Even though the cameras on smartphones are the main focus in recent years, the quality of pictures taken with them still cannot be compared to those high-quality images made by professional devices. However, making a good picture with a camera is not that simple, even if you have a most recent device. That is the main difference when compared to smartphones.

There are all sorts of additional functions that can help you create unique images, but most of them will require skills and experience. If you are planning to buy a new camera, keep in mind that some details could make a difference, especially when it comes to accessories that comes with it.

For example, if you buy a camera without the strap, you can find a great collection of Camera straps at If you are wondering whether professionals are using this accessory as well, we are going to discuss more about that in the following article.

Is it Only For Amateurs?

The simple answer is no since all professionals are using these straps as well. However, the selection of this item is quite different between professionals and those with less experience. Most people see this item as an extension that helps us carry the camera around without struggle.


Even though that is the key feature, there are some other benefits when you make the right choice. The point is to choose the right material and length so you can be sure that your camera is safe, while you will also be able to quickly react when there is a chance to take the right photo.

There are many situations when the strap can help you in taking more photos without struggle. For example, if you are shooting a set of images at some event, and you are taking random pictures of people who are getting inside, you can simply get into the right position, and you won’t even have to hold the device in your hands. All you will need to do is to press the shoot button while the camera is hanging around your neck.

There is also a situation where you will need to change a lot of positons and places to be able to get more details and create the right set of pictures. When you have a good strap, you don’t need to worry that your device will fell off and get damaged.

Keep in mind that professional cameras are much heavier than smartphones, which means that it can be a problem to carry one in your hands all the time, especially if you are shooting an event that will last for hours. The same is for those interested in taking photos in nature. If you are backpacking and camping, it will be necessary to get a proper strap for your device.

Moreover, this item can serve as a handy tool in some situations. For example, if you are on an unstable ground or holding other things in your hands, you can hold the strap around your hands along with the camera to improve the stability.

How To Choose the Right Model?

You can find all kinds of straps on the market these days. If you check the recommendations of professionals, you will notice that all of them are suggesting that the plain models that you will get when you buy a camera are not the best choice.

The most important factors to consider when looking for this item are stability, comfort, material, and additional features. It also depends on the place where you are going to take photos, your outfit, weather, and more. For example, wearing a thick leather strap can be a good option when you are in nature and the wheatear is more challenging. This option will keep your device safe since there is no chance that it will break even if you hit a tree or a rock with it.

On the other side, if it is a sunny and hot outside, and you have to shoot some event that is more passive, like a public event where you are standing at the entrance and taking photos of guests, wearing a leather strap won’t be so comfortable.


Another important detail is the length. It is up to your personal preferences. The point is to choose a length where you can easily get the camera and get into the right position in no time. Furthermore, the size of the device can also make a difference. For example, if you have a smaller and lighter model, using a short strap for the wrist can be a great solution.

There is also an advanced option for professionals who prefer taking care of every detail. There are different setups that you can choose on a camera, such as focus, distance, light, and more. Dealing with these setting require some time. Therefore, some people choose to carry more cameras at once. That will be simple when you have a holder around your belt, with additional straps that will help you get the camera faster.

There are many other models available as well, and most of them are focused on design and details that will make holding a strap more comfortable. In that matter, the only thing you should pay attention to are your preferences.

Last Words

As you can see, the camera strip does not seem as an important part of the camera setup. Still, it is a handy item that can help you in many situations, especially when you have to carry your camera for several hours.


In that matter, be sure to choose a model that will help you be more comfortable with the device around your neck, and to choose the right material according to the size and weight of the device and other factors like weather and obstacles. Therefore, choosing the right one will prevent damage and other issues.

It the end, the need for strap depends on the situation. If you are in a studio, you don’t need one since it will only make it harder to stabilize the device. On the other side, it is essential when you need to travel with your camera.