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Many college students struggle to understand the core concepts of mathematics in college because they failed to grasp basic concepts in primary and high school. Mathematics is actually a very easy subject because once you master all the concepts, you can solve every problem put in front of you.

According to, there is a wide variety of techniques students can use to solve the same math problem. All you need is to find what works for you and polish your skills. Understanding rather than memorizing how to solve a math problem because this way, you can still solve it if the details of the question are altered.

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1. Zero: The Biography of a Dangerous Idea. | Charles Seife

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This is an excellent book to begin with because it is bound to make you love math. It is a comprehensive book that talks about math concepts in an interesting way. Charles Seife breaks down every unit you thought was complex into bite-sized chunks. This way, you don’t feel overwhelmed when you’re studying.
This book helps you see that mathematics is beautiful and astounding. Not many students know that there are books out there that comprehensively discuss math. This book is bound to bring you joy because, for the first time, you’ll understand concepts that you’ve always struggled with.   If you’ve taken several courses but have failed to make sense out of many concepts, this book was written for you. Charles will make you laugh out loud throughout this book because his sense of humor is hard to ignore.


2. Measurement | Paul Lockhart

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The next book that should be on the list is Measurement by Paul Lockhart. This is a must-read for all college students. It is so comprehensive that even teachers can use it as a teaching guide. This book teaches professors how math should be taught.  Paul Lockhart showcases a powerful criticism on the mathematics curriculum teaches use in pre-school and high school. It will help you understand why you had such a hard time understanding math in high school. Paul Lockhart does not stop at pointing out where the problem lies. He goes ahead to offer a reliable solution to the problem.  According to this book, mathematics is an art, and it should be treated as such. The reason many fail to grasp concepts is that teachers make this subject appear like a nut that’s hard to crack. Paul helps you understand why memorizing mathematical solutions is not the solution to your problem. This book has the potential to make math your life-long love.


3. Prelude to Mathematics | W.W. Sawyer

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Lastly, we have Prelude to Mathematics by W.W. Sawyer. This is a classic book you’ll enjoy to read. Within its pages, W.W. Sawyer teaches you how to think like a mathematician. W. W. Sawyer’s writing can convert anyone into a mathematics reader. Who said that math is only to be solved? This book was written to accommodate everyone. Whether or not you have a deeply rooted interest in understanding math concepts, you’ll enjoy this book. His execution is precise yet not as lifeless as many perceive math to be.




Math is what you make of it. Many perceive it to be challenging because all it seems to require of you is to solve problems. These books allow you to see math from different perspectives. Reading about math ensures that you have the knowledge to tackle any problems you encounter.


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