Looking your best is always a big challenge. Sure, you need to admit to yourself that you cannot do it in every situation. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t strive towards it as much as possible, right? We all know that women invest so much time and effort in doing so. That’s why the fashion industry has grown so immensely in the last couple of years.

Without any doubt, having the hairstyle you want is one of the priorities for many women. Depending on your needs and preferences, you can choose from so many different approaches. Among the most popular methods to achieve this is to use curling irons. Their efficiency has proven itself countless times.

If you want to take a look at some of them, be sure to visit Those who have experience with them know that they come in a wide array of different shapes and sizes. So, it can be quite difficult to choose the one that fits your needs and preferences in some situations.

Now, we want to provide you with some tips on how to make the best possible decision, with a focus on the size.

1. The Right Metal

The first thing you need to pay attention to is choosing the right metal. While this may not seem like a significant aspect to focus on, we cannot stress how crucial it is to find the one that meets all the needs you might have. It needs to be said that cheap metals will not help you to achieve a lasting curl.

In fact, they can damage the hair severely. Many experts on the subject claim that ceramic ones are the best choice you can make. But that doesn’t mean that there are no other options that can come in handy in this case. In addition to ceramics, we would also say that tourmaline is something you should consider.

The reason we have mentioned this metal is that it can help by adding some shiny effects to your hair, which is something that every woman would like, don’t you agree? It happens because this metal provides some steam to the hair itself. Among other possibilities, we would recommend you to check out titanium.

2. Shapes


The next aspect we believe is important when making this choice is paying close attention to shapes. It needs to be said that there are two main types you can choose from. The first one is known as traditional, and it comes with clamps. Even though they are considered traditional, that doesn’t mean their popularity is not high in this day and age.

The second type has some modern technology features. They are shaped like a wand, and they do not have any clamps. The reason these have become so popular is that they work much better with hair that has suffered some damage, for whatever reason.

3. Barrel Size

The question of barrel size is one of the questions that require your attention. The size will determine so much in terms of the possibilities of hairstyles you can make. For example, if you are interested in achieving some wavy hairstyles, then you would need to take a look at those with bigger barrels.

For the style that is more, well, straight, it is good enough to choose the ones that have a smaller one. Naturally, most people do not know this aspect. Therefore, consulting with a professional, in this situation, the seller, would help you make the best possible choice with these.

If you are unsure about the one you want to achieve or you are open to experimentation, the best choice would be to purchase two of these. Still, we would recommend you establish your taste before you purchase. That way, you will be able to save a lot of money down the road, which is always a plus.

4. Adjustable Heat Dial

Having the utmost control over the curling iron is an absolute must. The reason is quite simple, you can damage your hair quite easily if you are not careful. So, if the device you have spotted has only one or two standard heat settings, then we would recommend keeping the search for the one that has more than two.


Since you will be able to control the temperature efficiently, it becomes possible for you to adjust it to your preferences and needs. Sure, this is a highly personal thing, but that doesn’t mean that there are no standards you should follow. For instance, if you treated your hair with some chemicals, make sure to keep the temperature below three hundred degrees.

5. Maintenance

The final thing we want to talk about is maintenance. Some would say that this doesn’t have anything to do with buying one of these, but we beg to differ. Since there are different sorts of these to choose from, you can be sure that not all of them can be maintained the same way, for obvious reasons.

A lot of it will depend on the material these have. Some of them are maintained quite easily, just by swooping all the particles that are left on the device. In some other cases, removing these particles is not as easy as it may seem. Once again, this depends solely on the metal.

Also, some things depend on the size. For instance, those who are smaller are much easier to maintain, we are not going even to talk about those with a smaller and simpler barrels that will not represent any sort of challenge for you in this case. For all these reasons, it is a must to have this in mind when buying a curling iron.

The Verdict


Choosing a curling iron is not always easy, even though it looks like that. Here, we’ve provided you with a detailed buyers guide. When it comes to the size you should opt for, we are talking about an element that depends on your needs and preferences. Nobody knows your hair better than you, right?