How does your personal life affect your professional life? For entrepreneurs and freelancers, managing time is vital to success from every aspect, even from the aspect of travel. Work engagements can often impose travel obligations, so it is necessary to organize travel time, as well as all related obligations.

If you don’t manage time well, you won’t get much done and might even fail. Most likely, you are probably overwhelmed with too many tasks. That’s where travel managers come in handy for individuals and companies, so it’s good to get informed about them and know their advantages, but also who are the ones who would best help you.

They organize your trips, book flights, hotels, activities, and other expenses, are easily connected to the company’s accounting and everything is simple, say some of the experts who know the travel management software offers very well. This saves you from having to do all those things. Here are the 6 best business travel management tools to consider using in 2024.

Travel managers are software solutions designed for business travelers who want to plan their trips or manage multiple ones at once. These are software solutions that help companies easily organize all trips and give an easy flow to every process from that aspect. Travel managers allow you to track your entire trip from start to finish, but also to track all expenses related to the trip, booking statuses, and a number of other possibilities that if you do manually you can get lost in the whole chaos which occurs as a result of manual tracking.

With travel managers, you can easily see the status of your flight/hotel reservations, check upcoming dates, and check-in/out times, and view detailed notes about your trip. Plus, you can send reminders to alert you of important events during your trip.

These are just some of the possibilities offered by this specialized software, but let’s see which solutions stand out as the best. Today we bring you some of them with more details that you will have to see and decide which of all those solutions is the best for you. We can get started, and you get ready to meet the best solutions in terms of business travel management.

1. Happay – ease of organizing business trips


Happay offers a new kind of tool to help travelers manage their trips. They also offer an expense management system that helps companies control expenses. Over 6000 companies trust Happay’s cloud-based platform to manage their business expenses. The most significant advantage for Happy is that they provide an integrated end-to-end travel expense management platform. Their platform offers you everything you need to manage travel expenses effectively and efficiently – plan, capture, report, approve, and reconcile.

2. ITILITE – AI solution that can find application in organizing business trips


It aims to be an AI-driven platform enabling travelers to manage their trips through a digital assistant. Its main feature is a personalized concierge service that helps travelers plan their trip according to their preferences (hotels, flights, etc.). Its personalized suggestions help employees get the best deals and avoid unnecessary costs. They can then spend more time enjoying their travels. Apart from offering these functions, the company’s online invoicing system helps companies automate expense reimbursements, which reduces efficiency costs.

3. SAP Concur – an affordable solution that can facilitate travel management for employees in a company


SAP Concur, offers business applications for managing expenses, booking meetings and events, managing employees’ time sheets, etc. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology to improve employee experiences by automatically checking whether expenses are valid before approving them. One of SAP Concur’s advantages lies in the visibility and controls that its business management software provides. Employees can approve expenses from anywhere, companies can capture their expenses while they’re out and about, and this information can then be collated quickly and efficiently without any manual intervention.

4. TravelBank – go on a business trip organized and carefree


A full-featured automated solution for managing corporate trips, Trip Bank helps companies save money by automating their trip planning and reducing overall expenses. With an advanced algorithm, the system provides accurate predictions of upcoming trips’ costs and lets you build more accurate budgets. As a result of its user-friendly design, a curated trip planning portal allows travelers to create custom itineraries regardless of the company’s size. This solution and all those other solutions that are the same or similar to this can bring an easier process that you will enjoy, but also you will be carefree without thinking about whether everything is finished.

5. Coupa – a new way of facilitating the organization of business meetings and trips


With Coupa’s help, you no longer need to worry about complicated, manual processes. Instead, they offer an easy-to-use, intuitive system that makes managing your travel expenses simple. It’s a one-stop shop for everything travel related – from booking flights, hotels, car rentals, tours, activities, and even insurance! Fully customizable, you can easily add new features and functionality as needed. Coupa’s travel manager software offers a superior solution. The capturing and , maintaining data is used to generate intelligent insights and better capacities. Additionally, challenges about employee spending, violations of policies, and poor visibility of expenses are easily scaled using this travel manager software.

6. Airbnb for work – just a great business version of the great booking platform


Airbnb for Work is a great business tools platform that allows travelers and companies to collaborate through an intuitive and smart interface. It facilitates work processes for both parties by combining all their trips and activities into one place. Airbnb for business offers an easy-to-navigate platform that provides better control to your company and convenience for traveling employees. A simple globe on the dashboard shows travelers’ current and plans. It also shows the employee’s contacts and accommodations, and tracks expenses. The traveler software records expenses and collates them for reports.

In front of you are 6 extraordinary solutions that will help you in the management of travel in your company without having any stress, nervous situations, and unwanted circumstances. All that is required is to choose the solution that is best for you and enjoy the advantages that the solution itself brings for you and the business when organizing business trips.

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