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Passion and enthusiasm mean as much to business development as investment and a well-thought-out business plan. These features are also extremely important for students.

Enthusiasm is essential for being a successful student, as well as support from Essays Writing Help.

When asked to name a few business leaders, names like Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla Motors, Sheryl Sandberg, a prominent businesswoman who sits on the board of directors of Facebook, or Larry Page of Google immediately come to mind.

Why them? Partly because of their intelligence and creativity, but not only. They are also ahead of others because their areas of activity are juicy, innovative, and dramatic, and leap-like innovations in them make leadership more likely.

Similarly, Eric Ryan, co-founder of “Method”, became an ideological leader.

Ryan and the other team members took a commonplace household item like soap and wrapped it in a cool idea.

It would seem that everything in this niche has been occupied for a long time and it is simply impossible to come up with something new and interesting. But Method co-founders Ryan and Laurie succeeded, but not at the expense of new technologies, but at the expense of the very idea of safe, environmentally friendly, and pleasant cleaning of the house.

The company’s products focus on stylish packaging and eco-friendly products-something that makes cleaning the house a safe and enjoyable experience.

Well, the company itself has built a culture based on imagination and creativity and far from being formal and worshipful. This atmosphere allows entrepreneurs to put their heart into their work and express themselves through their activities. It got them excellent financial results.

Here are four of Ryan’s rules, following which you can easily become an ideological leader in any field, even banal and completely occupied by other well-known brands.

1.Use the goal to build a solid foundation

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Ryan’s most important advice is to connect people to his goal, to get co-founders, employees, and users to share the main idea.

No need to sell the product. We need to start a movement.

Whatever you do, you need to create a solid platform for your leadership — to give people a clear idea of what you are doing all this for.

For example, in his company, Ryan focused on creating the “people against dirt” movement. The sale of cleaning products has become not a simple household action, but a means of solving major social and environmental problems.

Method wants to prove that business as a whole can be not only a means of earning money but also an engine for social change for the better. The chosen strategy brings the company high revenues and ever-growing fame.

Do not underestimate the passion, love, and enthusiasm that can arise from a high goal.

2. Become part of a community with similar ideas

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Instead of developing a global idea for your business from scratch, you can join existing communities that carry an idea that is close to you.

Method chose B Corp members (from Benefit Corporation, public good enterprises) as such a community.

To get a Benefit Corporation certificate, you need to pass a test of how the company affects local communities, its employees, consumers, various spheres of society, and, finally, the environment.

At the moment, more than 1,000 companies in the world have earned this status (and not only in the United States). We can say that this is a global movement of businessmen who use the power of their business to do good.

Joining the ranks of B Corp not only motivates employees perfectly but also ensures the trust of consumers, increase the company’s credibility, and sets it apart from competitors in a crowded modern market.

Thanks to the B Corp certificate, Method is associated with the most socially and environmentally oriented companies on the planet.

3. Make public appearances

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In the best-selling book by Canadian journalist Malcolm Gladwell, “The Tipping Point”, it is said that the success of a social epidemic, a mass obsession with an idea, depends on a small number of people whose opinion has a lot of weight.

When you make public appearances, you don’t have to communicate your ideas to every person in the crowd. The main thing is to convince a few people who influence the general public and will start spreading information about your product.

These can be people who write about your product on their platform, and then the idea will be picked up by other people, and the media will start talking about your ideas and products.

“With this strategy, we have been quite successful in attracting media attention and increasing the value of our brand,” says Ryan.

4. Share your ideas for free

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On the one hand, it even sounds scary. How can you give away your ideas without getting anything in return? But there is another side.

By spreading ideas, you strengthen your position as a leader.

Eric Ryan told how upset Method CEO Adam Laurie was when he saw the final version of the book The Method. This book, released in 2011, revealed all the secrets of the company that makes up its competitive advantage.

It didn’t bother Ryan much, though. He knew that he was upsetting Lori, but he thought it was the implementation of Method’s ideas that set them apart from their competitors, not the ideas themselves.

So don’t be afraid to share your ideas. Your main advantage will be their implementation, and distribution will help you win and strengthen the position of a leader in your field.