by MHRD’s practice of giving higher marks to publications in journal’s name carrying word INTERNATIONAL for recruitment or promotion purpose. Also MHRD can make public the list of journals recognised by it on its website, else SCI Expanded list is always there.

  8. […] Open-Access Journal Charges People to Serve on Its Editorial Board Jeffrey Beall […]

  9. Marco says:

    I am not so sure all these people on the Editorial Board have been “duped”. Do not underestimate the lure of being on the Editorial Board of a journal, even if you have to pay for it and know the journal isn’t much good. You can put it on your CV, and when you’re up for your next evaluation, you just expect (hope, really), that no one on that evaluation committee checks up on the quality of the journal.

    It’s the same as believing that all those who submit to predatory publishers are being “duped”: many simply are not. They know their paper will be handled favorably by such journals.

  10. Roni says:

    This journal is really good & maintain all standards. Maximum journal charges publication fees & some journals also charges editorial board membership fees. Nothing wrong, no guidelines are there that the if the journal charges fees then it’s wrong & it’s only after acceptance. The journal maintains all parameter & presently it’s office is Calcutta. The address also mentioned “Contact Us” pages.

  11. IndRes says:

    Another journal which charge membership fees to join editorial board

    • Marco says:

      Looks like that one definitely fits my description above. Just see what they require:
      “There are no regular responsibilities for the Editorial Board Members. Occasionally, you will be requested to give your input on new ideas, decisions or changes in the policies, procedures and guidelines of IJRPS”

      It’s pretty close to CV padding.

  12. Barbara Piper says:

    Is Mark Kindy on the editorial board?

  13. […] journal would be happy to have you on its editorial board, as long as you pay for the privilege. (Jeffrey […]

  14. […] them myself. A new nadir was reached recently when it was pointed out that some journals are even charging people to be on their editorial staff, because such things presumably are seen as valuable on a CV or something. It is hideous to behold. […]

  15. Roni says:

    Now, I visited the Journal Pages & presently it not charges any Editorial Board Member ship fees & even the publication fees is nominal. It is a quality journal.

  16. These publishers all exhibit a cluster of behaviors that have now become cliche. Jeffrey’s work has made it possible for us to recognize them.

    Taking on predatory publishing is a wild game of Whack-a-Mole that some of us play on a daily basis — Beall’s List being the foremost player.

    Peaches Udoma

  17. In fact, I remain amazed and disillusioned to learn of these monstrous scams in the industry. The list of fake journals and their publishers are so many and some look very real that left nothing but to accept them in ignorance. Please go public and awareness campaign is quite necessary

  18. IndRes says:

    Just 45000 indian rupees is only needed for thomson reuters impact factor.
    Beall have you seen this

  19. Bravante says:

    I just got invited to submit an article to EC Nutrition (E-Cronicon Journals, it should be in your list if it is not there yet). Anyway, they recently got a Global Impact Factor which made me aware of fake impact factors. Here an interesting read

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