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Top Betting Events You Can Try Your Hands On in 2023

Big sporting events often create an opportunity for gamblers to earn some money. If you know the game well, you’re more likely to make the right prediction. We bring you a list of the biggest sports events of 2023 – and some sporting events you can still look forward to!

Super Bowl


Super Bowl, an admired sport for over 300 million people, is worth a try. A ticket selling over $50,000 can arguably be the biggest sport even to bet on.

About 110 million people have watched the NFC Champion Los Angeles vs. AFC Champ Cincinnati Bengals in 2023. During this league match, approximately $180 million wagers were at stake across 179 sportsbooks. Besides this match, the NFL 2023 had $7.61 billion in bets.

The betting lines can get absurd, with every moment turning out to be a chance to win or lose money. But, this sport is not confined to only a few things to bet on. Use your assets to work for you and fill the pocket.

Before placing your bets, check on the team line-up – including the attacking and the defending power of both teams. Analyze the team members and their roles, then put on your bets.

Bets can be placed on the several upcoming matches of NFL. The NFL’s regular season will begin this month, and you can take your chances to win some cash.



Is FIFA the biggest sports betting event? You get to bet on every match and even on player performances.

FIFA has been in play since 1930 and is played every four years. In this World Cup, 32 teams compete to be soccer champions.

With an average of 2 billion euros on an exchange, 2018 FIFA has seen the highest wager at stake. A single match between Croatia and French was bet for 72 billion euros. Besides this, the last world cup was also seen by 1.1 billion people on screen.

The FIFA World Cup will begin on 21st November 2023. Many bookies will try to put the odds for the matches and cement some winnings. FIFA is acknowledged to earn two third of the total revenue from gambling.

There are tons of options in a FIFA match to make money. When betting on a football match, use your game knowledge to apply it to reason. Understand the game situation, and gamble when you are confident about your win.

NBA Finals


Betting on the NBA Finals has a charm like no other – perhaps because of its unpredictability.

Every game has a risk in gambling, and so does NBA. Players can get injured in the middle of the match, ruining all of their money. It can help if you know the players playing the game and their current physical status.

The best thing about NBA is it is a series of seven games. If you lose money in the first game, you will get other chances to recover them. Good news for the NBA bettors – the regular season of the NBA will start in October.

If you are looking forward to some big events to double or triple your money, then NBA is the perfect event for you. Some betting platforms also give the privilege of betting in between games.

English Premier League (EPL)


A single EPL or English Premier League player earns up to $400,000 weekly. Given such a huge amount, there is no way the players can hold back on the field. Due to such facilities, it becomes hard for the bookies to set the match’s odds.

When betting on an EPL match, look at the following:

  • Home advantages,
  • Crowds,
  • Weather,
  • Team coordination
  • Player performance and form
  • Coach changes

EPL seemed to have registered a 3-billion viewers in the 2023-22 EPL season.

Kentucky Derby


The event that first comes to mind when talking about betting is horse racing – perhaps due to its popularity. It was first started in 1875, and since then, it has taken place in Louisville on the first Saturday in May of every year.

The Kentucky Derby, a prestigious race in America, is a goldmine for some bettors. You can place your bets on the horses to win the race. When placing bets, look for the following;

  • Competitors,
  • Other horses and their strength,
  • Past performance
  • Review the expert opinions

You select at least two horses for the first and second positions in this sport. Selecting the top 2 horses can be tough. You can choose different types of bets to win your money. Some betting types include,

  1. Quinella – Both the selected horses win the top 2 positions in the correct order.
  2. Trifecta – All 3 horses of yours win the top 3 positions correctly.
  3. Show – One horse out of 3 picks wins the top 3 positions in the correct order.
  4. Place – One horse out of 2 pics wins the top 2 positions in the correct order.

Choose your Sports Event

The biggest sports events offer more than just gambling – thrill and enjoyment.

The one thing you need to stay in the game?  Wager with your head, not the heart.

And these aren’t the only options to place your bets. You can even check out other sports. Sports like La Liga, UEFA Champions League, and Wimbledon are other top sporting events that happen every other year.