Four New Sketchy OA Publishers from September, 2016

This blog post describes four new open-access publishers I added to my publisher list in September, 2016. Two of them may be ghost brands from OMICS International, continuing in its strategy to dominate and saturate medical publishing with its low-quality, duplicative, and unneeded open-access journals. The four new publishers profiled here are Aster Publications, Science Research Association, Scientific Literature, and United Scholars Publication.

Wilted flower.

Wilted flower.

1. Aster Publications

I learned about Aster Publications on September 21st when I was forwarded a spam email for Aster’s Journal of Aquaculture and Environmental Impacts, one of seven new journals from this publisher.

The spam email was signed by “Neil Evans,” almost certainly a contrived name. The spam email was an invitation to serve on the editorial board, and if you receive an email from Aster, I recommend you discard it.

Another fake address from a predatory publisher.

Another fake address from a predatory publisher.

Aster Publications is one of the two new imprints I describe here that I suspect may be an OMICS International effort. It claims to be based in Green Bay, Wisconsin, not a town known for its scholarly publishing industry.

The domain name data for the journal is blinded, so there’s no confirmation or information about who is behind this amateurish effort. I suspect it’s OMICS or a copycat scammer.

Completely unneeded.

Completely unneeded.

  1. Science Research Association (SCIREA)

Thanks to open-access publishing, we’ve seen in an explosion in the number of scientific “associations.” Open-access profiteers need a veneer of legitimacy to attract articles, and masquerading as an “association” helps provide this cover. SCIREA, as they call themselves for short, is among the newest entry in this crowded field.

The publisher’s “contact us” page doesn’t give any information about where this publisher is based, but the internet domain data indicates the registrant is Li Yu of Beijing, China.



SCIREA launched with 39 broad journals, many of them with ridiculously broad scopes, such as SCIREA Journal of Education and SCIREA Journal of Sociology. The titles of its journals are more like the titles of children’s books.

They offer authors a membership option, but it’s unclear whether paying members get fee waivers (the author fee is $100) or just discounts on the fee. The publisher states it this way: “Subscribe for Interminable Submissions,” another demonstration of the limitations of Google Translate. This publisher is just another attempt to exploit researchers for profit. I wish it would just disappear.

Trash literature.

Trash literature.

  1. Scientific Literature

Scientific literature — a presumptuous name for such a malevolent effort — launched with 33 completely duplicative and unneeded medical journals. The publisher claims it’s based in Delaware, the fake home of many predatory publishers.

There’s not much to say about this publisher — its website is spare. The journals don’t even have ISSNs yet, not to mention editorial boards, but they will be happy to accept manuscript submissions.

Medicine is too important to be left to amateur publishers.

Medicine is too important to be left to amateur publishers.

They’ve lifted pictures from across the internet to decorate their journal covers. This publisher may be owned by OMICS, for it matches their modus operandi.

Why does the scholarly publishing industry not regulate itself better? Why are we seeing complex medical journals — such as the Journal Of Clinical Neurology, Neurosurgery And Spine — being launched and operated by greedy amateurs?

United for easy profit.

United for easy profit.

  1. United Scholars Publications

I added United Scholars Publications to my list on September 26th, and on the 28th I got an email from someone named Casey White, their “Editorial Coordinator,” asking me to remove it. I didn’t.

This publisher gives the address of the Anaheim post office (2255 West Ball Road) as its business address. It has one overall editorial board, and the editorial boards for the 14 journals it publishes are drawn from this master list, with the names jumbled for each one.

Among the four publishers, this one seems to be the sneakiest. It may really be based in Northern California and run by someone who works at Sonoma State University.

In several places on its website, this publisher declares “No publication fee,” but on the inside it mentions an $86 dollar fee.

The journals are a strange mix of engineering and humanities titles. I don’t see this publisher as a bona fide effort to enable scholarly communication. I think it’s just a scheme to earn easy profit from researchers, a scheme that is late to the party.

Hat tip: Dr. Kathryn H. Jacobsen, et al.


List of Aster Publications journals as of 2016-10-01:

  1. Aster Family Medicine
  2. Aster Medical Case Reports
  3. Journal of Ageing, Disability and Chronic Disease
  4. Journal of Aquaculture and Environmental Impacts
  5. Journal of Gynecology and Fertility
  6. Journal of HIV/AIDs & Current Research
  7. Journal of Nano Studies and Applications

List of Science Research Association journals as of 2016-10-01:

  1. SCIREA Journal of Agriculture
  2. SCIREA Journal of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine
  3. SCIREA Journal of Astronomy
  4. SCIREA Journal of Aviation & Aerospace
  5. SCIREA Journal of Biology
  6. SCIREA Journal of Chemical Engineering
  7. SCIREA Journal of Chemistry
  8. SCIREA Journal of Civil Engineering and Building Construction
  9. SCIREA Journal of Clinical Medicine
  10. SCIREA Journal of Computer Science and Technology
  11. SCIREA Journal of Dynamic and Electric Engineering
  12. SCIREA Journal of Economics
  13. SCIREA Journal of Education
  14. SCIREA Journal of Electrics, Communication and Automatic Control
  15. SCIREA Journal of Environmental Science and Technology
  16. SCIREA Journal of Fisheries
  17. SCIREA Journal of Food Science and Technology
  18. SCIREA Journal of Forestry
  19. SCIREA Journal of Geosciences
  20. SCIREA Journal of Hydraulic Engineering
  21. SCIREA Journal of Information Science and Systems Science
  22. SCIREA Journal of Management Science
  23. SCIREA Journal of Materials Science
  24. SCIREA Journal of Mathematics
  25. SCIREA Journal of Mechanical Engineering
  26. SCIREA Journal of Mechanics
  27. SCIREA Journal of Metallurgical Engineering
  28. SCIREA Journal of Mine Engineering Technology
  29. SCIREA Journal of Pharmacology
  30. SCIREA Journal of Philosophy
  31. SCIREA Journal of Physics
  32. SCIREA Journal of Preclinical Medicine
  33. SCIREA Journal of Preventive Medicine and Hygiene
  34. SCIREA Journal of Safety Science and Technology
  35. SCIREA Journal of Science and Technology of Energy Sources
  36. SCIREA Journal of Sociology
  37. SCIREA Journal of Survey & Drawing Science and Technology
  38. SCIREA Journal of Textile Science and Technology
  39. SCIREA Journal of Traffic and Transportation Engineering

List of Scientific Literature journals as of 2016-10-01:

  1. Annals of Diabetes, Metabolic Disorders & Control
  2. Annals of Orthopaedics, Trauma and Rehabilitation
  3. Anxiety and Depression Journal
  4. Biometrics and Biostatistics Journal
  5. Cancer Prevention: Current Research Journal
  6. Chromatography and Separation Techniques Journal
  7. Clinical Dermatology: Research and Therapy
  8. Gerontology and Geriatric Research
  9. Immunology Research and Therapy Journal
  10. Journal of Case Reports: Clinical & Medical
  11. Journal of Clinical Neurology, Neurosurgery and Spine
  12. Journal of Nephrology & Kidney Diseases
  13. Journal of Otolaryngology: Research
  14. Lung, Pulmonary & Respiratory Research Journal
  15. Nanomedicine and Nanotechnology Journal
  16. Neurological Disorders & Epilepsy Journal
  17. Nutrition and Food Science Journal
  18. Ophthalmology and Ophthalmic Surgery
  19. Pharmaceutical Sciences and Biomedical Analysis Journal
  20. Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Journal
  21. SL Cell Science & Report
  22. SL Clinical and Experimental Cardiology
  23. SL Clinical and Medical Oncology
  24. SL Clinical Medicine: Research
  25. SL Dentistry, Oral Disorders and Therapy
  26. SL Gastroenterology
  27. SL Journal of Anesthesia & Critical Care
  28. SL Nutrition and Metabolism
  29. SL Pediatrics & Therapeutics
  30. SL Pharmacology and Toxicology
  31. SL Vaccines and Vaccination Journal
  32. Urology: Research and Therapeutics Journal
  33. Virology & Retrovirology Journal

List of United Scholars Publications journals as of 2016-10-01:

  1. Journal of Advances in Electronics and Power Systems
  2. Journal of Advances in Life and Natural Sciences
  3. Journal of Control, Robotics, and Mechatronic Systems
  4. Journal of Educational and Pedagogical Studies
  5. Journal of Humanities and Social Studies
  6. Journal of Informatics and Computing Technology
  7. Journal of Language and Literature Research
  8. Journal of Marketing and Business Studies
  9. Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics
  10. Journal of Modeling and Simulation of Antennas and Propagation
  11. Journal of Networks and Telecommunication Systems
  12. Journal of Wearable and Flexible Electronics
  13. Progress in Biomedical Engineering Research
  14. Progress in Telemedicine and E-Health


9 Responses to Four New Sketchy OA Publishers from September, 2016

  1. Keith says:

    Has there been any further news about the FTC’s lawsuit against OMICS (mistakenly spelled OMCIS at the beginning of this post)? Another commenter said the FTC was supposed to comment this week on OMICS’ poorly written response to their accusations ( ), but this doesn’t seem to have happened yet.

  2. Herr Doktor Bimler says:

    In several places on its website, [United Scholars Publications] declares “No publication fee,” but on the inside it mentions an $86 dollar fee.

    Apparently the non-existent $86 publication fee “is charged only to cover archiving, webhosting and DOI expense”.
    None of their papers have DOIs.

    Potential authors are warned that although

    the technical content of the manuscript is appropriate and accepted for publication, however, the manuscript is returned for language issues.

    In such cases, authors are referred to USP’s

    distinguished English language Editing Team that promises a perfect technical language and formatting to make your
    manuscript publication-ready in minimal time

    A cynical person would wonder if these editing fees are the central part of the USP business model.

    I see that despite the brief existence of these journals, they are already boasting impact factors… courtesy of “Online Publications Quality Control Association”, a brand-new arrival to the Bogus Impact Factor scene.

    The journals are a strange mix of engineering and humanities titles.

    They also boast of their narrow, tightly-targetted focus:

    “Unlike commercial open access publishers, we have minimized our journal topics to focus thoroughly on each and every manuscript submitted to our distinguished editorial team to produce and publish superior quality journals”

    … because nothing says “specific topics” like Journal of Advances in Life and Natural Sciences

    Subjects of interest include but are not limited to: Medical Sciences, Micro and Molecular Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Genetics, Botany, Veterinary Sciences, Astronomy, Bio-Ethics, Material Sciences, Environmental Studies, Atmospheric Sciences, Geology, Geography, Geophysics, Oceanography, Immunology, Neuroscience, Pharmacology, Toxicology, Physiology, Psychology, Applied Physics, Optics, Mathematics, and Ecology.

  3. Judging by some of the journal articles I have reviewed, “interminable submissions” often go to non-predatory publishers as well :)

  4. Herr Doktor Bimler says:

    Aster Publications […] claims to be based in Green Bay, Wisconsin, not a town known for its scholarly publishing industry.

    Making the physical address meaningless by omitting the street number… that could be a sign of bad faith, or simple incompetence.

    As far as I can see, across their 7 journals they have precisely one publication so far (in ‘Journal of Ageing, Disability and Chronic Disease’), — a 5-paragraph Editorial attributed to one of the editors (none of the journals have a ‘Current Issue’ or an ‘Archive’ link, so it’s hard to be sure). I suspect that if Aster were indeed a branch of the Omics operation, they would have put in a little more effort to fake some previous issues and make the websites look more like real, functioning journals where suckers could be tempted to send a $700 APC (or $900 for ‘Special Issues’).

  5. Hi Jeffrey,

    I believe you may want to look at Cyber Journals. (


  6. Martin Smith says:

    Nice new one this morning with a lovely example of Predatory Publisher English:

    “Score Your Rank by Publishing Research Paper with International High Impact Factor Journal”

    How enticing!

    This is the International Education and Research Journal, already on the list, but the mail is coming from “”. I had blocked already so I’d not had any spam from that address. I don’t know if thewriterspublication is a new workaround address of if I was just fortunate enough never to have been spammed by them before…

  7. L_C says: There’s an interesting site. The info is nicely hidden. Someone put some money into that one. & that copyright transfer policy—very handy for subsequently selling books on Amazon (probably why the submission fee is so low). While they seem new on the open access scene, I have my doubts as to whether a newbie could have this operation running so smoothly from the start. So, in order to dig a little deeper, I downloaded their

    ‘Instructions for Book Chapter Authors’ (

    document and decided to try my hand at googling a phrase that seemed generic enough to belong to a sister operation, but hopefully less likely to be from an unrelated (or ‘non-predatory’) publisher.

    Here’s what I googled:

    “If there are any figures or other material which the publisher is unable to utilize, the submission is also considered to be incomplete”

    This search turned out almost a page worth of results dedicated to Nova Science Publishers ( or…

    these guys:

    I clicked on the following result, which features a ‘Note for Contributors:’

    Here’s Nova’s text:

    “If there are any figures that the Publisher is unable to utilize, the submission is also considered incomplete.”

    Here’s some more overlap:

    United Scholars- “All diagrams, photographs, illustrations and charts (not tables) are to be referred to in the text as Figures and should be numbered consecutively. These figures must be supplied as separate electronic files named in the format in which they were created and must be in one of the following formats: tiff, bitmap, jpeg, gif, ppt, psd, png or eps. The required resolution of these figures must be 350-750 dpi. The higher the resolution, the clearer the printed image.”

    Nova- “All diagrams, photographs, illustrations, and charts (not tables) should be referred to in the text as Figures, and they should be numbered consecutively with Arabic numerals. These figures must be supplied as separate electronic files named in the format in which they were created, and they must be one of the following types: tiff, bitmap, jpeg, gif, ppt, psd, png, or eps. The resolution of these figures must be 350-750 dpi. The higher the resolution, the clearer the printed image.”

    Then, upon inspecting Nova’s copyright transfer form (manuscript submission), I found that it is unquestionably identical to United Publisher’s (complete with the big red text at the top):


    United (form download links are on the far right, upper middle)-

    Nova Science also happens to have a handy Amazon account where they profit from your work. Same old song and dance.

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