Let me tell you one thing, learning new things is always a fun thing to do? It’s the greatest pleasure of life to gain new information and study something new daily. While we grew older, it came to our minds that we never actually stopped the process of learning even after passing from school. Although, you may find random did you know facts farfetched and trivial, they always come in handy.

Animals are really amazing creatures, and a lot of facts are yet to be discovered about them. We are not even sure if we have already discovered every species of animal on this planet. They are unique in their own way and sometimes may seem very unusual to us humans.

So, we’ve decided to make it more fun with you today. We’ve decided to queue up some of the facts about animals you should know about. We hope that these facts would provide you with much information and would be very interesting.

Rabbits Eat Their Waste themselves


Rabbits secrete two different types of wastes, one is round and small, others are soft black type, and they are called cecotropes. These cecotropes are the ones that are considered as food by rabbits. Hence they eat them to re-absorb any nutrients that were then failed to be absorbed by their stomach. Rabbits usually do that daily.

Birds Need Gravity for Swallowing


Birds don’t have the potential to chew their food because their genes don’t allow the formation of teeth. What they have is a wide esophagus that enables them to swallow their whole meal. Hence, they need the force of gravity to be able to push their meal down from the esophagus and down into the stomachs.

Lobsters Have Colorless Blood


The lobsters contain colorless blood, but when exposed to oxygen, it turns into blue. The copper present in the molecule, namely blue hemocyanin is responsible for this, and it is found in their blood.

Cats Live Most of Their Life Asleep


We all know that cats are nocturnal animals. They tend to be active usually at night and like to sleep in the day. But the amazing fact is that cats spend most of their time sleeping by averagely sleeping up to 15 hours daily, not just that some cats tend to sleep even longer with a daily sleeping time up to 20 hours (learn more about it here).

Cows Are Not Capable of Descending Down the Stairs


This phenomenon is happened due to the unique position of their knees and hips that make it difficult to advance downward, and the floor in front of their feet is not visible to them. In addition, the cow has an additional weight that makes it harder to balance and would ultimately result in a fall.

Pigs Are Unable to Look Skywards


Pigs are physically not capable of looking skyward when they are standing. The anatomy of their neck makes it hard for them to bend over backward. The next time someone calls you a pig, all you have to do is look up to the sky and tell them that they are not capable of looking up.

Army of Frogs


The collective noun for a group of frogs is the army, and they are also called with the names of the chorus or a colony. If you gave it a thought, this would be the world’s scariest as well as the yuckiest army, right? Even thinking about it makes you shiver with goosebumps.

Male Mosquitoes Don’t Bite


Yes, only the female mosquitoes do all the biting. They bite because they are in need of nutrition, which comes from a person’s blood, which is required for the development of eggs while all the male mosquitoes get their nutrition from the nectar of flowers.

Scorpions Glowing Phenomena


In the exposure of ultraviolet light, scorpions emanate a glow which is originated from a substance found in the hyaline layer of their body. This is a thin and durable coating and is part of the exoskeleton structure of a scorpion. This exoskeleton is also named as the cuticle.

Owls Turn Their Heads Instead of Their Eyes


Unlike humans that can turn or roll their eyes for seeing sideways, owls don’t possess such skills. The large size of their eyes doesn’t allow movement in any direction. Instead, the adaption process has given them the ability to turn their head 270 degrees.

A Fly Will Always Fly Backwards to Evade


Have you ever given attention to a fly flying in the forward direction while shooing it away? No, you have not. Fruit flies are able to turn in midair with the help of their shoulders, and they just shrug them. You should also know that a fly has more information processing capability when compared to humans. They possess the ability to process information seven times quicker than human beings.

Giraffes are Incapable of Swimming


Giraffes maintain its balance with the help of their gait. However, studies have clearly indicated that even using their gait, and they cannot balance in water while being submerged. That’s why they are considered to be one of the worst swimmers in Kingdom Animalia.

Caterpillars are More “Muscular” Than Humans


It is not the case that they are literally more muscular than men, but their bodies contain over 4,000 muscles. Their heads alone contain over 248 muscles, and the number of muscles controlling each segment is over 70.

Moths Don’t Have Stomachs


Yes, they don’t have stomachs. But you might ask where their food goes, right? In fact, they don’t have any eating process. The type of moth, namely Luna moth, never eats in his whole life after emerging from the cocoon. Sadly, their life is only about a week.


So, there it is, all the conclusions from animal facts, and we hope you liked what you have learned and discovered when you read this article. There are still many animal facts that aren’t included on this list, but you can just read them online.


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