When it comes to online marketing, having a good Yelp presence can make a huge difference. But just how much of an impact does having a strong Yelp presence have on your conversion rates? We looked at some data and the results are astounding! Up to a 97% increase in conversions was observed in businesses that actively used Yelp. Read on to learn more about this exciting research and see how you can take advantage of it!

What are Yelp Conversions?


They refer to the qualitative measure of customer website visits, lead generation, and sales that are achieved from actions taken as a result of page visibility. In other words, these conversions measure the effectiveness of your Yelp page in leading customers to take certain desired actions. Conversions can be tracked and measured by analyzing a variety of data points, such as the number of website visits generated from Yelp reviews, referrals made to other businesses after visiting your page on Yelp, or how many customers directly visit a store or restaurant because they saw their address on Yelp.

Analyzing these data points can provide valuable insight into how successful your Yelp page is at driving potential customers to take an action – whether that’s making a purchase or simply learning more about your business. To get an accurate measure of this success rate and determine if it’s higher than before you joined Yelp, you can use conversion tracking software to track and analyze data such as page views and click-through rates for each month. By analyzing this information over time, you can observe whether conversion rates have increased after joining or advertising on this website.

What is the Study?

This study looks at how Yelp Business Pages can increase traffic, customer engagement and return customers’ purchases. It included analyzing the effectiveness of Yelp Conversions, visits to our clients’ websites, and other key performance indicators.

These results showed a substantial increase in conversions when businesses embraced their presence on it. Between 92-97% of users who visited a business’s page on Yelp went on to visit the website afterward. This highlights the potential for building an audience via the platform and increasing brand visibility and website traffic.

It also analyzed sales revenue increases driven by runs conducted with Optimizely, a powerful testing platform designed to help businesses run successful A/B testing campaigns. In this particular case, results showed that revenue increased by 8% for those businesses that had their A/B test setup with Optimizely on the right pages, creating a powerful connection between website conversions and customer engagement through Business Pages.

What are the Results?


The results of the study reveal a significant increase in conversions when a business is listed on it. Over 8 in 10 consumers state that their decision to purchase from a business was influenced by an online review. The majority (97%) of Yelp listings found conversions to be higher than average, with many examples of outstanding success stories among other businesses registered in the platform.

In addition, the results also show that restaurants and bars, who capitalized on Yelp’s platform, saw an average increase in sales by up to 18%. On the other hand, healthcare-related businesses experienced an average 10% increase. Both of these numbers are well above other online platforms used for marketing purposes.

It has also been seen as a way for businesses to improve user experience and customer satisfaction. Several factors of good service were made visible through its platform: increasing customer convenience, ease of appointment booking, making menu options easily available and creating chances for rewards or gifts at checkout time all resulted in increased trust from customers.

The study results demonstrate that leveraging this platform can lead to greater sales activity for any business operating within its system!

What are the Benefits of Higher Conversions?


The benefits of increasing your Yelp conversions can be significant. Higher Yelp conversions can mean more customers, increased brand trustworthiness, and better visibility for your business. All of these factors will contribute to greater success for your business in the future.

Increased customer numbers mean greater sales and more money coming in to invest back into your business. With more people trusting your brand, you will have a larger pool of potential customers to target and boost sales even further. Furthermore, higher Yelp conversions also improve online visibility as your listing shows up higher in search results when people are looking for the services or products you are offering.

However, it’s important to note that increasing conversions isn’t just about gaining good reviews; it’s also about understanding the needs of consumers and providing them with excellent customer service so they feel appreciated and valued. By making sure that customers are well attended to, businesses can foster an environment where people come back again and recommend your company to their friends and family; these people being a great source of repeat business in addition to new leads generated by higher rankings on search engines like Google or Bing.

What Strategies Can be Used to Increase Conversions?


Recent studies show that businesses can see up to a 97% increase in conversion rates when using strategies specifically designed for Yelp. By understanding how it works, and the process for achieving customer conversions, businesses can make the most of this platform, resulting in increased leads and revenue.

The first step to increasing conversions on Yelp is to ensure that users are able to find you easily. This includes optimizing content such as regularly updating your page with current descriptions of your products or services, featuring images of your business, and using the right keywords to make sure your services or products show up when potential customers search by category. Other simple yet effective ways include encouraging customers who’ve had positive experiences to share their reviews on Yelp, as well as responding quickly and politely to customer queries and complaints made via the platform.

Businesses should also focus on creating content that inspires potential customers. Allowing customers to learn more about your company’s efforts towards sustainable practices, unique product offerings or even making a positive difference in the community can attract new prospects and motivate them to convert into customers. By leveraging Yelp Special Offers such as discounts off product purchases or free entries at events hosted by your business allows customers to recognize a value proposition within the offer which further encourages them to take action for a purchase or a visit.

Finally, engaging more frequently with potential consumers is an effective means of obtaining conversions from Yelp users. Regularly organizing giveaways like promotions through ads run by sponsored posts will generate publicity as well as motivate people who’ve seen it take action towards purchasing or visiting. As such it is important for businesses looking to increase conversions via Yelp use these strategies together in order to improve their visibility across all platforms while offering incentives that encourage people to convert into real customers.


Overall, the results of the study showed promising increases in conversions when optimizing user reviews on Yelp. It was reported that by using features such as direct response ads and targeting a specific audience, authors were able to see conversions up to 97% higher than before using such features.

These results suggest an opportunity for businesses to take advantage of Yelp’s ability to optimize user reviews for better engagement, higher visibility, and more revenue from potential customers. Through optimization of customer reviews and the use of targeted ad campaigns, companies can drive better results and improve their bottom line.