Bitcoin mining is a concept that’s present among us for a pretty good number of years. Since the introduction of this popular cryptocurrency, we can see that a lot of people from all over the globe have started mining it. It should be said that this concept was much more alive a couple of years ago before so many companies have decided to invest all of their resources into mining BTC.

So, pretty much all the miners who were independent are now gone or joined one of many BTC communities when they join forces with others. Surely, you’ve heard that there is still a lot of different BTC left to be mined until the complete amount reaches 21 million. While it’s not known when this will happen, it should be said that the whole process of mining is somewhat different than it used to be.

When talking about independent miners, it should be said that they need to be prepared for this. Furthermore, it should be said that there are a lot of different tolls every BTC owner and the miner can use for better management of the cryptos. If you are interested in taking a look at some of the best ones that can help you with these, be sure to take a look at bitcoinsystemapp. Even though bitcoin mining is a pretty popular concept, many people don’t know that these viruses or malware exists.

We are absolutely sure that the vast majority of people from all over the world don’t have a clue about what we are talking about. Therefore, we’ve made a decision to provide our readers with an article where we will describe all the things essential for learning the basics of this kind of viruses. Without further ado, let’s talk about it.

What is a Bitcoin Miner Virus?


BitCoinMiner is a basic name for a wide array of different crypto-mining viruses. We know, you immediately think that the name of the virus implies that we are talking only about Bitcoin. However, we can say that this is just a name, which doesn’t mean that it’s not as dangerous for a wide array of different cryptos like Ethereum and others. It doesn’t really matter what name you are going to use for this malware, its action remains pretty much the same as you can imagine.

If you know that mining BTC is no longer possible on a single PC due to the changes in the procedure itself, then you completely understand why mining has shifted to the companies that have a lot of the funds at their disposal. So, you can imagine what kind of damage can be inflicted if something like a crypto-miner virus attacks one of these systems. Basically, this means that you are mining cryptos, and wasting your resources at the same time, for someone else. The trick is, you will never notice it if you don’t pay close attention to it.

How Does it Spread?


When it comes to the spreading of the crypto miner virus, it should be said that it spreads just like pretty much any other computer virus you can think of. As you can imagine, the commonest way of having one of these in your systems is to download these from the internet by accessing some of the unprotected websites. When it comes to prevention, it can be said that it is pretty similar to what you are used to. When we say this, we mean that you should access and download only from the protected websites and by updating your anti-virus software frequently.

How to Notice It?


Now we are going to talk about how you can actually spot bitcoin miner virus on your system. The first symptom you will notice is that your CPU will become much slower over time. As you can imagine, mining is a process that requires a lot of strength and power. So, when you have a virus that attached itself to the system, you can be sure that your system will become much slower than it really is. In some cases, it can even become ineffectual. Plus, it can lead to further damage to your hardware from inside.

One more symptom that can show you that this happened is that your PC shutdown from overheating from time to time. Naturally, you need to check for other possible causes for this happening. But, if there isn’t any else, you need to think about checking your system for the miner virus. As you can imagine, the two components that will suffer the most are RAM and CPU. But it means that this virus will not attack your CPU. Nevertheless, it will affect the performance of your system, you can be sure of that.

What Are The Types?


Now, we would like to talk about types of crypto-miner viruses.


We can see that browser-based viruses are the commonest way hackers will try to take control of your system. Website scripts are unnoticed by the user, and it represents a perfect way for a hacker to infiltrate the system through this channel. One of the commonest ways hackers do it is impacting WordPress through the database and insert their code into it. Therefore, you need to update your anti-malware computer software and to avoid visiting unprotected websites.


Adware crypto miner viruses attack the RAM in your system and they are inserting lines of code into it, which makes it much more dangerous when compared to pretty much any other form of hacking attacks of this kind. What many people don’t know is that adware can turn off your anti-malware software and you can be sure that it will multiply itself. Sometimes, you cannot see any overheating and overwhelming of your hardware, which makes it much trickier than other kinds of attacks in this regard.

The Bottom Line

crypto miner virus is one of the unknown things related to cryptocurrencies. Therefore, we’ve decided to deliver some of the essential information about it. We hope, you’ll find it helpful.