As the fresh newness of spring turns into the blissful heat of summertime, it is not only time to prepare for the holiday season but also to up your outdoor game. Top among your preparations should be outdoor entertaining and dining, allowing you to make the most of Australia’s glorious weather. So, here are three alfresco entertaining trends to inspire your preparations.

1. Outdoor heating

It may sound counterintuitive- after all, you are preparing for summer- but outdoor heating is essential. It provides an affordable method of maintaining your guests’ comfort while maintaining a luxurious feel. Outdoor heating protects you and your guests from the inevitable evening breeze and its resultant chill, particularly after sunset. Moreover, outdoor heaters allow full, year-round use of your deck or patio.

Outdoor heaters can also serve aesthetic functions. For example, a firepit evokes the whimsical feeling of sitting around a campfire and enjoying simpler times. However, if having open flames isn’t feasible in your area, you can opt for gas or electric heaters.

2. Cooking under the stars for an unforgettable experience


Embrace the rustic by trying your hand at outdoor cooking. However, you don’t have to rely on ‘primitive’ methods and appliances. Why not consider installing an outdoor wood-fired pizza oven? This appliance is a valuable cooking device whose versatility opens you up to a world of possibilities.

Wood-fired pizza ovens are the ultimate tool. After all, who doesn’t like having pizza? Furthermore, the prospect of having unlimited pizza anytime is a powerful draw. But that’s not all. You can cook everything from snacks to appetisers and even desserts. These ovens are ideal for executing various recipes, including loaves of bread, roasts and sweets. They are the perfect way to bring a feast to life without relying on your indoor kitchen.

Alternatively, you can opt for a full outdoor kitchen. This option provides an elevated variation of the traditional Australian BBQ. Outdoor kitchens typically include a benchtop, built-in barbeque and storage. However, they are also fully customisable so that you can tailor your kitchen’s appearance to your tastes and budget.

On the other hand, if you are spatially limited, remember that the traditional BBQ is also an ideal option. Furthermore, you won’t have to compromise on style as manufacturers offer beautifully designed models that match various aesthetic preferences.

3. Lighting up your space


There is nothing like the stunning appearance of twinkling fairy lights strung strategically through an outdoor space. Such festive lighting can significantly transform your entire backyard. In addition, you can create a variety of atmospheres with nothing more than the correct positioning.

There are outdoor lighting options to match various budgets and outdoor spaces. For example, if you have an external electrical outlet, you can install permanent lighting options. Alternatively, numerous solar or battery-operated outdoor garden light options are available for sale.

Make your outdoor space an extension and reflection of your home’s interior by adding comfortable heating, outdoor cooking appliances and lights. You’ll create an inviting space that your family and friends will enjoy throughout the summer.

4. Provide a sense of privacy


Without closing your outdoor area, you will not have the opportunity to enjoy yourself in privacy. More precisely, you will be constantly watching in your neighbors’ yards and they will watch you. Therefore, if you truly want to enjoy this summer outdoors and provide yourself with complete relaxation, do not forget to literally box yourself in.

A sense of privacy will provide both you and your guest to feel completely comfortable. There are many types of solutions for this type of problem. For instance, you can consider some of the simplest solutions that refer to placing a wall of screening plants. Among those walls, you can put your seating area.

Additionally, you can plant a big tree that will help you create a comfortable feeling. If you want to look at some other options, consider researching different types of yard fences.

5. Do not forget about protecting the shade


When it comes to the harsh Australian climate, it is necessary for everyone that wants to spend time outdoors to have shade in warmer months. This is not required only for managing the heat. More precisely, you, your family, and your friends will not be able to enjoy the summer days outdoors because of the Sun rays.

Therefore, you should think about some special Alfresco designs that will provide your outdoor area permanent cover in the terms of protecting the area from the searing sun and other types of weather conditions such as rain or wind. Experts are recommending using plants that are native to the local area since they are going to be in the best way possible adapted to the local climate and they will be able to thrive in your area as well. Plants are an excellent natural option that will provide shade and cool the air where you will be seating.

You can consider creepers for instance, since they are green for the whole year. Also, a good option is deciduous climbers. If you are not a fan of plants, you can look for some DIY projects and create shade with some wood decorative projects.

6. Include some personal style


If you are looking to boost your alfresco entertaining this summer, you should definitely be free to express your creativity to the fullest. Your personal outdoor area should reflect your style and primarily make you feel comfortable and enjoyable.

Most people make the mistake of creating a great sense of style in their homes while they completely neglect the fact that they can do the same thing in their outdoor area. This will help them relax to the fullest and enjoy fresh air throughout the whole day after work without the need to go inside.

Boost your alfresco entertaining this summer with these helpful tips and discover creative ideas for your outdoor living space from RTA Outdoor Living to create the perfect outdoor oasis.

You should find a way to connect the overall space in the best possible way. It would be good to place some comfortable and well-designed outdoor furniture with comfortable cushions. Also, you can find many different innovative ideas that will create a more welcoming space. You can place string lights to create and place solar lanterns throughout your garden to create a warmer and more romantic atmosphere.