You must cherish the one you love once you’ve found them. Celebrating an anniversary milestone should never be neglected. Anniversaries are a chance to show your partner how much they mean to you! So never forget your special date. Put it in your diary! That’s rule number one.

But how do you make an anniversary extra-special? What kind of gifts are most memorable?

Let’s take a look at 13 of the best, most unique anniversary gift ideas for making memories you can look back on forever.

1. Custom Paint By Number Masterpiece

A custom paint by number masterpiece from is a great option if you’re a keen painter. Just Paint By Number has various themed kits available, and our personal favorite is their custom paint by number kit which converts any photo into a personalized painting set. So choose the best, most romantic couples photo of you both, order your kit, and get painting!

2. Surprise Trip Away

What better way to celebrate your anniversary than a surprise trip away? First you need to decide on where to go. Choose somewhere that’s romantic and packed full of things you can do and see! Just make sure you’ve secretly checked their schedule to make sure they can definitely fit it in.

3. Home-Cooked Three Course Meal

A delicious home-cooked meal is a surefire way to someone’s heart. Even if you’re not particularly skilled in the kitchen, it’s the effort that matters most! Choose their favorite dishes and buy all of the ingredients you need at the store.

Make sure they’re out of the house for a while and set up the dining table with candles and flowers to make it extra cute for when they return. Why not opt for some aphrodisiac foods too, like strawberries, chocolate, and oysters? And don’t forget the champagne!

4. Photo Scrapbook


Humans are sentimental beings. A lot of us appreciate gifts that are meaningful rather than materialistic, and a photo scrapbook to flick through is the perfect idea if your partner loves to reminisce.

Start by collecting all the nicest photos of the memories you’ve shared throughout your relationship and then buy a bunch of scrapbook decorating materials. You can even add cute captions and funny stories. A picture really can speak a thousand words!

5. Romantic Picnic

If you’re outdoorsy types, why not pack up a surprise picnic for your partner? Find a spot with a stunning view and lay a blanket on the grass to relax for the afternoon. It’s a chance to sit and watch the day go by together. Sometimes the simplest things are the most romantic. Just remember to pack plenty of tasty treats and a bottle of wine! It helps if it’s a beautiful sunny day too.

6. Sentimental Poem

Why not woo your partner with a sentimental poem? You don’t need to be a talented writer to write a romantic poem. All you need is an open mind and a pen. Just write what comes to mind and let your heart do the talking. It’s the thought that counts!

7. Wine Tasting Tour


A wine-tasting tour is a great option if you’re both big drinkers who appreciate a fancy bottle of the good stuff. Speaking of fancy bottles, offers some of the most unique decanters that make a very special gift for someone who likes to have a drink.

There are thousands of incredible wine tasting experiences available across the country, so choose the one that offers the best premium package to drink, eat, and be merry.

If wine isn’t really your thing, you can always go on a beer or gin tour instead. The choice is yours!

8. Couples Bungee Jump

A bungee jump is the perfect anniversary gift if your partner is an adrenaline junkie.

There’s nothing more exhilarating than standing on the edge of a platform looking below, preparing to take a giant leap straight down.

Best of all, you can take a lover’s leap together with a tandem bungee jump. There’s no doubt you’ll be holding onto each dearly.

9. Painting class

Perhaps you should book a painting class to enjoy on an anniversary date? Learning a new skill together can help you bond in ways you haven’t before, especially if you’re creative types.

Painting is also a wonderfully therapeutic way to relax, so book a class if you think your partner will love to hone in on their creativity. You could even heat things up a little by heading to a life drawing class!

10. Spa Day


A spa day is a great anniversary gift if you want to truly relax with one another. Plan a day at a local premium spa and book the treatments that your partner loves the most, including massages, facials, or pedicures, etc. Then you can go for a dip in the pool and unwind in the sauna. Finish off the day by raising a toast of champagne in the hot tub. Could you think of a more perfect anniversary gift to experience together?

11. Hot Air Balloon Ride

Taking a ride in a hot air balloon offers spectacular views and an exhilarating thrill. So why not book a surprise balloon ride on your anniversary date? It’s the perfect opportunity to say ‘I love you’ high up in the sky. Warning: This isn’t the best idea if your partner is scared of heights.

12. Food Festival Tickets

If you’re both foodies, a day trip to a food festival offers everything you need to feed your hungry bellies. Carry out some research on all the best food festivals in your local area and choose the one that your partner would love the most. Whether it’s a chocolate festival, a cheese festival, or even a pizza festival, there’s plenty of different events out there for you to choose from.

13. Personal Playlist


Why not create a personal playlist as an anniversary gift? Add all of your favorite songs that you love together as a couple, especially those that remind you of loving memories you have shared. You can create and share a digital playlist on a streaming service or you can go one step further by burning the tracks onto a CD.