OA Megajournals Running Out of Unique Titles, Now Using Dumb Ones

Just precious.

Just precious.

There are so many megajournals being published now that they are running out of unique titles. I mean, there is a finite number of ways that you can re-arrange terms such as Science, Engineering, Research, Advanced, and Contemporary to create new and unique journal titles. Now predatory publishers are using really dumb words just to create unique titles.

One example is the International Journal of Precious Engineering Research and Applications (IJPERA), based in India’s Punjab state.

The term “precious engineering research” is really inappropriate for a serious scholarly journal.

Fast and precious.

Fast and precious.

The journal’s website is amateurish. It appears to operate out of a dwelling, for its “Contact Us” page gives this address:

Publisher Address
Jaspreet Kaur
Street No. 10, Parasram Nagar
Punjab, india [sic], Pin: 151001

The image above indicates that the publishing process is fast, with publishing taking place five days after registration, whatever that is. They are probably using the wrong word here again. They are probably trying to say that the articles will be published five days after they are accepted by the journal. In fact, on another page, the journal clarifies the speed of its publishing process:

Open-access journal

Open-access journal

To publish an article in the journal, they charge only $60, but you have to transfer your copyright to them.

By searching the publisher’s street address, I found another open-access journal that appears to be from the same guy person: International Journal of Pharmaceutical Research and Applications (IJPRA).



Its tagline is “Pointing your research to right [sic] direction.” It doesn’t have an ISSN yet.

I suspect the word “precious” has been mistranslated from the Punjabi language. We can probably expect additional journals from this publisher. When the easy money starts rolling in, it is hard to stop.

13 Responses to OA Megajournals Running Out of Unique Titles, Now Using Dumb Ones

  1. Susan Ariew says:

    Sounds like Lord of the Rings….”Here’s my research and it’s “my precious…”

    • Keith says:

      “Increased Melting Point In Arcane Volcano-Forged Gold”
      F. Baggins, G. Gamgee, B. Baggins, G. T. White (formerly G. T. Grey)
      Rivendell Journal of Applied Heroism, Vol. 1787 Issue 6 pp 1-31 (3019)

  2. Keith says:

    The font is a bit silly as well – those headers look like wedding invitations (and it looks at first glance as if they’ve spelt “Journal” “Jowinal”).

    Clearly someone needs to make an automated Mad Libs journal name generator that excludes the names of existing journals. Either that or predatory publishers need to make more use of the route of creating a billion very specifically oriented journals instead of ones with broad, ultra-generic titles.

    Here are some of my suggestions for new journal names:

    -Bulletin Of Delicious Liver Research
    -Adorable Physical Chemistry Report
    -Journal of Applied Entomology II: Electric Boogaloo
    -Romantic Business Letters
    -Ruritanian Journal of Icky Bugs

  3. JJ says:

    Interesting – I see this word “precious” a lot in email solicitations from shady journals. Lately nearly every email from predatory publishers begins with “Dear Precious Researcher” or “I have come across your precious research . . . ”

    Once I see precious or some similar misused word it’s a clue to stop reading immediately.
    I am assuming it is a poor translation of another word like important or valued or valuable, due to someone typing those words into an online thesaurus or language translator.

    • Keith says:

      Sentiments like “Dear Friend” are common in these sorts of emails as well, along with other flattery/brown-nosing. I remember the first time I got a Nigerian spam-mail, I replied to ask what the heck they were emailing me about financial services for, and got an automated “Thank you for agreeing to help, you are now my brother” message. This sort of thing always just puts me off (if I haven’t already been put off by broken English, obvious mad-libbed spambot messages etc.), similar to people who approach me on the street/knock on my door wanting to solicit donations/sell me something/get me to take a survey/tell me about the gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster/whatever, but open with some insincere attempt at being friendly.

  4. Mark says:

    Some of the standalone journals on the list are pretty kooky: My fave is Golden Research Thoughts but there’s also Research Ambition, Research Inspiration, and Ultra Engineer.

  5. Hugo van den Berg says:

    Perhaps not so much a mistranslation as an idiomatic difference: the English that Indians speak with reasonable fluency among one another is larded with words that have a distinct, charming 1940s feel to speakers of “western” English: “the scoundrel absconded with my timepiece.” In British English, the sarcastic use of “precious” has all but eclipsed its original positive meaning (and yes, Gollum’s old-style use of the term sets him off as an oddball to modern audiences, even if it still had that value in Tolkien’s day).

  6. Alexander says:

    Please find one more predatory publisher from India – Open Access Journal Limited (http://theojal.com/).Dr. R. R. Gandhi has launched the Predatory Publisher with a large fleet of journals.
    This Publisher meets at least several items from Criteria for Determining Predatory:
    1) Has no policies or practices for digital preservation
    2) Begins operations with a large fleet of journals, often using a common template to quickly create each journal’s home page.
    3) The publisher displays prominent statements that promise rapid publication and/or unusually quick peer review (http://theojal.com/faqs/ – Peer review “usually takes about 1-2 weeks”)
    I sincerely hope that this Publisher will be added to your list.

  7. L_C says:

    The International Journal of Precious Engineering Research and Applications (ijpera.com) and the International Journal of Pharmaceutical Research and Applications (ijprajournal.com) are located on two different IP address and hosted under two different servers.

    First, if you examine the info available for ijpera.com, you can find several other sites/ old journals hosted on the same IP on server. One notable journal was Ijhss.online or Avant Garde Responses: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Humanities & Social Sciences. The journal itself isn’t remarkable, but the domain name is quite interesting. Besides Ijhss.online, there’s TheIjhss.com or the International Journal of Humanities and Social Studies, Aajhss.org, or the International Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, and Ijhssnet.com or the International Journal of Humanities and Social Science. The third domain was the most revealing. Ijhssnet.com is a domain hosted alongside (in no particular order):

    1. Jespnet.com: Journal of Education and Social Policy
    2. Jalsnet.com: Journal of Agriculture and Life Sciences
    3. Jbepnet.com: Journal of Business and Economic Policy
    4. Ijllnet.com: International Journal of Language and Linguistics
    5. Ijbssnet.com: International Journal of Business and Social Science
    6. Aijssnet.com: American International Journal of Social Science
    7. Aijcrnet.com: American International Journal of Contemporary Research
    8. Ijbhtnet.com: International Journal of Business, Humanities, and Technology
    9. Ijastnet.com: International Journal of Applied Science and Technology

    These journals belong to an organisation called the Center for Promoting Ideas (CPI) (cpinet.info) and are all registered to Md. Mamin Ullah (mamin_83@hotmail.com), who also happens to be the CPI director, although he is no longer listed as such:


    He was also the founding director of ARIPD:


    ARIPD & associated journals were featured on this site a while back:


    Second, if you examine the information for ijprajournal.com, you will discover that the IP/host combo is being used to host multiple sister journals (most of these other journals have a similar author fee & paypal payments are being submitted to the same email address as ijprajournal.com and ijpera.com: pay.journal@gmail.com):

    1. Ajer.org: American Journal of Engineering Research
    2. Iibmi.org: International Journal of Business and Management Invention
    3. Ijceronline.com: International Journal of Computational Engineering Research
    4. Ijeijournal.com: International Journal of Engineering Inventions
    5. Iberia.com: International Journal of Engineering Research and Applications
    6. Ijerd.com: International Journal of Engineering Research and Development
    7. Ijesi.org: International Journal of Engineering and Science Invention

    8. ~~Ijhssi.org~~ (This domain name is similar to the other Ijhss sites listed above): International Journal of Social Science Invention

    9. Ijmdsi.org: International Journal of Medical and Dental Science Invention
    10. Ijmer.com: International Journal of Modern Engineering Research
    11. Ijmsi.org: International Journal of Mathematics and Statistics Invention
    12. Ijspi.org: International Journal of Pharmaceutical Science Invention
    13. Ijres.org: International Journal of Engineering in Research and Science
    14. ijsrejournal.com: International Journal of Scientific Research in Engineering

    15. Iosrphr.org: IOSR*** Journal of Pharmacy
    16. Iosrjen.org: IOSR*** Journal of Engineering

    17. Irjes.com: The International Refereed Journal of Engineering and Science

    ~I particularly liked this journal’s landing page. They boast an AQCJ impact factor of 2.31. But what is AQCJ? AQCJ is the African Quality Centre for Journals (aqcj.org), a site that ranks journals by impact factor for African researchers. They coincidentally enough happen to be hosted on the same server and IP as the other journals on this list and are registered to the same individual.

    18. Irjsre.com: International Refereed Journal of Scientific Research in Engineering

    19. Jourinfo.com: This is not a journal, just a journal metrics site hosted by the same individual. They like self-promotion.
    20. Questjournals.org: Also not a journal- an expired domain that used to host several other journals for this same group

    21. Researchinventy.com: Research Inventy (my favourite title thus far): International Journal of Engineering and Science

    22. Theijes.com: The International Journal of Engineering Science

    –Many of these can be found listed under Inventionjournals.org–

    *There were also a few linked to the International Organization of Scientific Research (IOSR), found here:


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