The importance of a strong and healthy immune system cannot be overstated. A healthy immune system helps to ensure we get to lead a full, happy, and long life. It will protect us from disease and provide necessary maintenance and repair to our bodies. Even more importantly, a healthy immune system will even help to save our lives altogether.

There are steps we can take to help keep our immune system strong. For one, we should take good care of ourselves, get plenty of rest, and do the things we like to do sometimes. We should also ensure we eat enough and that we have a balanced diet. We can also consider using supplements that will help to bolster our immune system, including C60 oil.

What is C60?


C60 is a compound that’s also known as buckminsterfullerene, which is a type of fullerene. A fullerene is a type of carbon molecule that is made from atoms arranged in a particular way. In this case, the atoms are arranged in a way that causes the molecule to resemble a soccer ball. The ‘60’ stands for the number of carbon atoms that make up the soccer ball structure.

Fullerene has caught the attention of the scientific community since it was discovered and a lot of research has gone into studying the molecule. It is thought it might have used in a wide range of fields, including medicine. As such, C60 oil has already found its way into a wide range of medicinal products.

What is the Immune System?


The immune system is our body’s natural defense against pathogens and helps to repair our bodies after injury. Part of the system involves specialized white blood cells that are able to attack unwelcome intruders like bacteria and viruses, neutralizing them before they can do us any harm. The immune system is operating 24/7 to help keep us safe, even when we are sleeping, and it will often save us from serious harm without us even being aware we were in danger.

If we pick up an injury, the immune system sends white blood cells to the scene to help ensure any pathogens are dealt with at the scene. It will also send in other cells and supplies that are needed to help begin repairs. Other defenses used by the immune system include raising a fever, which helps to make the body an inhospitable place for pathogens.

C60 and the Immune System


Studies have shown that C60 can help to protect the body from infection by certain pathogens. Other studies have shown that C60 is harmful to tumor cells, meaning it may be able to help in the fight against cancer. These properties will help to support the immune system which itself is not impenetrable; using C60 oil from could help to provide another barrier of defense against microbes or cancerous cells that could cause us harm.

C60 oil is also an antioxidant. An antioxidant is a compound that helps to protect us against oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is a process that causes damage to our bodies at a microscopic level and this process contributes towards aging, among other things. This means C60 can help to slow down the aging process, helping to keep the immune system stronger for longer.

Is It Safe to Use C60 Oil?


C60 is used in different ways. Perhaps the most common method of using the compound is C60 oil, which is often mixed with other oils like olive oil. It can then be used as an ingredient in foods, including salads. C60 oil is also sometimes added to serums or creams and the compound can be found in some topical beauty products.

Although further research needs to be done, there is no evidence to suggest that C60 is toxic to people. Some people might experience a reaction on the skin after contact with C60 oil, but this is uncommon and any reaction is only mild. From what we know so far, C60 oil appears to be safe to use but it’s best you speak with your doctor if you are unsure.

Other Healing Properties of C60


In addition to the beneficial medical properties already mentioned, C60 oil can also be beneficial in other ways. For example, the compound is known to have excellent anti-inflammatory problems that can help with issues ranging from arthritis to organ dysfunction. Other potential uses for the anti-inflammatory properties of C60 oil include the treatment of certain skin conditions. The oil may be able to help reduce inflammation of the skin – in turn reducing pain and redness, while also helping to lessen the impact of skin conditions on the patient’s appearance.

C60 is also thought to be able to penetrate deep into cells and bind to heavy metals and other impurities, helping to have them flushed from the system. This property can help to prevent the build-up of heavy metals, potentially preventing heavy metal toxicity. It can even penetrate the blood-brain barrier, helping it to detoxify the brain. Not only does this help to protect the patient against serious toxic symptoms in the long term but it could also help to improve the functioning of organs in the short term.


Although there is still a lot more research to be done into C60, early signs seem very promising. C60 oil may offer a wide range of health benefits from keeping the immune system strong, reducing inflammation, and even protecting against cancer. What’s more, is that studies so far show it is safe to use with no toxicity reported so far.

C60 oil is also widely available and very easy to use. It can be ordered online and in pharmacies and all it takes to use it is to add a few drops into your mouth or mix the oil with other ingredients. It may be that C60 oil becomes regularly used by the medical and scientific community in the not too distant future.