All efforts and all the work is done on the development of the site are ultimately aimed at attracting the audience to it. If the site is unpleasant or incomprehensible to the user, he will immediately leave it.

That is why a lot of time and attention is always paid to the development of the site structure and design with web design services by Fireart.

A lot of articles have already been written on the topic of website design development, and we decided to talk about our observations, but in a sphere that is close to us – the industrial one.

The most important thing on the site is a great design!


Indeed, site design plays an important role. As the saying goes: “They are greeted by their clothes”. But you shouldn’t try to place all the latest trends and non-trends of web development on the site. If we sell stubs, then why try to convince the designer that there must be a body of water, a dense forest, floating fish, flying birds, pink elements, etc. in the background of the site. First, it distracts the site visitor from the target block – the product catalog. Secondly, you can simply confuse a potential buyer: I went to the pipeline valve’s website, and everywhere there is fauna. After all, the proverb has the following result: “… but they are seen off according to their minds.”

Draw me several designs for the main page, and I’ll choose one!


It takes a lot of time to render one version of the page design: depending on the size of the page, from 14 to 28 hours of working time. This suggests that drawing a few more options will take at least three times as long. The employee’s work must be paid, so no one will do it for free.

We, in turn, in order to avoid big problems with the redesign of the main page, before the start of the designer’s work, we develop the structure concepts of all the pages of the site and coordinate them with the customer. This approach eliminates the need to develop multiple page design options.

Also, any web studio has a portfolio by which you can immediately assess its level and decide whether to work with this studio or not. Take content from such and such a site, and then we will provide our photos.

Unfortunately, very often we burned ourselves with this approach and the rendered result often differed from the finished site. Why? When developing a site design, the designer selects all images, icons, photos according to the main color scheme of the future site. Selects people for a block with managers in the same style, in the same position. The result is a very harmonious design layout. But in fact, when, after approval and during the development of the site, the client sends his photographs in his “corporate style” or a photo of his production, the layout simply loses its original appearance, which the client liked so much upon delivery. It would seem how such an insignificant element as a photo can ruin the whole layout as a whole? Answer: very easy and simple. Do not underestimate the list of necessary content for the site that the project manager sends you before starting all the work.

Where to write to you and what number to call?


Contact information on the site is a block that, in terms of importance, is on the same level as the product catalog. If a client has a question, then the first thing he wants to do is call or write to the company manager.

It often happens that contact information is simply neglected and the visitor is forced to go to a separate page “Contacts” to simply copy the email. Everything on the site should be very simple and accessible. Any information that the user may need should always be in front of his eyes, highlighted using font size or color. Otherwise, the potential buyer will simply leave the site and the deal will fail.

Let’s hide/redraw the product block on the main page, why is it


“No, we cannot make the catalog smaller / remove it altogether, since this is the target block in which the products for which the site will be developed will be placed, an advertising campaign will be launched, a budget for search engines will be calculated and for which a potential buyer will visit your site “- this is how we have to respond to requests to free up space on the main page at the expense of a block with products.

Huge sheets of absolutely uninteresting text


We don’t really like long texts, which, as a rule, none of the users reads. Exception: SEO texts for search engine promotion. But, as a rule, at the design and development stage of the site design, we lay this block, and the designer draws styles for it, selects the fonts. And then the text becomes readable and pleasing to the eye. And we put the text block in the place on the page where it will not interfere with the acquaintance with the company’s products.

And if we are provided with long texts with the advantages of work, with a description of the production, then we divide it into several blocks and design it either with short texts with icons or diluted with illustrations. All this work is done for a better perception of information.

The site needs to be dynamic


We often hear from our clients. I agree that the dynamics of elements or objects have always attracted people’s attention. But in the case of website development, you need to be careful. Yes, hovers must be present, but only on clickable elements (buttons, links, etc.). And if you start posting them in all possible and impossible areas, then this can either confuse the user or, even worse, start to annoy and the person simply won’t just leave the site. In addition, when developing the site design, the designer selects and draws all dynamic elements so that they will look very neat, harmonious, and not imposed on the site visitor.