Bogus Conferences Warning: Avoid All SGEM Conferences

The plague arrives in Vienna.

The plague arrives in Vienna.

Here’s a conference organizer I think everyone should avoid: SGEM. They don’t explain what their acronym means, and they are not transparent about other things as well. SGEM copies logos from legitimate organizations to make their conferences look legitimate and to lure people into registering for them.

The conference organizers appear to be based in Bulgaria and associated with someone named Dr. George Siarov. According to his profile on the company’s website, he is a “Scientist with two PhD researches [sic] in mining and geoinformatics.”

Certified bogus.

Certified bogus.

Most of the information on the colorful conference websites panders to potential registrants, displaying — for example — a bogus badge that says, “Academic Conference Excellence Certified Event.” No information is given regarding what organization certified the event, but most probably, no such certification ever occurred: the badge is a complete lie.

False and incompetent.

False and incompetent.

This for-profit conference organizer is not shy about lifting and using the logos from respected companies in the scholarly publishing industry, as shown in the image above. Rather stupidly, their website states, “This will rise up [sic] your impact factor.” Impact factors are earned by journals, not researchers.

It appears the firm’s next conference will be held in Vienna, Austria in November. When I visit the conference website, music plays on my computer. The registration fee for “delegates” is €360, plus, being Europe, 20% tax.

There is a plague of bogus conferences in East Asia right now. Sadly, they appear to be increasing in Europe as well, with SGEM as evidence of this. I recommend that researchers avoid for-profit conference organizers such as SGEM and seek out conferences from respected scholarly societies.

Appendix: All the 2016 SGEM conferences that I could find:


30 Responses to Bogus Conferences Warning: Avoid All SGEM Conferences

  1. Wolfgang Muß (= MUSZ or MUSS) says:

    As I have seen, the domain sgem (despite pointing to beautiful VIENNA(Austria’s Capital) and the k.&.k. Imperial is registrated for a Bulgarian person (which is positively unthinkable if it was linked to a correct VIENNA CONGRESS ORGANISATION)! Keep away….

  2. Danilo Largo says:

    Hi Jeffrey,

    Can you check if International Conference on Asian Studies (ICAS) is legit?


  3. prof. Hans Hutta says:

    The author of this post is totally out from any science!!!
    I can only regret him!!!
    SGEM International Events are with certificate from Conference Excellence, the Conference Proceedings are indexed in most important scientific databases – Scopus/ Elcevier, Thomson WoS, EBSCO, Mendeley, CrossRef, ProQuest, Springer and many others…
    The Conferences are well known as one of the biggest and with high impact factor scientific events, organized from many Academies of Sciences, Universities, scientific centers etc.
    SGEM Conferences are administrative managed from one of the big Austrian Companies – SGEM WORLD SCIENCE GmbH – HOFBURG Palace partner!
    Every word and every fact can be verified!
    If anyone doubted anything or want further information, please write me, email:

    • MC says:

      Here’s how I know you are ridiculous:

      “We believe that the science is the most moving wheel in the big machine of human progress. We appeal to innovate and share knowledge with each other!”

  4. prof. Hans Hutta says:

    Jeffrey, all the information for SGEM Conferences on your blog is fake! Please, remove immediately this post. In other case – one of the largest law firms in Europe, our partner, will take many actions for violating the prestige and publishing false information again you!!!
    Please, immediately! Before anything you must check the true!!!

  5. prof. Hans Hutta says:

    Dear Wolfgang, the information from this post is absolutely fake! SGEM Conferences are one of the best International Scientific Events, with 16 years history and with Conference Proceedings (ISSN, ISBN, DOI), indexed in may international scientific databases, incl. Scopus/Elcevier, Thomson WoS, EBSCO, CrossRef, Springer, ProQuest, Mendeley, British Library and many others. Conference Excellence is a real certificate and you can check all in the web sites. You can look in Scopus and Thomson WoS for SGEM Proceedings – since 2005 and since 2008! Please, check all before and after that – comment. The SGEM management is from SGEM WORLD SCIENCE GmbH – clear Austrian company, one of the big HOFBURG Palace partners.
    I can write you many other words, but please, check alone!
    If you need any information, you can answer me.
    prof. Hans Hutta, email:

    • Wolfgang Muß (= MUSZ or MUSS) says:

      Dear prof. Hans Hutta, yesterday I already tried to post a revision but in the end of the editorial process it was not popping up in this thread as my second post.

  6. The Grim Reaper says:

    VISCEA, also in Vienna, is extremely worrisome:

  7. Herr Doktor Bimler says:

    I would totally trust someone who is “Professor Hans Hutta” here, but elsewhere
    Mr. Hans Hutta OMV (Bulgaria) Offshore Exploration GmbH
    Dr. Hans Hutta, General Manager, International Center for Petroleum & Industrial Management (ICM), Vienna
    or simply “Hans Hutta”, Chairman of the Petroleum Management Agency.

  8. Bill Williams says:

    The excellence certificate does seem to be emitted by a real organization:

  9. Wolfgang Muß (= MUSZ or MUSS) says:

    Hans Hutta, to be found at:

    find ‘OUR TEAM’ in ‘WHO WE ARE AT ICM’

    “Hans Hutta
    Director SAVGroup
    MUL University Lecturer, Vienna

    If I am right means: ‘Montanistic University of Leoben’, Austria” right? and the
    “Studienführer 2015” published on behalf of the ‘MUL’ (written 28.04.2016 ) finds a “Hans HUTTA M. A.” as lecturer in course ‘630’ So one needs to discriminate and / or to find out whether there are two or more physically present “Hans HUTTA”.
    I acknowledge any elucidation by prof.Hans Hutta (physically being the poster above….)

  10. Herr Doktor Bimler says:

    SGEM. They don’t explain what their acronym means

    “Surveying Geology & mining Ecology Management”.

  11. […] conferences that do not exist. There are blogs and websites that report bogus conferences such as Scholarly Open Access and Bogus Conferences. Before you commit to attending a conference, discuss it with your supervisor […]

  12. Herr dr. Harry Hirsch says:

    Prof Hutta. Why would your international renown group (SAV) put such as amateurism looking and free website (Jimdo is free) when a few bucks can make a professional difference. Conclusion BOGUS!

  13. KBS Gunawickrama says:

    What about IRED cluster Conferences? IRED is a predatory publisher on your list. They have HQ at 42 Broadway, Suite 12-217, New York, NY, but no conferences are held there. The only photo linked to that address seems to be a graphic edit. I detected grammar errors in one of their pages, thus gave some doubts ( Worthwhile to check and warn victims.

    • Definitely do not register for these conferences. That New York address is misleading; it’s not their real address. I generally advise avoiding all conferences organized by publishers on my list, especially this one.

  14. Thomas B says:

    I cannot judge the quality of the conference, but I find it interesting to see that one of the editors of Elseviers “Journal of Cleaner Production” is giving a session talk at this event. (Section 5, recycling) – maybe this is where the Elsevier logo comes from?

  15. Hans C says:

    What about VISCEA conference in Vieanna?
    Is these real conference or scam?

    • It seems to be more about Vienna and selling vacations in Vienna than about a scholarly conference. Why do so many Bulgarians set up conferences in Vienna? This conference is more about making money than about science.

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