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Notorious open-access publisher OMICS International operates a scholarly conference division called Conference Series LLC. I learned recently that a London-based corporation called The CPD Standards Office has “accredited” all of OMICS International’s exploitative conferences.

A linked logo now appears on all of OMICS’ conferences. The logo reads “Accredited CPD.” Clicking on the logo brings one to a page like this one[PDF] called the “CPD Standards Factsheet.”

In actuality, the facts are that OMICS has paid this firm to accredit its bogus conferences. Any accreditation agency that grants accreditation to OMICS International or its divisions has no value as an accreditor.

This is confirmed by the CPD’s website which says,

The CPDSO accreditation services do not have a pass / fail philosophy, our friendly assessment team will work with you to achieve CPDSO accreditation successfully.

Indeed, all a firm has to do is pay, and the accreditation is granted. If this agency accredits OMICS and its brand, then surely it will accredit anything.

It is clear why OMICS International / wants to emblazon its conference websites with the bogus CPD logo. It tricks people and universities into thinking the conferences are authentic, when they are really just a predatory means of exploiting university travel funds.

In fact, this is how CPD markets its automatic accreditation services to conference organizers such as OMICS.

I recommend that researchers avoid all journals published under the OMICS International umbrella and avoid all conferences organized by

Moreover, I recommend strong skepticism towards anything “accredited” by the CPD Standards Office.