Three New Open-Access Publishers from October, 2016

Red alert.

Red alert.

Here are three new open-access publishers I learned of and added to my list of questionable publishers in October, 2016. Each is strange is its own special way. They are True Scholar, Journals of Scientifics R&D, and Scientific Research Gate. Geographically dispersed, each originates in a country not generally associated with predatory publishers.

1. True Scholar

True scholars will avoid this.

True scholars will avoid this.

The strangest thing about True Scholar is that its journals are not listed or linked to from its main webpage. Instead, the main page serves to advertise two upcoming conferences, one in Ghana, where I think True Scholar is based, and one in Dubai, the location of many low-quality academic conferences.

True Scholar publishes six broad-scoped, open-access journals. Their titles (see list below) all begin with the phrase, “Ideal Journal of … ” Because I could find no publisher website that lists all the journals (except the journal websites themselves), I added each title to my standalone journal list.

Ideal, if you're looking for easy acceptance.

Ideal, if you’re looking for easy acceptance.

The branding of the journals varies. They list the publisher as Ideal True Scholar. It costs $60 to publish an article in one of the journals, and you have to transfer your copyright as well, a rotten arrangement. The contact information mostly points to the U.K., but, again, I think they’re really in Ghana.

Their Ideal Journal of Environmental Science and Management (IJESAM) currently lacks an editorial board, but they’re happy to take submissions.

2. Journals of Scientifics R&D



This publisher stands out for its strange, ungrammatical name: Journals of Scientifics R&D. The publisher trades on the value of research and development. I had one of this publisher’s journals on my standalone journal list, and now it has morphed into a medium-sized publisher.

JSRD publishes 25 open-access journals, mostly in business and engineering. Each journal title ends with “R&D,” for example, the Journal of Economics R&D. This pattern creates the strange title, Journal of Humanities and Cultural Studies R&D.

Indexed in resources that are not academic indexes.

Indexed in resources that are not academic indexes.

The publisher is based in Ben Arous, Tunisia, though I didn’t see this information given on its “contact us” pages. Their indexing page purports to list all the databases the journals are indexed in, but the page mostly contains logos of websites that are anything but academic indexes (image above).

3. Scientific Research Gate

Lock the gate.

Lock the gate.

Finally, I added Scientific Research Gate to my list in October. Hmmmm, I wonder where they came up with that name? Like the previous publisher, this one also launched with 25 journals and there is a common term in each title (with a couple exceptions): Each title ends with the word “papers,” such as International Journal of Electronic Papers.

Electronic papers? Although this publisher claims it’s based in Dubai, I think it’s really based in Sari, Iran. The publisher boasts, “Scientific Research Gate is a rapidly growing academic publisher with peer-reviewed, open access journals that covers [sic] different academic fields.” (There are a few predatory publishers based in Iran, but not many).

A spam email from this publisher forwarded to me promises, “Authors will be informed regarding the decision of their manuscript in 5-7 working days. A paper will be published immediately following acceptance.” Examining the website, I did not see how much they charge to publish the papers they receive.


So, October, 2016 brought three new, low-quality, open-access publishers from countries with little history of hosting such publishers, Ghana, Tunisia, and Iran. Each publisher uses idiosyncratic conventions to create unique journal titles, probably because most standard journal titles are already taken by other publishers.

Red alert image from debivort.

Appendix: List of journals from each publisher.

True Scholar journals:

  1. Ideal Journal of Arts and Humanities (IJAH)
  2. Ideal Journal of Economics and Management Sciences (IJEMS)
  3. Ideal Journal of Education and Policy Studies (IJEPAS)
  4. Ideal Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences (IJEAS)
  5. Ideal Journal of Psychology and Theology (IJOPAT)
  6. Ideal Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences (IJESAM)


Journals of Scientifics R&D journals:

  1. Journal of Accounting R&D
  2. Journal of Active and Passive Electronic Components R&D
  3. Journal of Advances in Artificial Intelligence R&D
  4. Journal of Advances in Electrical Engineering R&D
  5. Journal of Antenna and propagations R&D
  6. Journal of Business and Management R&D
  7. Journal of Business R&D
  8. Journal of Communication Networks and Information Security R&D
  9. Journal of Computer Engineering R&D
  10. Journal of Cyber-Security R&D
  11. Journal of Economics R&D
  12. Journal of E-Learning and Education R&D
  13. Journal of Electrical and Electronics Engineering R&D
  14. Journal of Financial R&D
  15. Journal of Forensics and Networks Investigations R&D
  16. Journal of Humanities and Cultural Studies R&D
  17. Journal of Information Systems R&D
  18. Journal of Management R&D
  19. Journal of Marketing R&D
  20. Journal of Optical Communications R&D
  21. Journal of Optoelectronics R&D
  22. Journal of Security R&D
  23. Journal of Signal Processing and Imaging Engineering R&D
  24. Journal of Software Engineering R&D
  25. Journal of VLSI and Signal Processing R&D


Scientific Research Gate journals:

  1. International Journal of Agricultural Papers
  2. International Journal of Biological Papers
  3. International Journal of Biomedical Papers
  4. International Journal of Chemistry Papers
  5. International Journal of Dentistry sciences
  6. International Journal of Economic Papers
  7. International Journal of Electronic Papers
  8. International Journal of Engineering Papers
  9. International Journal of Internal Medicine Paper
  10. International Journal of Mathematical Papers
  11. International Journal of Medicine Papers
  12. International Journal of Multidisciplinary Papers
  13. International Journal of Nursing Papers
  14. International Journal of Pediatrics Papers
  15. International Journal of Pharmacology Papers
  16. International Journal of Polymer Papers
  17. International Journal of Psychiatry Papers
  18. International Journal of Public Health Papers
  19. International Journal of Surgical Papers
  20. International Journal of Veterinary Papers
  21. Journal of Botanical Papers
  22. Journal of Epidemiological Papers
  23. Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology Papers
  24. Journal of Review in Sciences
  25. Middle East Journal of Case Reports

28 Responses to Three New Open-Access Publishers from October, 2016

  1. John Lawler says:

    International Journal of Pharmacology Papers is published in Pakistan.

    A few of the other titles can’t be located..

    Thank you for your continued service!


  2. Martha Gunnarson says:

    That tree logo brings to mind a different publisher!

  3. McGlum says:

    In their logo, “Journal of Scientifics R&D” doesn’t even spell the name of their own (grammatically questionable) journal correctly.


    This has to be a first.

  4. Herr Doktor Bimler says:

    The Indexing claims at “True Scholar” are eyebrow-raising. First on the list is “Advanced Sciences Index” — which is already on your list of predatory pay-to-play indices. They were also trying to climb aboard the Article Identifier scamwagon, and were selling a “Unique Article Identifier Code (UAIC)”. But alas for any customers, the ASI grifters neglected the formality of paying the website hosting fees, and their webpages are now replaced with a “Website Suspended” sign (inviting the owner to contact the service provider).

    There is a logo for SCIRUS, which Elsevier closed a while ago.

    There are two logos for Ulrich’s Publication Directory, an old one and a new one. I am beginning to suspect that when these mooks go into the mockademic journal scam, they don’t waste time researching scholarly indexing services, they just grab the logos that previous predators have used. An image search to see who else is using the old logo leads us to such luminaries as “SAMANM Group of Research Publications”, “European Journal of Chemistry”, “Global Society of Scientific Research and Researchers”, etc.

    Cabell’s Directories (an out-of-date logo)…

    But what stands out is that the link to the (moribund) ASI site is the only real link; for all the other indexing claims, there is only an image file. And all the stolen logos are hosted at “” — which is a branch of Scholarlink Resource Centre, a guy in Lagos,* already on your list.

    The “sric” in the extended site name is for “Scholarlink Research Institute Conference”… our man in Lagos (Block 227, Flat 4, Abesan Housing Estate) has ascended to the giddy empyrean of Conference Organiser, and aspires to batten on to the scamference money-teat! Though his site is still accepting payments to attend or to present at his July 2016 meeting in Leicester, and there is no indication of 2017 meetings, so he may be resting on his laurels.

    So we go back to the “True Scholar” site, and click on the “Past Events” menu, and it offers glowing reports of meetings at “SRIC Ghana 2014”, “SRIC Dubai 2015”, “SRIC UK 2016”. “True Scholar”, in other words, is the successor to “Scholarlink Research Institute Conference”. Is it the same people? A Ghana affiliate? Is it some wannabee who copied the entire SRIC website and filed off the serial number? Your guess is as good as mine.

    * A.k.a. Samson Ogbeide, a.k.a. “Emerging Scientific Resource”.

  5. sisthia says:

    Please suggest about Science Domain, European journal of Business and management and inderscience

    • Science Domain is a publisher included on my list here, so I recommend against submitting work to any of its journals.

      The European Journal of Business and Management is from a publisher called IISTE, and I have this publisher on my list also, so do avoid this journal and the others from IISTE.

      Inderscience is not on my list at this time. However, overall, few academic libraries subscribe to its journals (it is not an open-access publisher), so work published there may be hidden. Does your library subscribe to any of its journals?

  6. wkdawson says:

    Somehow, the name “True Scholar” reminds me of self-congratulatory assertions like having “true religion”. .

    If the journal actually meets that standard, about the only manuscripts that would be published are classic works that were publish long ago. How else could anyone make that judgement call?

  7. Herr Doktor Bimler says:

    So far there are two contributions to the Ideal Journal of Psychology and Theology:

    004 Distortion of Oil and Gas Infrastructure from Geomatics Support View by R. Ehigiator-Irughe, J.O. Ehiorobo, M. O. Ehigiator

    001 Adsorption of Copper (II) By a Nigerian Brown Coal by C Ajaero, B.N Okolue and R. N. Oze

    Did these authors actually submit their manuscripts to the IJOPAT, or to some other journal, only to have them re-allocated? Either way, these are Write-Only journals, not intended to be read (I suspect, from the traffic-monitoring widget on the journals’ pages, that the only people visiting the site go there from ScholarlyOA).

    Not that there is a lot of Writing going on either… the IJOPAT is not keeping up to the bimonthly publication plan, with those two contributions comprising the only issue from January 2016.

    Other journals in the stable are doing little better. The “Ideal Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences (IJESAM)” (short for “Ideal Journal of Environmental Science and Management” — they couldn’t decide which name to use) has only a Dec. 2015 issue.

  8. Mulugeta Giirma says:

    dear sir , i do have some original work and afraid to send any where on the area of business and economies and i need your help to recommend me an open access journal which is out of those list please plus i am form less developing country consider also the cost.
    and looking positive replay soon !!
    with regards

  9. Mulugeta says:

    I think if are doing the weak and predatory journal list and ur independent plus transparent who stand for researcher u should have to work also on good one if not that will put it so called blogiblogging value less be fair and inclusive for good and bad one!!

  10. Barry says:

    How about this publisher?

    I’m not sure if it’s on the list due to a couple of publisher websites being blocked by my uni.

  11. Syed Rizvi says:

    Hi Dr. Beall,
    Can you please tell if “Global Journal of Computer Science and Technology” is a fine journal. I received an invitation to submit a research paper here. I do not find this journal/published in your list.

  12. Hugo van den Berg says:

    I see your true scholar, and that’s why I love you.
    So don’t be afraid, to show that you’re a…
    true scholar…

  13. Syed Rizvi says:

    Hi Dr. Beall,
    Can you comment about the “Journal of Computer Science and Information Technology” This journal is published by American Research Institute for Policy Development.


    • The American Research Institute for Policy Development is a completely fake publisher from Bangladesh. I strongly recommend you have no association with this publisher in any way. Do not submit any papers, do not agree to serve on its editorial boards.

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