We don’t know from which part of the world are you joining in, but we’re going to call this beautiful game – football. If you’re from the United States and want to be a smartass, we’re talking about soccer. In Europe, football is without a doubt the most popular sport out there in almost all countries, if not all. You have quality games on most top flights, but the best football is played in England, Germany, France, Spain, and Italy. It’s what’s called the leagues of the top five. But, let’s be honest, one of these is not like the other.

Of course, we are talking about the English Premier League. The top flight of England’s football is at the top of the EU football pyramid and with a reason. It offers the most intensity, the biggest clubs are fighting for the title, and there are at least three of them each year, and the stadiums are always full without a mistake. Of course, coronavirus ruined that for a while, but we hope to see its ugly face out of our stadiums in the near future. The best part about the Premier League is that it is super fun to bet on. Why? Well, it’s the only league where Burnley can play on equal foot with Arsenal, where defending champions Liverpool can be outscored by Aston Villa, and where we have some of the best managers in the world managing their teams in the form of Jose Mourinho, Carlo Ancelotti, and of course Pep Guardiola.

With all of this combined, it is not easy to have a winning wager each weekend. What this means is that you’ll need a bit of help to do things the right way, and we are here to help you. Keep reading and check out what are some of the things every beginner should know about betting on the EPL.

Learn the Basics


The thing is if you already have some knowledge in betting it doesn’t mean too much for the EPL. The teams think and operate differently. Most of the tips would remain the same compared to any other league, but with some major differences. For one, in England teams still value the cups. So you should know that most first-flight teams won’t rest starters in the FA cup regardless of the opponent. Furthermore, they also play League Cup, so the schedule is always congested, during the whole year. You’ll see player rotation like nowhere else. Also, we shouldn’t forget that they play football on Boxing day while the rest of the world rejoice. The number of games at the end of December and January is crazy when you think about it. What’s even crazier is that man City manages to win twenty games in that time frame. These are just some of the basics to know. When you count in all of the rivalries into the equation things get even more complicated. But, get a hold of the basics for now. If you have issues, maybe BookmakerAdvisor can help you.

A Dream of Spring


While you can’t plan for G.R.R. Martin to finish this book, you can make plans for an intense EPL title and relegation fight. This is something that we have each year, almost without a fault. The last year was an exception at the top, but at the bottom, it’s always fun. This is what makes it super fun to put a wager on games. Fulham away at Brighton is the same spectacle as Man City vs. Man United. When the fire starts burning under the feet of relegation-tied teams, while the top ones fight in Europe still, even Crystal Palace can take all the points at Chelsea. Unlike with any other league too much money is involved in the relegation, almost more than in the fight for the title. We shouldn’t even mention the reward that teams from Championship receive upon entering EPL. This league gets heated in April and May and this is something you need to count on when placing your bets. Always follow the schedule, and make predictions about who is staying up, who’s going down, and who occupies the places that lead to Europe. When spring comes, the wolves start tearing each other up in Premier League, and we’re not talking only about Wolverhampton.

Don’t Skip Practice


Well, the only way to practice betting is to bet frequently. Considering that you’re a beginner, things won’t be easy. There’s just too much to count in before placing a wager. The best way to stay in shape and increase your chances of winning is to play regularly. This is why you shouldn’t start with big bets. Start small, and increase the best as you are getting more used to the competition. The one thing you could do, if you want to miss on losing money is to place bets without money. Just try to get the result. But, you need to be careful with this method as you’ll be made if you hit the games and money was wagered that day. Of course, you could always practice on lower tiers of England football as all leagues near the top have a lot of similarities. But, as usual, we would suggest that you stick to EPL only, as that way you’ll have better chances of materializing your knowledge.

Find The Best Odds


Before starting your betting journey make sure that you find the right partners. All online bookmakers have EPL in their offering due to its popularity. Millions of bets go to this league each game-week, so the odds change a lot. You need to find the best place to put your wagers, and it’s usually the one offering the higher odds than the competition. This won’t be possible to fin on the first shoot but with time you’ll learn which offer is the best one for you. Even the small difference in odds can mean a lot considering that you’re working with a limited amount of games each week.


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