Going for that cute and simplistic rustic vibe is a common go-to move for a lot of homeowners. Rustic interiors and exteriors look like the coziest places to be! Are you thinking about making some arrangements at your own home and giving it that simple yet gorgeous makeover? If so, keep on reading and find out how to incorporate some elements and gadgets for a budget-friendly solution!

Top 10 budget-friendly ways to add a rustic vibe to your home

1. Go for some wood beams


Wood beams are quite common and they look playful, unique, as well as elegant while staying rustic at the same time! Wood beams are not that hard to color either, and they can give that beautiful flair to your bedroom, living room, or your kitchen. Just make sure that they are visible and easy to spot since this is the entire point of their beauty.

2. Add a wood panel wall


Wood panel walls have that unique 70s vibe to them, but they look gorgeous either way and are still trending even to this day! You will love setting them up since these come in loads of different colors, and all are classic and easy to pull off. You can also mix and match different patterns, or you can go for a solid color and embrace that monochrome vibe! Enjoy your favorite wooden design, and let the art piece speak for itself!

3. Switch up your kitchen cabinets


You can go for some improved yet unfinished kitchen cabinets and enjoy a pop of color in your home! Kitchen cabinets are so easy to set-up, and they don’t have to be pricey either. At Kitchen Cabinet Depot, you can browse through loads of different designs, and stick to the one that screams your name, or go for the one that has the prettiest rustic vibe! You will be overwhelmed with their stunning colors, as well as designs that will suit every homeowner, as well as your personal style!

4. Go for some reclaimed wood


Everyone is about using reclaimed wood nowadays since it leaves that rustic vibe in a matter of seconds. You can choose any type of wood, from a barn perhaps, and mix it in with and along with your furniture. Go for a mini coffee table and use any salvaged wood, as long as it is old, rustic, as well as vintage! The more textures, as well as colors, the better! No one will be able to tell that this is actually your little DIY project, and you will be overwhelmed with the outcome.

5. Give the shine to your old antiques


Have you ever polished some old items? You can polish your old antiques and give them back their needed shine, and place them in your living room to add that rustic decor. For instance, you could turn an old-school dresser into your TV stand. This way, everything will look renewed and as good as new, but the truth is that you’ve only colored some old furniture, and polished some glass or metal!

6. Stone is quite popular


Wood isn’t the only rustic material that is popular when it comes to home decor and redesigning. You can also go for some stone elements since they are pure, easy to use, combine, as well as place anywhere you want! Some stone details in your kitchen, desk, or around your TV will look elegant and rustic. You could also combine some stone elements in your front or backyard. Combine and think about the outside and the inside space, always.

7. An elegant fireplace is an excellent idea


Most rustic homes have a marvelous and elegant fireplace, as you probably know, and have seen by now in many movies, or homes! A fireplace is common in most homes, it is up to you to decorate it with a wooden mantle which will give out a warm, cozy, and homey vibe to your residence! Let others gather around and enjoy the rustic appeal, as well as the fact that you can talk and spend quality time here together.

8. Loads of warm and earthy colors


Rustic has a color scheme pattern, which is often (if not always) quite warm and cozy. You can make your home pop with some bright oranges, red, green, or gold and brown. These colors can be showcased through loads of different cushions, lamps, or paintings throughout your home. Go for some antique watches as well to round up the look, and enjoy this colorful story!

9. Built-ins are cute


Not only that they are cute, but they are also quite popular around your fireplace. Install built-ins and color them to match the rest of your chosen room or your entire home aesthetic. These built-in cabinets or shelves should come in the same size, shape, as well as colors. Otherwise, they may look a bit off, or even way too rural and like kitsch. Focus on your personal and preferred style.

10. Go green, always


The most common, healthy, as well as a practical way to turn your old home into a rustic mansion? Incorporate loads of greenery, flowers, plants, or even trees! The green color is an amazing choice when placed next to brown elements. These two contrast colors look rural and rustical, while the flowers themself smell lovely, are great for the soul, and will leave your home feeling as cozy and as peaceful as ever!

Ready to show off your rustic design and passion?

Are you ready to turn your home upside down, and switch some things up while still not spending a fortune? Which one of these top ten tips and tricks is your favorite, and which one you can’t wait to test and try out in your home?! You will love the rustic and rural outcome with any of these, just cater it per your style, preferred color scheme, and budget! You and your family will be more than pleased in the end.


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