Are you a plus size woman tasked with being a bridesmaid? If so, you may be searching for style tips that will bring out the best in you. Look no further!

We’ve got the perfect fashion guide for turning your role as a bridesmaid into something truly fabulous. So, if you’re ready to take your bridesmaid style to the next level, let’s get started!

1. Plus Size Bridesmaid Dress Shopping Tips

When it comes to shopping for a bridesmaid dress, plus size women often come with their own set of challenges. Shopping for a dress that fits comfortably and looks flattering can be difficult and overwhelming. Here are some tips to help find the perfect plus size bridesmaid dress:

First, consider the type of fabric used. Look for fabrics that are less likely to cling or wrinkle, such as chiffon, voile or crepe. Consider the length of the dress; ideally, it should be long enough to hit well below the knee.

Look for styles with interesting details such as ruching or pleats; these details have a slimming effect and can add visual interest to your look. Additionally, opt for an A-line silhouette which is very flattering on plus size figures.

Next, don’t be afraid to experiment with color and pattern. If you’re feeling adventurous, try bright solids or even prints such as floral or paisley prints. Also consider wearing separates which will give you more flexibility– choose one piece in bold color and wear it together with another more subtle piece in plain color for maximum impact.

2. Finding the Right Fit


When shopping for bridesmaid dresses, plus-sized women should pay extra attention to fit and comfort. The wrong dress can make the individual feel uncomfortable and less-than-confident on the big day. To find the perfect fit, there are a few tips that should be considered:

Choose a dress that flatters your figure – Look for a dress shape and style that works with your body type. Empire waists, A-line silhouettes with high necklines, off-the-shoulder ensembles with wide sleeves or dresses with corset bodices are all flattering styles to choose from.

Choose the right size – It is important to start by selecting the size that reflects your measurements best and then get the garment tailored if need be. Measurements like bust, waist, hips and length should all be taken into account when ordering or trying on a dress.

Alterations such as hemming or taking in at the sides may also be necessary for achieving a better fit. Once you know what size you should get for your bride dress, look for the perfect one for you on

Find a bodice style that supports – Dresses with thicker straps will help support plus sized women by ensuring proper coverage while also providing added stability during movement.

Keep in mind that if you’re planning on wearing shapewear underneath your dress, make sure it is comfortable enough to withstand an entire day of wear while still providing desired shape support—and always choose shapewear in an actual size relative to its internet measurements!

3. Accessorizing the Look


When it comes to accessorizing your look, think of the bridesmaid dress as the star of the show. Accessories should be used to complement it while ensuring that you feel comfortable in your outfit.

A few pieces of jewelry or a sparkling scarf can have a big impact without taking away from the overall effect of your outfit. Shoes should be comfortable and appropriate for dancing, and depending on the season, a fancy hat or decorative wrap can also add flair.

Style tips for plus-size bridesmaids may include wearing nude heels, opting for full-length dresses that skim the ground, selecting an understated hairstyle, staying away from bold colors or patterns and keeping jewelry minimal if possible.

Bridesmaids with curves should also consider adding a few cleverly placed ruchings or pleats to their overall look for added structure and accentuation of their shape. Consider bringing support items like Spanx or shape wear along with you on the day of – whatever will make you feel most confident!

4. Hair and Makeup Ideas

At many weddings, the bridesmaids form an integral part of the bridal party and help to make the day special and distinctive. Unfortunately, when it comes to plus size bridesmaids, finding flattering styles for hair and makeup is often difficult. To help ensure that all bridesmaids look fabulous and feel confident on the big day, here are three tips for hair and makeup that will flatter plus-sized women.

Hair Tips

When it comes to creating a hairstyle that flatters a fuller figure, opting for something that creates curves can be a great choice. Curls are always flattering on any face shape but shorter layers will add more volume around the face, which helps to draw attention away from angles or where two body parts may meet in an unflattering fashion (around the hips or chest area).

In addition, if most of your bridesmaids have long hair a portion should be pinned away from their face so as not to accentuate facial features; whereas shorter styles can create more definition around jawlines as well as draw attention away from where two body parts may meet or jut out at odd angles further down.

Makeup Ideas

For brides, avoiding cosmetics with dark undertones such as brown or black can be helpful. Using lighter shades of eye shadows and liner can create depth without darkening those areas; peach/pink shades in particular will bring out eye color without exaggerating or drawing too much attention to any area flaws along cheekbones or brow lines.

Additionally using anti-shine powder formulas is highly recommended for plus size faces as this helps minimize sheen caused by sweat production in high intensity situations (such as walking up the aisle) while adding a slight texture around areas such as eyes nose lips etc., which adds contour without pressing into pores which would otherwise cause breakouts afterwards.

Final Thoughts

No matter what choices you make for your bridesmaid look, the key is to feel confident and comfortable throughout the entire event. With the right combo of flattering silhouettes, fabrics that move with you, positive accessories, and confidence in your own beauty, you’ll look amazing for any wedding.


With these three style tips for plus size bridesmaids in mind, you’re well on your way to creating a memorable look that will be comfortable during feelings of joy or stress. While keeping it fashion-forward and on trend is great, make sure to focus on selecting pieces that convey elegance rather than styles that are trendy or attention-grabbing. Most importantly – have fun with it!

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