The end of December is near, which means only one thing. Christmas and New Year are just a few days away and the festive atmosphere is in full swing. Or at least it should be, like every year, but this year the situation is very different. Instead of thinking and planning in which club or restaurant we will spend New Year’s Eve, most of us are preparing to welcome 2024 at home, without family and friends, because the lockdown will be in force.

The reason we do not wait euphorically for this period, like every year, as we are used to is the coronavirus pandemic. Although we can see light at the end of the tunnel, because vaccination is starting soon, we still cannot expect life to return to normal for at least a few more months. Still, don’t let that completely ruin your Christmas and New Year and start the next one depressed. We will not be able to celebrate as usual, but at least we should all buy each other gifts and thus cheer up and feel at least part of the magic. So read what are the reasons to buy this year’s Christmas gifts online.

1. Safety


From March until today, it was necessary to maintain social distance as much as possible in order to avoid viruses. Most people became infected at sports events and all other places where a large number of people were in a small space. In such places, even masks are not very helpful. And we all know how big the crowds are in stores during Christmas shopping, so that would surely bring a lot of new cases of coronavirus to already full hospitals. Since this is something we are all trying to prevent, then it is certainly not the right time for the tradition of buying gifts at the end of December. At least not in brick and mortar stores like we used to. But in order not to break this beautiful tradition, you can do all the shopping online. That way, you will not be in danger of getting infected at all, and all the people close to you will still receive a gift from you, which will make them very happy. We must maintain a good spirit even in these dark times. The Internet has allowed us to not have to sacrifice either our health or our favorite traditions.

2. Cheaper prices


Cheaper prices of all products are the reason why online shopping takes precedence not only now during the pandemic, but it was a trend before this year, and it will certainly remain even after we eradicate the virus. Since the shops offer far lower costs because they do not have to pay the rent of the place, and they also need much fewer employees, this leads to the fact that they can offer you significantly cheaper product prices. One of the world’s most famous clothing brands, Zara, announced that even after the pandemic, they will focus on online sales primarily. Also, you can compare prices between shops much easier than when you have to go from one to another. Everything is just a few clicks away and you will surely find the best offer. This will allow you to save money and buy a few more gifts, for people whose gifts you thought you would not have enough money for.

3. Coupons


Although you can also find coupons for shopping in the brick and mortar shops, you will still find many more coupons for online shopping. The reason is the same as for the fact that prices are generally lower, which was discussed in the previous paragraph. On the Internet, discounts are bigger, and coupon offers are much better. Whatever gift you decide on, all you have to do is search some of the websites that specialize in coupons like and you will come across dozens of them for all your favorite brands and stores. If you are persistent in your search and find a coupon for every gift, which is certainly possible on the Internet, you will save a significant amount of money. So don’t forget to start your shopping spree by searching for coupons.

4. Stores available 24/7


The end of the year is the period when we always have the most tasks to do at our job, no matter what we do. At this time, we were so overwhelmed with various tasks that everyone are used to working overtime for at least a few days in December. This is by no means something that makes it easier for us to buy gifts for the upcoming holidays. It happens to us that we constantly stay up late at work and that by the time we get to the shops, they are already closed or the shelves are empty. So we have to get up at 6 am in order to make it on time. When shopping online, it’s not something to worry about. Stocks are full, so you will always find what you are looking for. And also, everything works 24/7 on the Internet, so you will be able to create an order at any time and just wait for it to arrive at your door.

5. Time-saving


We have already said that you will save time by not having to go from one store to another, but by being able to compare offers and prices in just a few minutes. But that’s not the only way to save time. You won’t have to wait in line at the checkout, which is as long in every store at this time of year as to when you wait to enter one of the world’s largest museums. Also, there are traffic jams, so going and returning will also take a lot of time. When you order everything online, you will get home delivery, which in addition to saving time, will also save you money because you will not consume fuel. Shipping is usually free when you order a few items.


We believe that you will enjoy online Christmas gift shopping so much that you will do the same in the years to come. Even if you want to go back to your tradition of going to brick and mortar stores where frenzy reigns, this year you have to do everything online, to stay healthy.